Why does Bledsoe get a free pass?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimmy40, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. junk

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    Holy crap. This kind of ignorance is what makes the board an utter joke at times.

    Guess what? You can criticize Bledsoe, but still like him and support the team.

    Newsflash! Bledsoe played like crap last game. He also played well the first couple of games. Am I am "GUTLESS wonder" "Bledsoe hater" because I criticize the guy for poor play? He didn't just make the last mistake, he made plenty of others. He wasn't the only one either. Coaching, line play, penalties have been rehashed over and over.

    I'm so sick of this "your guy, my guy" garbage. If a guy plays poor, he deserves some criticism.

    Trying to lump and divide people in groups and then belittle them because of what they think is perhaps the single dumbest thing I ever see on this board. And it seems to be running rampant lately.
  2. MichaelWinicki

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    Well said. Burmashave, Tunawrap and Wilma (aka the Noreaster) all get running off at the keyboard and let their blind loyalty color their vision-- big shock huh?
  3. baj1dallas

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    What good does it do to piss and moan about Bledsoe? You're stuck with him. You think Romo's gonna win more games?
  4. burmafrd

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    The thread was pointed at Bledsoe as being to blame for the loss. I POINTED OUT that there were a whole lot of people that could be blamed as well, starting from BP on down. IF you are not smart enough to figure that out, that is your problem.
    I could care less what you have to say.
  5. Rude

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    The only thing I have noticed is that when our coaches play conservative its their fault (bills fault) but when quincy was the QB and we played conservative, it was carters fault since bill didnt trust him. Look at most of the posts, you'll see.
  6. Alexander

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    The difference between Bledsoe and Carter is an easy one.

    Bledsoe has won three games this season (San Francisco, Philadelphia, San Deigo) with his arm and nearly stole another (Oakland).

    Carter was lucky is he had two solid passing performances a season.
  7. gbrittain

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    I promise you Bledsoe will catch a lot more Flak when he completes 57.8% of his passes or less and when instead of throwing two TDs for every interception he throws more INTs than TDs
  8. jterrell

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    Perhaps because idiotic throw aside he has been playing pro bowl level football.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think that must be it.

  10. AmishCowboy

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    Well, after seeing Carter, Hutch, Leaf and Wright, I'll take Bledsoe any day, OK, he had a bad game, but I'll still take my chances. not forget, we were a non call on Witten away from winning that game.
  11. junk

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    In the games prior to Sunday, yes. Not Sunday.

    D.Bledsoe 24 13 136 4/22 1 34 2 50.0

    Thats not the line of a Pro Bowl QB.
  12. summervillain

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    bottomline: Cortez misses a field goal, a freakin' chip-shot, and everything goes downhill from there

    the D could have "blown it", gave up that TD, and it still wouldn't have mattered, Seattle would have been down by 3, instead of tying the game up, then Bledsoe could have thrown that INT, and it STILL wouldn't have mattered, as we chewed up most of that 1:40 or so remaining in the game, on that drive, and hell, if Cortez made that kick, and we were up by 3 after the TD, which we weren't, Bledsoe probably wouldn't even had thrown that ball, we would have been going to our "conservative", "sit on a lead", "play to lose", offense, and chewed out the clock, or enough to where Seattle would have 80 or so yards to drive down the field in about, oh...say 20 seconds

    I still see the loss falling on Cuervo's shoulders, to me, there's no way around it
  13. summervillain

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    hell yeah, but I only agree about the Cortez part, see my post on the matter
  14. jterrell

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    He has a 95 qb rating on the season and is top 5 in basically every category.

    Its about the season as a whole not just one week.
    That was a stupid throw and he obviously has been the type of guy who presses when the talent around him falters so it does bear watching but there is zero reason to complain about what we have gotten thus far from him.

    Only the truly daft would criticize him beyond noting how stupid that throw was. We couldn't pass block a lick Sunday. If it wasn't our tackles getting beat it was out interior guys holding. It was just a bad day by the OL and then a really sad play call followed by a stupid decision by Bledsoe.
  15. dbair1967

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    the guy's had a QB rating of over 100 or close to it all year...he's thrown 12 tds and only 6 picks, and a couple of the picks clearly werent all his fault...he's completing well over 60% of his passes and is among the league leaders in yds per attempt and QB rating

    what exactly do you want us to be complaining about with him? He's playing by far the best QB we've had since Aikman in 98 and 99, and its not even close

  16. dbair1967

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    was 11/26, 100 yds or so, 0 tds and 3 picks with a QB rating of like 16 the line of a probowl QB?

    that would be the great Mike Vick in Monday's performance...and unlike Bledsoe, who's had one bad game...Vick has been horrendous basically every week

  17. Doomsday101

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    But Vick can run. LOL
  18. scottsp

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    I would think the majority can make the distinction between "Drew Bledsoe sucked in Seattle," and "Drew Bledsoe sucks."

    Obviously, he's been a godsend for us this season. For the most part, he's been outstanding. But on Sunday, he was not very good. The same could be said about most of the offensive unit.

    It happens. To the best of 'em.

    I wouldn't say Drew gets a free pass from me. But he's earned enough points in my book for me to chalk this last one up to a bad day at the office. He will have some more of those. But the thing is, I believe he will bounce back.

    Here's to hoping it's this Sunday.
  19. HDC

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    No free pass from me. That final pass was inexcusable for an experienced QB, and it's his responsibility to work with the C so that fumbled snaps do not happen...ever.
  20. jimmy40

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    Same old BS with Bledsoe, when we came from behind to win at the end of a game it's all Bledsoe and when he flat out gives a game away at the end it's everyone's fault. GUTLESS wonders indeed.

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