why does everything bad happen all at the same time?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by rkell87, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. rkell87

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    today a friend took his life. his family has been rocked lately, his mom died of illness then his brother in a car crash, and now him. i know he felt like everything was happening all at once as well.

    then my GF finds out that the job she had her hopes on, decided they were not going to take on any more people though when she interviewed they were. and on top of that there is a cat that was left behind by its owners where we live that we finally had to take to the shelter because it was screaming in pain from a fight with all the feral(sp?) cats at our place and it will break my GFs heart if it gets put down because it is so sweet but not with other animals.

    the last two things don't matter in the long run but just everything compounded in a 3 hour window is a lot to deal with.

    very dark day today
  2. Cajuncowboy

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    I can't answer why but I can tell you that as long as there is a tomorrow, there is a pretty good chance things will get better. I am sorry to hear about your friend and your girlfirends job. That is hard life things, but putting one foot in front of the other, and just keep moving forward and you and those around you will get through this.

    It's a cliche I know but it is always drakest before the dawn. Meaning that something good will be coming your way soon.
  3. rkell87

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    thanks man i hope so
  4. Hoofbite

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    Not to be cheesy or anything but I'm diggin this.
  5. ninja

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    Don't know. No one knows. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.

    I sort of like this song when I am down:

    Keep On Smilin' - Wet Williie

    Well you say you got the blues,
    You got holes in both of your shoes, yeah-
    You're feeling alone and confused,
    You got to keep on smilin', just keep on smilin'

    Yeah, you're- you're bout to go insane,
    Cause your womans playing games,
    And she says that you're to blame,
    You try to keep on smilin', just keep on smilin'

    Keep on smilin' through the rain, laughin' at the pain
    Just flowin' with the changes, till the sun comes out again
    Keep on smilin' through the rain, laughin at the pain
    Just flowin' with the changes, and singin' this refrain

    Singing in a honky tonk cafe,
    Nobodys hearin' what you play, yeah-
    They're too busy drinkin' anyway,
    You gotta keep on smilin', brother keep on smilin'

    Say you found a piece of land
    Gonna change from city boy to country man, yeah-
    Try to build you're life with your hands
    And just keep on smilin', keep on smilin'

    Keep on smilin' through the rain, laughin' at the pain
    Just flowin' with the changes, Keep on singin' this refrain

    (short harmonica solo)

    You're just hangin out- in a local bar,
    And you're wonderin'- who the hell you are
    Are you a farmer - are you a star?

    Smile on through the rain
    Laugh all through the pain
    Flow on through the changes
    Till the sun comes out again

    Keep on smilin', smilin' - smilin', smilin'
    Laughin, laughin- said laughin', laughin'
    Keep on flowin', flowin', flowin' -- YEAH................
  6. Hostile

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    Years ago I saw a little blurb in a Reader's Digest that has always positively affected my life. I think of it often when things get dark and gloomy. I can no longer quote it verbatim but essentially it said this.

    A young man was down on his luck. Desperate for something positive he spent the last dollar he had to get home to Florida to spend some time with his Dad. That evening they took a walk and ended up out on a jetty watching the sun settle onto the water and go down. Bitterness welling up inside him the boy said, "you know Dad, if you took all the great moments of life and put them back to back and played them on a screen the movie wouldn't last 15 minutes." He was shocked when his Dad replied simply, "yep." He turned to his Dad and looked into his always wise eyes. His Dad continued, "precious, aren't they?"

    I don't know why things pile up and I don't know why sometimes we get pushed to our breaking points. I do know the precious moments make it all worthwhile and we can learn from good and bad alike.
  7. Audiman

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    Sorry to hear about all of this. you, your g/f, and your friend's family will all be in my prayers.

    that said, my g/f works at an animal shelter. it's amazing the kinds of animals they bring in. it's heartbreaking seeing these great animals without homes.:(
  8. Bigdog

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    I am sorry to hear about your friend and gf. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. My mother always told me not to worry, that things will some how work out. They seemd to always do. Keep your head up.
  9. Faerluna

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    As long as there are bad times, there will always be equally goods times on the other end of the scale. The bad times remind you of how lucky you are to be blessed with the things you do have, and those good things get you through all the bad times, even when it looks hopeless.

