Why do we jump offsides so often?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by alancdc, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Yes it happens to all teams. But hte frequency it happens to the Cowboys is significantly more than average. Just chack the stats.
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    When I coached youth football, every drill we did, every sprint we ran, every play we practiced was done on the one or two count, the two or one count. Everything we did in practice had a count associated with it. We mixed it up, but everything we did, our players had to be aware of the count.

    We never jumped off-sides in games, and you can not imagine how many times we got other teams to jump off-sides simply by going on the two-count.

    The Cowboys screw it up because we do not practice it, there is no discipline in practice, it is obvious.
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    The Cowboys are 2nd in the league with 75 penalties, just behind the Redskins.

    By comparison, the Falcons have only commited 32. The league average is 58.

    Yes, penalties happen, but that doesn't mean the Cowboys have to have more than almost every other team and 30 percent more than the average.
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    cant have anything to do with discipline and coaching
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    It's stupidity. We're all taught to watch the ball and hold your water until it moves since 4th grade. Until coaching grows onions to hold them accountable with fines, humiliation in group film they will keep doing it.
    Could you see a Lombardi or Jimmy Johnson team getting away with that?
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