Why does Wilfork get a get out of jail free card?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by smarta5150, Jan 27, 2008.

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    Pats' Wilfork fined for fourth time this season

    Boston, MA (Sports Network) - New England Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork has reportedly been fined by the National Football League for the fourth time this season.

    The Boston Globe reported Saturday that the league fined Wilfork $5,000 for unnecessary roughness for a facemask penalty he committed in New England's win in the AFC Championship game over San Diego. Wilfork grabbed the facemask of Chargers running back Michael Turner in the first quarter on Sunday.

    Wilfork complained about the fine in the Globe story, saying "It's ridiculous. Anything you do that's a penalty, it's a fine."

    The fourth-year player out of Miami has drawn the ire of the league for his sometimes excessively physical play this season. He was fined $12,500 for a low hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman during a game on September 23, a hit which left Losman with a sprained ligament in his knee, causing him to miss two games.

    A late hit of Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten on October 14 earned Wilfork a $5,000 fine. His biggest fine to date came after the regular season finale against the Giants, in which Wilfork stuck his right index finger inside the facemask of running back Brandon Jacobs, drawing a $15,000 fine from the league.

    Wilfork appealed the fines for the Losman and Witten hits. The league subsequently reduced his fine for the Losman hit by $2,500.

    :repost: maybe? wrong forum? maybe but whatever :mad:... this is kind of P'ing me off a little bit.

    The guy has committed his 4th "flagrant" type foul and was fined but wheres the suspension? I understand the league not making him sit out a playoff game or the Superbowl but has there been talks of maybe him serving a suspension at the beginning of the 2008 season?

    I think its pretty ridiculous, call me bias, that Roy Williams has to sit out a game for 3 strikes but a Patriot gets 4 strikes and a try again.

    Oh well, maybe I just have built up rage but this ticks me off.
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    Well...they do seem to get a slap on the wrist for everything they do.
    Yeah...it really ticks me off as well. You would think someone in the NFL commission would get something done , especially after all the complaints.
    We all can plainly see now that its a Stacked deck and we can't win.
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    It's the Patriots...i'm not surprised..

    Again, Goodell's legacy will be that he was soft on cheaters (and the Patriots...but what's the difference between the two right?)
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    We knew there was a double standard for the Pats, after the whole Spygate fiasco. That was the lightest punishment for cheating I had ever seen.
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    Yea, Roger needs to ask Kraft if he can have his balls back now.:mad:
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    [Anti]- Dallas Bias.
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    I think it is crazy that this guy is not suspended.
    4 times????
    That's ridiculous.
    To me, seeing him poking at the eyes should have been enough.
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    See, this is what I said when Roy got suspended for a game. You can't tell me that flagrant face masks won't hurt someone. You can't tell me that a horse collar tackle is any more dangerous than simply being tackled and dragged down from behind. See TO's injury against Carolina for reference. The fact of the matter is the horse collar rule is a foolish one and Roy's suspension was pure crap. This is the exact scenario I said at the time. Until you show me that all multiple personal foul offenders get equal treatment then it is a witch hunt. By far one of the dumbest rules on the books and dumb enforcement on top of that.
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    His low hit on Losman is the only play I think is dangerous.

    His finger poke did not even go into Jacobs eye and the Witten hit was not dangerous.

    Roy is different because he keeps committing the same type flagrant foul.

    Honestly, how many times has Roy done that tackle and not beed flagged?

    I can think of two in my mind...
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    They're all 15 yard personal fouls.

    And who cares if Wilfork actually poked Jacobs in the eye? That was something done after the play was dead, and it was dirty. Much dirtier than any horse collar Roy has committed. He should have been suspended for that act alone. It's akin to Haynesworth stomping on Gurode's head after the play, albeit obviously less severe. But it could have been just as bad.
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    Did anyone notice that we've not heard much from the Commish since the minimal punishment of Belicheat. I think it's really because he is the owners' man and punishes players (most rightly) but looks the other way when it comes to high profile coaches. I mean Belicheat essentially got no punishment at all. A little $250,000 fine on the wrist (which I'm sure Kraft repaid him for with the new contract) and taking away their late round pick but keeping SF trade pick. Poor Wade Wilson who only earns around $300,000 gets $100,000 fine & 5 game suspension.

    Kraft has the Commish in his pocket & Pats will continue to get most favorite football team status.
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    It's not shocking, or surprising. A guy who repeatedly does these sort of things should have to serve suspensions but it's not going to happen on that team. It's just the way it goes.
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    Well, in my eyes hes the best NT in the game.

    Maybe thats why?
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    The poking of the eyes should've warranted at least a one game suspension. If Orlando Brown's career can be put in jeopardy from a ref throwing a flag that hits him in the eye, then Wilfork could've seriously injured somebody by trying to poke them in the eye on purpose.

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    Maybe they should change the name to "National Football Entertainment". Could bring Vince McMahon aboard.
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    One word - Patriots. Those who keep defending them should take a step back and look objectively. Goodell goes out of his way to make sure nothing bad happens to these guys.

    And I know this comment will cause flames and vitriol, but the refs give them every advantage as well. There were many bad calls last weekend, and two really stood out.

    On the pick by Samuel did anyone see why the throw was so bad? Because Vrabel (I believe) was on the ground, and did a blatant leg whip into Rivers lower leg. The ref was staring at Rivers and didn't make a call. I GUARANTEE if Merriman does that to Brady it's a penalty, and ESPN is covering it non-stop in support of the roid rage.

    On a third and goal, Gates was completely held, to the point that his shirt was pulled away from his body. Again, a ref was staring at the play, and chose not to call anything.

    Two calls which could have made a big difference. And I will predict right now, if the Super Bowl is close, there will be either a questionable call against the Giants or a non-call against the Pats which will make a difference. And I know bad calls are part of football, but at big times in big games, the Pats always get the call in their favor.

    After 6 years of watching this, it's become too obvious that the league gives them the benefit of the doubt. Let me ask everyone a question - if there's as much money in anything as there is in the NFL, why is everyone so positive there couldn't be corruption? Name anything in human history which involves this much money which hasn't been tainted by corruption. Maybe the NFL is the first, I don't know.
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    Exactly. It takes 7 lbs. of pressure to poke someone's eyeball out.
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    Very good post. Right on the :money:

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