Why do we continue to do the same old thing?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by coult44, May 10, 2014.

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    the only safety that would be an upgrade of what we had was gone @ 30
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    solidifying the o line is great, the question is do we have the intelligence to lose it or waste it? that aside you can not garauntee how Lawrence si going to pan out BUT his cost has already been paid, so he are hoping hes that good. You cant deny that. As for the rest its a crap shoot. So this is wny i dont get excited over the draft, Martin is a safe pick the pick we took because the cards were dealt.
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    This is my exact reaction from reading these boards.

    I used to post on the old site as Mel Kiper, but everyone is such a negative nancy now it is depressing.

    Everyone is such a Holier than thou when it comes to Jerry. you have to admit the old ******* has changed his ways recently. Which no one seems to do, I really feel like Jerry realizes he messed everything up since about 0-7?-11.
  4. coult44

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    Because we have fans that support Jerry "no matter what he do".........
  5. coult44

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    Agree that the OL will be stout. No doubt about that. I wouldn't annoint Martin yet, Cowboys fans have done too much of that lately, ie; Jonhson, Crawford, Claiborne, Carter, etc.

    Romo is my 2nd biggest concern. The defense was the worst in history and we signed either hurt or unproven guys to replace them. And we still didn't address what some say is the most important postion on that side of the ball.
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    That had nothing to do with our safeties being out of position constantly. Safety play has been horrid on this team for years. And we take no real steps to make it better. Had a chance this draft and did not even take one.

    We are going to see the same issues next year. Pressure is not going to get to a QB every single play. So for the plays there is no pressure, which are most, you would like to see your safeties do what they are supposed to.
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    Yawn. This is so tiring. Because you criticize your team for swimming in mediocrity and want them to get better, means you should go root for someone else?

    Sorry. People are getting tired of the same old act year after year after year. So we will voice our opinions.
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    It is frustrating knowing not all needs can be met in the last draft.

    But the way I look at it..

    The backups will get lots of snaps while Melton ans Spencer come along.

    The offense with more firepower and better OL play..

    should translate to an Emmitt Smith-like ground game with Murray and the rest.

    So even without more direct players for the fixes..

    thing could change quickly.

    Just no more injuries..no more hammies and no more holding and interference calls at crucial times.

    Stop those and we can be a force.

    Fingers crossed.
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    I'll go for all that if you can add that our coaches must commit to running the ball. Even with the OL we had, every time DM touched the ball he averaged almost 5 yards a carry. If we can do that, it will prove drafting OL was worth it....
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    Everyone in the world knew we needed better threads and posts. Even folks who are clueless or aren't Cowboys fans knew we brought in so many trolls last year that it was a joke. We haven't had a board general at the mod position since Doomsday101 left. With that being said, why does it surprise me that we only picked TWO mods in this fiscal year, and another guy who most likely won't make the cut at moderating? We should have went casmith07, 5Stars, CowboyStar88, OhSnap, CowboyMike, in this year. Will black label be good, if not great? He has a good chance, but new posters were one of our strengths last year. Will Dallas Cowboys even get to see the field with all these other posters on the roster? We lost two of our best thread starters on a board that only had four or five good ones on the roster. Everyone on this board, everyone that is a Cowboys fan in general, every anylist on TV or Radio, and even our own coaches have said we had to draft an entire new crop of thread starters this year. YET WE ONLY DRAFT 2 GUYS worth a crap..........This my fellow Cowboys fans is why we continue to have these issues year after year. What gives???
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    Route running is his strength.

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