Why didn't Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder fight the cap penalty harder?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Feb 10, 2013.

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    And they aren't Mom and Dad.:laugh1:
  2. bkight13

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    That's what this whole thread is about, why didn't JJ and Snyder fight harder? It's because of these unwritten, handshake deals. The players also signed off on it to get a higher salary cap last year. Either way it's all moot in a couple weeks when Free Agency begins.
  3. FuzzyLumpkins

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    You sure do like making stuff up and inserting it for fact. Who knows what the Cowboys or Redskins actually did that we are not privy to or what deals may or may not have been made.

    It's not as if the $5m charge this year is 'gone forever' any more than it was last year either. It's all just arbitrary accounting.

    And the mother and father analogy was just asinine. If your parents took $10m from you and you did nothing about it, then let's just say that you are quite different than me.

    The NFL's authority derives from contracts and whatever the subordinates allowed. You can make up whatever you like to try and make sense of it. I'll be satisifed with not being sure one way or another.

    On a final note, the league can exists with or without a salary cap. The second richest sports league in the world does not have one nor even a draft. The salary cap is just a device created for NFL teams to not have to pay free market prices for players to guarantee themselves profit.

    That is also why the league handed out the punishment: to ensure there is no pressure to the other owners to increase payroll.
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    It is not moot because it affects the Cowboy's and Redskin's ability to go after talent with the same resources as the rest of the league. The rest of the league has a financial advantage compared to the Redskins and Cowboys.

    The owner of the Eagles brought it up and the owner of the Giants pushed the penalties through. It is obvious that it was old money trying to handicap new money inside the division.
  5. bkight13

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    Whatever dude, you just like spouting off about technicalities and can't see the forest for the trees. Cowboys and Redskins did dirt and caught called on it. Some day a judge somewhere will agree with one of the points you made and you will win the internet that day.
  6. junk

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    Jerry and Snyder didn't fight harder because they are in line to make billions in additional revenue from the new CBA. Had they fought it, it would have put that new CBA in jeopardy. Simple financial decision.

    As far as the players signing off on the salary cap increases....that was dumb in my opinion. It was done to try to save face considering how bad the owners screwed them over in the CBA negotiations.

    I am surprised Mara pursued the penalties against Dallas and Washington though. Arrogant and I expect that will bite the league at some point.
  7. FuzzyLumpkins

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    A judge already has agreed with my points as I am simply relaying to you what the court has said. I am not making stuff up to fill in gaps so I can play like I know fully what is going on. That is your gig.

    White et al v NFL. Brown et al v NFL. American Needle v NFL.

    It's caselaw and not innuendo and make-believe nonsense about deals that may or may not have been made.
  8. speedkilz88

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    C'mon fuzzy if your were worth billions what's 10 million amongst family? ;)
  9. Blitzen32

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    It's stupid of him considering that Jerry Jones has been responsible for lining his (and every other owner's) pockets with hundreds of millions more due to extremely savvy business decisions. The NFL has been a reliably great investment primarily due to the business acumen of Jerry, and I think most owners know that.

    Mara forgot that because he won a couple super bowls and got conceited. The NFC East is the most talked about division in a lucrative league because of Jerry. It's why Dallas games get the high TV ratings. I hope this bites Mara in the butt bigtime. Not making the playoffs isn't enough for me. Jerry needs to go Godfather on him behind the scenes and take out his horse.
  10. Stryker44

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    I believe Mara and Goddell are butt pirates. That's the only thing that makes sense here.
  11. burmafrd

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    I believe Jerruh has a long memory about being crapped on like that. He will bide his time and someday make Mara really regret his actions.
  12. RastaRocket

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    I agree, I think it was just too much work for something that didn't effect us really.
  13. Reverend Conehead

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    Here's another infuriating detail. Not only do we get 10 mil less and the Redskins 35 mil less, the other 30 teams get more. The league took that 45 mil and spread it out among the other teams, giving them extra bucks under the cap at our expense.

    And all this over violating a "cap" in an uncapped year. Instead of creating an illegal "gentleman's agreement" cap, the league should have put onto paper a real cap in 2010. I can guarantee you neither Jones nor Snyder would have gone above that. They never have in any of the other real cap years. Just set the real rules in writing and enough of this collusion crap. There's a reason why collusion is illegal.
  14. Stryker44

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    I really hope the other 30 team owners get their ***es handed to them in court...even though I detest the NFLPA for signing off on this bullcrap.
  15. RS12

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    Grant Paulsen ‏@granthpaulsen
    Bruce Allen on the salary cap hit: "I think the penalty was wrong. It was unfair." Said #Redskins are still fighting it.
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    That's what I hear.
  17. bkight13

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    Judge Doty has just shot down the NFLPA's collusion lawsuit, again. This time on the merits of the case and not because of a technicality.

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