Why do we continue to do the same old thing?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by coult44, May 10, 2014.

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    Oh my bro..

    Didn't you get the memo?

    We just signed Spencer and Melton..

    both of whom have been to the Pro Bowl more than once each..

    and within the last year or so..too.

    Despite their rehab.

    And we drafted at least 2 more guys that will stick because Marinelli does a DL rotation spin that margaritas would envy.

    So I'm sure this year will be WAY more productive than last year.

    I mean..hey.

    we only get one #1pick each year.

    Zack is going to be all NFC as a rookie.

    So will Frederick at center. And Smith at OT.

    I mean is it really far to complain when the team finally gets stuff right elsewhere that isn't defense?


    I'm pleased with what I see.

    Romo is my biggest concern.

    Not DL.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Over to you.
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    Have to admit, I thought we'd take at least one more dlineman fairly early.

    There were only two ways that could have happened; either pass on Martin and trade down or not trade up and lose that 3rd rounder in the 2nd. Do both of those and we have 4 picks in the 1st rounds instead of two.

    But the legit argument would be, would those 4 be as useful to us long term as Martin and Lawrence?

    Guess we'll find out

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    I've had about enough of this nonsense. Ya'll get busy picking up all of those pieces of sky that fell all over the damn place.
  4. Irvin88_4life

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    Go more DL then we did? More safety then we did? 5 players drafted for front 7, 4 players drafted in the trenches including 2 first round talents. 2 DBs that have great upside. I'm not even including the guys we got that can make this roster that wasnt drafted.

    Wow how you can hate a draft including UDFA as good as we got?

    Not including Melton, Mincey, McClain, Spencer plus Crawford and Bass coming back from injury. We actually have had a great offseason and wouldn't be surprised if some vets get cut due to their team drafting players.

    Cowboys fans complain about everything. Jerry never drafts OL, Jerry never listens to anybody and drafts shiny toys (JF), we don't invest in the trenches, we sign to many FAs, we want active in FA.... on and on. Let this play out first dang people cmon
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    This does not seem like a good draft for the boys at all. But I guess time will tell. We got 1 maybe 2 starters and special teams players. I think only like 3 will make the 53.
  6. ShiningStar

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    im shocked
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    Ken Bishop is such a bearded stud that he clearly is worth TWO D Lineman himself.
    I think this kid is going to be a beast in time.
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    -in after 8-8 response
    -inb4 "I've been fan since glory days i know what winning teams are"
    -inb4 Jerry remarks
    -inb4 Garrett remarks
    -inb4 we'll regret Manziel

    I'm sure I missed a few but the season hasn't started yet and our "fans" are already throwing in the towel. They'll go silent or be skeptical when positive reports come from training camp and such. Then when the reason rolls around, they'll tune in every Sunday hoping something bad happens so they can come on here and satisfy their self-fulfilling prophecy
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  9. BrAinPaiNt

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  10. Vanilla2

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    You're looking at things backwards.

    Receivers ran wild in our secondary because there was little to no pressure coming from up front.
  11. Toruk_Makto

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    Solidified the o-line for a decade and got one of the 4 best pass rushers in the draft at a position of extreme need.

    Please argue with that.
  12. Vanilla2

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    Sounds like you've been here a while.
  13. Rainy

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    Sadly, I discovered this forum last season right around draft time. It was fun to get news about your favorite team and updates throughout the pre-season but it only took me a few weeks to realize how half our "fans" act
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    8-8 teams draft and act like 8-8 teams do....winners draft and play like winners.... there is always hope that things get fixed but after 17plus years....it is what its...making the playoffs are the new goals....not winning superbowls.....nothing that hasn't been said before and will be said again this season....happens every year.....
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    Because the same people are in charge.
  16. DC Cowboy

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    Not to mention we resigned A. Spencer
  17. Zman5

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    Hey look at the bright side. At least they didn't draft any tight ends in the 2nd round this year.
  18. Parcells4Life

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    Count me as one that doesn't think Spencer will be 100% til October then has to retrain his knee to perform football moves. Maybe he can come on around Thanksgiving. Start him on PUP this year.
  19. nake

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    Once one comes to grips with the realization that our D was too far gone to fix with a single draft, the Martin pick becomes much easier to understand and embrace.
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    Well then, go find another team to pull for

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