Why does Dallas lose at the end?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ehcrossing, Oct 28, 2013.


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    That.... And....

    Giving up 24 points in 4th quarter.
  2. morasp

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    Broaddus mentioned it on talking cowboys too. It seemed like they didn't think far enough ahead on the second to last possession.
  3. Cmac

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    Easy.....Coaching that doesn't appear to be getting better.
  4. OhSnap

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    This team hasn't had a good secondary in several years and just keeps on facing QB's that can throw. Add a piss poor pass rush and you can't stop anyone at the end of the game.
  5. fifaguy

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    Been wondering this same thing... all I can say is that it's bizarre. Has this ever happened to any other team with such frequency?
  6. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    The Cowboys games are a microcosm of the way they play the season. They play well in stretches, the play very bad in stretches, and in the end when they need a win to get in the playoffs they roll up into the fetal position.
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    No, they weren't being aggressing on the 2nd to last possession. That's the point. They ran for a loss on 2 plays and then decided to try and pick up the first down. That's not aggressive. It's also not conservative. It's both, which is an indication they didn't know what they were doing and ultimately gave Detroit a free timeout.

    If you are going to try and convert a 1st down you don't play conservative on 2 downs and put yourself into a 3rd and long before trying to convert. That's just asking to fail.
  9. scottsp

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    A patchwork defensive line, a secondary dealing with injuries, going against a monster wideout and a passer with little to fear from us.

    Throw in an offense that plays conservative given every opportunity, unsure of how to close a ballgame, led by a coach who's as deer in the headlights as any I've known.

    Some of that is just bad luck (secondary). Some, not so much (the d-line). The rest is what we have resigned ourselves to be.
  10. CowboyMcCoy

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    If you need it explained, you're probably a lost cause and willfully ignorant.
  11. CowboyMcCoy

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    It has to do with ending the game with more points than the other team, something you obviously don't grasp at all.
  12. the_h0wey

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    The other teams score more points...
  13. Blue Eyed Devil

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    Bad head coaching both intellectually and emotionally.

    Intellectually - Garrett always manages the clock or calls plays out of some high school "how to coach" manual. He never makes an interesting call that bleeds or saves clock. It's always run-pass-run-kick. You will never see him come up with a surprising or ingenious plan to out-smart the opposing coach. A genius plan would have been to take a knee on 3rd down to kill the clock, punt the ball to down it inside the 20, and make the lions drive 90 yards in 25 seconds which is impossible. Those kinds of ideas never come out of Garrett's head, it's run-pass-run-kick

    Emotionally - Garrett's teams get weaker as the clock ticks down not stronger. Good emotional coaches get their team more fired up to play harder at the end of a game. Garrett's defensive line stands around literally with their hands on their hips as Stafford scores the game winning goal. Or last year against the Ravens when the Cowboys had 25 seconds to get 10 yards in field goal range the wide receivers walked back to the huddle instead of running, letting time expire when they could have clocked the ball to get another play in. These are things the Patriots don't do but the Cowboys do.

    Garrett isn't a smart head coach and he's not an inspiring head coach. That's why we lose close games.
  14. Nation

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    This isn't a sexy answer, but almost every team goes .500 in games decided by 1 to 7 points, which Football Outsiders has done countless studies on. Since last year the Cowboys have 8 games where they won by a touchdown or less, and 8 games they lost by that amount. It's just much easier to ask yourself "what could have been" in games that you lost because there is some hurt there.
  15. Beast_from_East

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    Opie and his horrendous game management is probably top of the list.

    I have seen 10yr olds playing Madden for the first time with better game management skills than Opie. When a 10 yr old can milk the clock better than an NFL head coach...........................Thats why we lose year in and year out.
  16. KJJ

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    It's been happening under Garrett more often than any head coach the Cowboys have had. I can't recall a Cowboys team blowing as many winnable games in the final minutes as the teams under Garrett. Poor game management coupled by the lack of trust he has in Romo is a big part of the reason. The Cowboys had NE beat 2 years ago but Garrett decided to take the ball out of Romo's hands and sit on the lead hoping his defense that got shredded the previous week by Matt Stafford in the 4th quarter could somehow contain Tom Brady. That was a brain dead decision that cost the Cowboys the game. Later that season vs AZ again Garrett took the ball out of Romo's hands and decided to set Bailey up for a long FG attempt to try and win the game. He ended up freezing Bailey in the process which cost the Cowboys the win in regulation and the game in OT.

    Against the Ravens last season Garrett once again took the ball out of Romo's hands to try and set up Bailey for another LONG FG attempt to try and win the game. Again that strategy along with poor clock management cost the Cowboys that game. Last Sunday the Cowboys got conservative losing yards on multiple carries in the final minutes. Once again Garett trusted his defense that had already given up over 500 yards of offense 300 alone to a receiver. This is a poorly coached dysfunctional football team that sets themselves up for failure in the final minutes of games.
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    Coach is learning on our dime. Eventually he will get it but he will be gone from Dallas when he finally does. He coaches a game that leans on the QB to bail them out and do the spectacular and then doesn't allow him to do so until the game is just about lost.
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    The definition of irony.
  19. Toruk_Makto

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    Forgetting how they threw on 1st down?

    And i'm pretty sure when they called for a run they didn't say...let's run the 2 yard loss play.

    Confusing results with decisions. Common mistake. But a mistake nonetheless.
  20. CowboyMcCoy

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