Why do we always draft so many projects?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Never played inside? Did you watch any of his video?

    He'll be the nickel LB this year if he works out. That's why they drafted him.
  2. Corleone

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    lol owned, thanks for that info. Looks like they got good value then.
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    You'll quickly learn that seldom, if ever, does this board go into full knee-jerk mode without any regards for reality than on draft day... this latest mantra, that the Boys reached for their 2nd and 3rd rounders, is a classic example of that...

    One might argue that the picks the Boys went with weren't the absolute best possible picks for them, given the state of the board and their needs... I would disagree with that, but it's a valid argument if you have a certain mindset... but anybody who tries to argue that the Boys reached for Carter and Murray is simply wrong... both players went right about where the consensus had them going...
  4. Corleone

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    Yeah I saw a glimpse of that today. I'm not really in tune to scouting or anything so as long as Dallas is taking players in relatively correct places as far as their rankings go and taking the highest rated player I am fine because they know much more than I do about these things. It's kind of hard to say they reached when the rankings obviously say they didn't ;)
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    As long as the knee is OK I think it was a good move.
  6. Hostile

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    I'm glad someone else said that besides me.
  7. Shinywalrus

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    Depends on what you consider a "project."

    I don't think we drafted the "most NFL ready" players at each tier, for example, but went with those with more perceived upside. T. Smith vs. Castonzo. Carter vs. Foster.

    If "project" means taking a bit of growing pains for a season or two before the player develops into a full time contributor, then yes, we have drafted two projects.

    But in the AOA/Stanback/Crayton sense? No, Carter's a special teams contributor and likely nickel guy pretty soon, and Smith will likely be thrown into the starting lineup, ready or not. But it is fair to say that we picked some guys with bust/injury potential in exchange for what seems to be a fair bit of upside.
  8. bsheeern

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    Funny how you just completely run all these ants away with facts. Projects? Lmao Garrett himself said Murray is a "complete back" most had him going in the 2nd round. You know we had a FB blocking when Romo got hurt. I'll spend a 3rd round pick on any project in the world if that "project" keeps romo upright. Murray will do that among everything else a "complete back" does.

    Our defense got killed in nickel situations last year. Bruce can fix that from game 1. The guy above saying Bruce will be playing a different position is reaching pretty hard here. Guess D Ware was a project too huh? Clay Matthews? How about lawrence Taylor? Guess every guy who's ever played in college be listed as a project......
  9. NorthTexan95

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    Carter is a bit of a project going from OLB to ILB. Hopefully it'll be a simple switch for him.
  10. VACowboy

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    James Farrior: 6-2, 243
    Larry Foot: 6-1, 239
    Keyaron Fox: 6-3, 235
    James Harrison: 6-0, 242
    Mortty Ivy: 6-1, 239
    Chris McCoy: 6-3, 261
    Sylvester Stevenson: 6-2, 231
    Lawrence Timmons: 6-1, 234
    LaMarr Woodly: 6-2, 265
    Jason Worilds: 6-1, 262

    Timmons, Foote, Farrior and Harrison are all way too small to be playing LB in a 3-4. No wonder the Steeler defense sucks.
  11. speedkilz88

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    Do you really think that he should be an OLB in the Cowboys scheme? 3-4 OLBs when compared to a 4-3 our just stand up DEs, inside LBs can be MLB and OLBs in a 4-3 who are strong in stopping the run and have coverage skills. That does not make a project, it's common sense stuff.
  12. burmafrd

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    A PROJECT is a O lineman from Mount Union that has a lot of physical talent but nothing else. A REAL PROJECT is taking a QB and making him into a WR (which I hope WE NEVER try and do again)
  13. big dog cowboy

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    This thread = fail.

    Your pet cat didn't get drafted? I'm not getting this "project" thing.
  14. VACowboy

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    Isn't 3-4 WILB similar to 4-3 WILL, anyway? Run sideline to sideline making tackles and drop into coverage?
  15. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Akeem Ayers is weak, he went late 2 and hes healthy




    3rd - Bruce Carter - LB/UNC - 1st rounder w/o the injury. Bradie is 30 and will be a free agent. They take the super athlete to pair w/ the super student(Sean Lee)

    3rd - Bruce Carter - LB - UNC - 6'2"/240/Possible 4.5 40 time - Coming off an injury if not he might have been a late 1st rounder. I love this guys athleticism and fluidness. Very natural IMO. Suped-up Jason Williams except I never thought he looked lost on the field. Blocked 8 kicks in his career

    4th - Bruce Carter ILB- UNC - Freak athlete in the middle of a loaded UNC defense.....er when they actually played. ACL surgery drops his stock. We cam afford to wait a bit on him. Frankly, I think this is a huge steal. He looked like a top 20 pick to me.

    1st round
    1st round
    Top 20

    Turns out he is almost healthy already so they got a top 20 player at 40.

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