    On another note, if you would like some advice for helping stabilize the feral cat population around your place, feel free to PM me and I can help you with a game plan. It sounds like you and your girlfriend would be willing to help the cats live the best life they can.
  10. rkell87

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    we have already called a place that traps, spay/neuters, then releases

    the city put the cat down that very same day, they told us it would be 3-5 days at least, it broke my GFs heart, he was so sweet it just didnt get along with our pets or we would have kept it
  11. ethiostar

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and everything else thats happening in your life right now.

    Sometimes bad things happen one on top of the other and it can be overwhelming. 1997 was that kind of a year for me. So many bad things happened that I got to a point where I just started to laugh when yet another thing went wrong. At one point i just said, and i remember saying this clearly, "bring it on and lets get all this **** out of the way". I just knew that things would eventually start to go my way and go my way for a long while. And they did.

    Hang in there till it passes because it will and the good times will be that much sweeter.
  12. rkell87

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    thats funny because '97 was a year like that for me as well
  13. Faerluna

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    So glad to hear that they are doing TNR in your area. It's a long, time consuming process, but it's the best option for the cats and the people in the end.

    When cats go into shelters with an injury, they are often euthanized immediately because they don't want to spend the money on a cat that they determine isn't friendly enough to be worth the time.

    This is always complete crap in my eyes, because some cats are just scared and take longer to come around. I had 2 different cats that were the sweetest things but at the vet they were psycho.
  14. WV Cowboy

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    I once heard that if we all threw our troubles into a pile to trade, .. once we saw everyone else's we would reach back and get ours back.

    When I have had some of the worst things happen in my life, the Lord always seems to show me that someone has it worse than me, .. and that always helps me get through them.

    Keep your chin up.

    (btw, .. I love that Wet Willie song, .. love it! I was singing it while reading ninja's post)
  15. rkell87

    rkell87 Well-Known Member

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    ugh i wish i knew that or it would have never been an option for us, but the shelter still straight up lied by telling us the policy was to wait 3-5 days
  16. Faerluna

    Faerluna I'm Complicated

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    Wait policy is typically 3-5 days, but it's completely at their discretion.

    They could say it was "owner surrender" which is also a quicker euthanization because the 3-5 day policy is for animals brought in as "stray" to give the owners time to find them.

    There was just a big expose piece on the Dallas Animal Services department and how completely corrupt and horrid they have been over the last 10 years. ( http://www.dallasobserver.com/2011-...t-the-goings-on-at-the-city-s-animal-shelter/)

    They are far from the only ones, too.

    Never trust a city-run "pound" to do the right thing.
  17. Parche

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    Well, I understand you very well...

    Ive been through very hard times recently... for years I have to say...

    6 years ago or so, my father and mother got divorced... Then, My father had a heart attack, and barely survived... after that, he came back to our house only to get divorced again 4 years ago...

    After that, the son of my uncle, 17 yrs old by then, was diagnosed with cancer (sorry for my english) in testicles... he went through quimio and is really fine right now, studing law and living his life...


    After that, two years ago, my brother was diagnosed with the very same kind of cancer, luckily, he fought back too and hes fine too, studying journalist and playing some drums...


    after that, and cause of all of this of course, my mother is suffering a great deppression, illness that made her not to eat and vomit a complete full week when my brother and I put her in a mental hospital. Shes at home right now, and not that bad, but is obviously taking medication...

    After having said all that, I dont need to say that all those years have been really hard times for me... And often I find myself thinking and wishing for some years of peace, or more quiet ones...

    But on top of that, I also think that in any of those cases, anyone of my parents or brother or my uncle's son... in any of those cases, the end could have been different and not... I feel very blessed for still having them, I feel blessed that they have the power to still fight back...

    And for those that theyre not longer here, I always try to remember the good times shared, and keep those memories helping me to go on.
  18. rkell87

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    we brought it in as stray, not owner surrender(there were two different forms) and they still did it that day

    we will never have anything to do with the city pound ever again
  19. casmith07

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    Every time there's a storm, just remember that the sun always comes back out.
  20. notherbob

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    People just gotta get up one more time than they get knocked down, somehow, some way. It ain't easy but you gotta do it or die.

    It ain't a matter of what one likes or don't, it's what ya gotta do. It's something ya gotta do for yourself because ain't no one else gonna do it for you. Ya gotta do it or die and sooner or later ya die anyway.

    Live until ya die.

    Reality 101

    Life is good, anyway.

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