Why do the Jags have the first pick of the second round?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Neverhood, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Curious as to why the Jags had number 2 overall in round 1 but in round 2 they have the first pick and KC (now san fran) has the second pick? And thats not the only example obviously just the easiest one to see
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    They tied with KC for the worst record so I'd assume they are swapping back and forth each round. In the 3rd they swap back to KC first, Jag second.
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    Alex Smith.
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    It's rotational based on record and Strength of Schedule. In your example (before trades) KC and Jacksonville finished tied for the worst record in the league but KC faced a weaker group of teams, so they pick #1 in the first, then rotate to #2 in the 2nd, back to #1 in the 3rd, etc...swapping with Jax each round.

    When there are multiple teams involved, say four teams that finished 5-11 and are slotted for picks 7-10, it's just a longer rotation. The worst SOS team will get pick #7 in the first round, then rotate to pick #10 in round two, #9 in round three, #8 in round four, and back to #7 in round five, and so on.

    Checking ESPN, you guys finished at 8-8 with Pittsburgh last season, so your teams picks would have been moving back and forth one spot each round pre-trades.

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