Why do you Think we Picked Mostly Defense?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Jun 3, 2012.

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    What are your thoughts on us not taking an offensive guy until the 5th round? Is this a sign that we are plenty confidence in our offense? I think so....
  2. tyke1doe

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    We have the weapons and road graders on offense - Dez, Witten, Miles, Murrary, Free and Smith.

    We have Lee and Ware with a nod to Ratliff on the defense. We need help more there.

    Besides, last year was about protecting Romo (which is why we picked Smith). This year was about getting Ryan the tools he needs to run his defense. Our secondary was woeful. Enter Claiborne.
  3. CowboyMcCoy

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    ..and Carr and 5 other players before we nabbed someone on offenses.
  4. Eskimo

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    I believe it was a combination of the needs we had, upcoming FAs whom we don't want to re-sign long-term on defense and how the draft board lined up when we were on the clock.

    On the first part offensively our main needs were on the OL. I just think that the main pick where it made sense to draft OL were the second and third round picks. However we decided to trade up for Claiborne which cost us our second rounder. As for the third rounder I think there was a bit of a need for a DE and Crawford was probably BPA at hat time. After that point I really think we went mostly BPA with Wilbur, Matt Johnson, Coale and Hanna. The 7th rounder was probably the best STer left on the board.

    As for the FA needs I think the team may end up re-signing Felix who is the only major upcoming FA decision we have to make on offense. Even if we let him go we are okay with Murray as the starter and a draft pick or vet FA next year as the backup/3rd down back so it wasn't a major need. However, on the defensive side we saw upcoming decisions on Spencer and Jenkins. The decision was probably to let Jenkins go after we signed Carr due to anticipated cost, uncertainty about his injury and recovery from the shoulder surgery and uncertainty about how he would react to a major multi-million dollar contract. After thinking it over they probably decided it was best to try and draft his replacement this year and when the opportunity to get Claiborne for a reasonable cost happened they jumped on it because of how highly he was valued by our scouts (best CB since Deion apparently). As for Spencer I think they would like to re-sign him but not at the price his agent has been requesting so they have bought some time with the franchise tag and have now brought in Wilbur and Hamilton into the fold. They still have Butler and Albright on the roster and I actually like both of those guys in limited roles with Albright a good backup and ST player and Butler as a good pass rusher DE for the nickel. Now they added another pass rusher in Hamilton and a great athlete who just needs some time in the weight room with Woicik to go up against OTs in the running game. In time I think they envision Wilbur as being at least a good two-down SOLB with pass rush ability yet to be determined. So they should now be able to hold the fort for a Spencer departure after this year and they will get a chance to add a playmaking OLB in the next draft if the board lines up appropriately.

    Next year I'd wager we'll probably see more offensive players added as we'll have a better idea of how the young OL are progressing with Callahan (Kowalski, Costa, Arkin, Leary, Nagy) and finding Witten's heir apparent will become a more glaring need no matter how well Hanna does as a H-back type player. We may also be in the hunt for a backup RB. On the defensive side the main hunt will be for OLB pending development of the guys we have and NT.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    Not being rude here but do we even need to ask the question when the answer is so obvious?
  6. hipfake08

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    Next year I wager will will go after the BPA to fill a large need.
  7. Omegasupreme

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    Defense needed to get more speed in the secondary and at ILB. But the offense is still not scoring enough to say that last year's 8-8 record was a defensive problem. If Jason is running the Pass to Run Coryell offense more than Turner's playaction, then the downfield patterns are important on every play. Since they take time to set up, it taxes and compromises the OL. Dallas has the WRs for a Walsh WCO where the short pass and 3-5 step drop gets the ball to very fast and physical players. This long ball pattern to set up plays or runs underneath did nothing but keep the ball in Romo's hands and make the O-line look like the problem. This offense has not used its skill players effectively since 2007.
    So to the question, if the players on defense were the issue, it made sense to upgrade. But what was the issue on the offense that it could only score just over 2 TDs a game. (36/16)?
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    Not sure if serious
  10. CATCH17

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    I don't think we have plenty of confidence I just feel like our defense was so bad that moves had to be made there first.

    Jerry thinks they filled our Oline holes in FA so we'll see.

    The Cornerback position looks to be upgraded and they got some guys in who might be able to collectively rush the passer a little better.
  11. Ren

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    We got the most highly rated CB in the draft. Regardless of anyone thinks we should have done that was to good to pass up. You don't really draft for needs after the first few rounds so i think it just shaped up that way with BPA after that, apart from the safety in the 4th
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    You can look for reasoning, but I actually take their word that they went BPA. I don't think they went into this draft intending to take defensive players with their first 4 picks. It just fell that way.
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    Interesting concept, can you tell me more??
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    Why are y'all talking about underwear in a football forum? :laugh2:
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    Actually, this is an underwear forum...
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    and we did bring in 2 OGs, 1 QB, and 1 FB in Free Agency as well. I thopught we had a ton od needs on D. I'd have liked to see a couple of big uglies in the draft (on either side of the ball) but it didn't happen. The draft class may end up being good anyway.

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