Why do we continue to do the same old thing?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by coult44, May 10, 2014.

  1. coult44

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    Everyone in the world knew we needed defensive linemen and safeties. Even folks who are clueless or aren't Cowboys fans knew we brought in so many street guys last year that it was a joke. We haven't had a field general at the safety position since Woody left. With that being said, why does it surprise me that we only picked TWO defensive linemen in this draft, and another guy who most likely won't make the roster at Safety? We should have went DL, S, DL, S, DL, DL, DL, DL, S, DL in this draft. Will Martin be good, if not great? He has a good chance, but OL was one of our strengths last year. Will Street even get to see the field with Dez, Williams, Beasley, Harris, and now Byrd on the roster? We lost two of our best defensive players on a team that only had four or five good defensive players on the roster. Everyone on this board, everyone that is a Cowboys fan in general, every anylist on TV or Radio, and even our own coaches have said we had to draft an entire defensive line this year. YET WE ONLY DRAFT 2 GUYS on the DL..........This my fellow Cowboys fans is why we continue to have these issues year after year. What gives???
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    Depends on who you listen to. The skeptics, the naysayers, or the homers. Read these threads and take your pick. ;)
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  3. BlueStar22

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    The consensus says we had a damn good draft. There will always be those that complain. We didn't draft a safety so obviously, they're comfortable with the guys we have or guys they wanted, weren't.
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  4. Fletch

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    I'm going to wait and see what happens with Melton, and the return of Crawford and Bass. Then see what happens with our young guys.
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    My only gripe is not picking up a S that could compete. They are always comfortable with whatever the talent is @ S. They don't respect or warrant the position as important since Roy. Church is late in coverage, and Wilcox is still learning. I guess Heath was fast and played a lot (very poorly) so that gives him credit? Similar to Hayden. Just bc they played a lot doesn't mean they were productive or warrant expectations towards 2015. They were pitiful. Matt Johnson shouldn't even be in the discussion.

    With all that said, I still like Martin considering the options but Pryor would've helped out the D or assisted in adding talent to the more "needed" position. Ward was the only other player I saw that the team could've hopped back into the first for but knowing JJ we would've traded our next two first rounders to do so. :D If the team actually runs the ball more and allows the team to take pressure off of the D (unlike last season), I think the pick will pay dividends.
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  6. Toruk_Makto

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    Loved the draft.
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  8. Parcells4Life

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    Lawrence, Bishop, Gardner and picked up at least 3 DL in FA. We'll have 16 for mini camp on Monday. How many more do you want? People keep forgetting Bass and Crawford are like draft picks Bc they didn't play last year.
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  9. Blackspider214

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    Did they watch any of our games? If they did, they should not be comfortable with what we rolled out there. Safety play was terrible. It's why so many receivers ran wild in our secondary.
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  10. Rainy

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    Why do we have "fans" that continue to post the same negativity thing no matter what the organization do
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  11. black label

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  12. OhSnap

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    Doing the same ol thing is startin to look pretty good for the O-line. If they do the same ol thing next year the D line could be lookin better too.
  13. cowboyfan4life2

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    Because anyone can make the playoffs, it takes real skill to lose 3 straight win and your in games the last day of the season.
  14. coult44

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    I'm starting to take back what I said about Street after spending the last hour watching every video I could find of him. With his size and hands, I'm starting to really like what I see. If he can polish his routes I think he could turn into a legit WR.

    Also, I'm not complaining about the guys we got. I like Martin, Lawerence, Street, and Htichens. I just think we needed to go DL and S a lot more than we did. They can be comfortable all they want with who we have. Jerry was comfortable at DL last year, and we had the worst defense in our history. He was comfortable with OL the year before and Romo and our RB's were murdered. The proof is in the pudding!!!!
  15. jnday

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    It is not the quantity , it is the quality that is lacking. Many of us expected some high picks would go to the DL. Not one pick, but multiple picks.
  16. keds

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    We drafted three defensive linemen... apparently they feel Church, Johnson and Wilcox can be our safeties... Street is for depth and development...
  17. wileedog

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    That's kinda part of the problem. Just sayin.
  18. Falcon554

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    8-8 8-8 8-8 8-8 8-8....
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  19. CowboyStar88

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    Breath... It's ok! There really are some good prospects that we drafted
  20. cowboyfan4life2

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    You have a better chance at seeing the lochness monster playing safety than you do Matt Johnson.
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