Why Detroit Will Beat Dallas on 12/9/07

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by HogsRLegends, Dec 1, 2007.

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    That was probably Romo's worst game of his career. 4 fumbles, and on a couple of those he was not even touched. He was "off the reservation" that game.

    Looking back though, i think he was just trying to do too much, to make up for our lack of D in December.

    I applaud him for trying to tie the game there at the end with his run, but unfortunately he doesn't have the legs to run over/by a guy like Ernie Sims, Ernie nailed him pretty good.
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    That game wasn't a true indicator of the Cowboys. The first play was called back on a bullcrap decision by the officials. TNew popped that punk Furrey, causing the ball to fly into Roy's hands and he took it to the house on the first play! They called pass interference or some false bull. It was downhill from there. We had our chances, but played a piss poor game. And you know what happened a week later. Uh, the season didn't end too well, but that was then. Look at us now.
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    There ya go, Just when I was feeling a little sorry for you guys, you bring me back to reality.:suxskins::skins:
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    That didn't take long did it.
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    Point 1
    Parcells is not the coach anymore.
    Point 2
    Parcells is somewhere else holding the talent hostage.
    Point 3
    Duane is gone,and it shows.
    Point 4
    Are you Bill?

    Cowboys win in a rout....book it.
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    This has to be either the 1st or 2nd worst thread along with the thread newcster started about changing the Cowboys uniforms to red, white, and blue and changing the logo. It's a toss up for worst!

    :enough: :angryno:

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    how could you do anything but laugh.

    the funniest part is that those points he made are the ONLY things Detroit has going against us.

    Detroit is completely outmatched.
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    That's my favorite steak house in the world.

    My mouth's already watering.
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    :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    I'd like to point out, just for the record and kicks and giggles, that points 1 and 2 are the same point and point 3 isn't really a point.
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    You know what's really sad? I saw in another thread where this "HogsRLegends" guy said he was a high school teacher. This is the kind of person shaping the young minds of tomorrow.

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    Yeah, it's completely ruined steaks for me actually. Nothing else seems to compare.
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    The Boys have forged new paths in every way this season. How can you possibly stand by that attempt at logic? :lmao:

    I see us going into Detroit, getting about 67 sacks on Kitna through tremendous pressure and winning by at least 2 possessions.

    Another one bites the dust on our way to Arizona. :bow:
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    Diane: Methinks the man does protest too much.
    Woody: Excuse me, Miss Chambers, but shouldn't it be "I thinks?"
    Carla: Not in your case, Woody.
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    Start of the 4th Qtr and the Lions are only down by 32 to the Vikings. Do you suppose they were looking ahead?
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    It's their trap game? :laugh2:
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    I think Jon Kitna would say so.

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    To the off season perhaps.

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