Why does Bledsoe get a free pass?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimmy40, Oct 25, 2005.

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    I gave him a pass this week because he's played damn good for us this season and If Cortez hits the field goal..Bledsoe dosen't have to throw, we win!

    Now I wasn't happy with the INT but Bledsoe has earned a pass this week..Cortez hasn't!

    PS...I wanted Henson to start this season..So right NOW...I'm happy with Bledsoe.
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    Drew Bledsoe IS ALWAYS going to make his pass protection look worse than what it actually is... Always. He just can't move and he takes to long to release the football which drives up the sacks figure.
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    So you think, other than one bad throw, Bledsoe played like a Pro Bowler on Sunday? Speaking of daft.....

    Yes, the rest of the team had problems on Sunday. Yes, Bledsoe played well prior to Sunday. Bledsoe did not play well Sunday and he is not above reproach.

    Your quote:
    I simply disagreed. I don't think he played at a Pro Bowl level at all on Sunday and that INCLUDES the stupid throw at the end.

    I'm hardly a Bledsoe basher. I thought it was a good signing all things considered. However, he played bad on Sunday. He isn't above criticism if he plays bad. No one is in my book.
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    You won't get any arguments from me there. I think Vick is a lousy passer who gets way too many excuses.

    I think people mistakenly believe that since I criticize Bledsoe's poor performance that I am criticizing him in general. Not true, prior to Sunday he played very, very well. On Sunday, he played lousy.
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    Grasping at straws on this one Jimmy. I will not argue that someone on this board may feel what you just described, but that is hardly the feelings of most.

    I am sure you might want to say that I place no blame on Bledsoe, which is absolutely untrue. However, my point is not that Bledsoe did not have a big part of the loss, because he did. My point is that many want to excuse the two minute collapse of the D since they played so well the first 58 minutes.

    If it was the D first time to collapse like that I would be much more forgiving. Aberration you might say. However, it has been somewhat of a trend and that concerns me.

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