Why don't our fans ever give credit to other players?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by forever22, Jan 1, 2013.

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    I am a 49ers football fan but as important an NFL football fan. Having the DirecTV Sunday Ticket I am able to see many of your games. Plus there is the internet. We aren't living in the 19th century where I'm getting my game info via telegraph.:rolleyes:
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    It's called the magic of RG3
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    I didn't mention love of the team or lack thereof. I was talking about fans who can't give the Cowboys credit even when it's due, but bend over backwards for the opposition. Read with an open mind and you will figure out who I'm talking about. But your own bias probably comes into play when you read (just like everybody else). Why don't you Google it. You're good at that, FAN.
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    Saying some Zoners give credit to every player except those with stars on their helmets gives the impression they don't like the team. Any fan who only gives the opposing players credit and "never" the Cowboys players isn't a Cowboys fans. We've had a few discussions in the past and I know from some of your comments you have a tendency to exaggerate and misinterpret what you read. You seem to think certain members of the media dislike the Cowboys because of some comments they've made or because they're not handing out praise toward the team when you feel it's warranted.

    Some FANS here try to spin that just because some of us are critical and are very candid about the Cowboys that we're not fans and we hate the team. I have no bias my analysis is fair to both the opponent and the Cowboys which is why I'm so misunderstood by some. Some FANS misinterpret fairness as not being totally devoted to the Cowboys which is silly. It's very easy to figure out who the true fans are here but some of us express our dissatisfaction and disappointment differently than the majority which causes a lot of the dissension on the board.
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    Because we're biased fans? lol

    Also, making excuses for every mistake is just not how I operate. I thought the skins deserved the win but Romo HAS to see that linebacker in the area.. all there is to it. If he couldn't see him, that's again on him. Why throw the ball then if you're just hoping it gets there?

    It wasn't fourth down.
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    Ah. I wasn't aware Sunday Ticket and The Internets gave you all the resources you need to know "The Truth" about every NFL team's situation.
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    This is so true.

    Nevertheless, good play or not, I put all here picks on Tony. Still think hrs a very good QB but those were on him this time.
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    You make valid points all the time, but does it ever occur to you that you could be the one misinterpreting things? Of course not.
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    I believe George Carlin said it best - why is all of your crap stuff and all of their stuff crap?
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    It's easy to misinterpret a comment or a post we've all done that. Some fans have difficulty clearly conveying their feelings on something into a post and it can be taken wrong but when you see the same line of thinking from someone in a number of posts it becomes clear. You have to know a posters history to clearly understand how they think. We all love the Cowboys but not everyone expresses it the same way. Some fans boo and curse the team when they're playing poorly while others sit quietly with their heads down.

    Some fans apologize and make excuses for the teams poor performances while others are very critical. Fan boards are made up of homers, pessimists, optimists, realists, whiners, idiots, knee jerkers, flip floppers and those who live in the moment. According to Cowboy FANS when Eli makes a great play it's luck but when Romo makes one it's a great play. It's like that on all fan boards FANS are biased.

    It's only human nature to favor your own and discredit the opposition because as fans are brains are programed to be biased. We all pull for the Cowboys to win every week so even the most objective realists on the board are biased to some degree but we're able to be fair and give honest unbiased opinions. That's where we differ from most.
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    Don't know why you're hear, but thanks for setting our fans straight. Sometimes it's better coming from an outsider.
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    This is why you are one of the smartest posters on here. I believe this.

    To me, as a fan,You support your team no matter what. You don't flip flop teams because they are doing bad. I also believe that if your team is or has developed a propensity to lose a lot, it's time to start speaking up. Especially if it's a message board where we're allowed to speak.

    I don't care who wears what how, what a person listens to on their IPOD, if they play golf or not. I don't care what race you are, if you grew up in the suburb or the projects. I don't care what you talk like, how big or small you are, if you're a leader or not. I simply don't give a **** about anything but winning.

    I don't put up with losing, it's not in my gene pool. So excuse me if I won't sit here and engage in friendly conversation about how great our QB is when over 6 or 7 years, no matter what talent we bring in, he can't win with them.

    But the one thing I will do that most blind homers won't do is give credit where credit is due. If Romo has a good game, I'll admit it. But to homers, if Romo has a bad game, it's everyone else fault.

    If Garrett calls a good game, I'll give him credit, although I don't like him. But the blind homers will not blame Garrett if he blows a game.

    I give JOnes ZERO credit because he's done nothing but turn us into middle of the pack TRASH. People yap about the talent, how many of these talented guys are in the pro bowl? 2? So where's the real talent, or is it just in our homerish minds?

    Excuse me if I don't sit here and drool over Jerry Jones, when his ego will NOT allow us to be winners again. Excuse me while I think we have a "my guy" coach, instead of a qualified coach.

    Trying to win a Super Bowl with one of the worst GMs, trying to win a Super bowl with an undrafted FA QB, and trying to win a SB with a guy who has no clue how to be a head coach.

    Those 3 things make me very angry, because they are freaking around with my beloved Cowboys. They are trying to win with these 3 people, and it's just getting on my nerves. We have wasted so much time with these three, and we will continue to waste even more time.

    I don't care what fans call me, I know how I feel about my team, and I know I want more from my team. I don't care about any player, coach or GM, I care about the DALLAS COWBOYS.
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    ...in this thread he has posted more truth about the game than you have contributed so far.

    All you have done is a character assasination while he has talked about football.
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    ...its as simple as the fan is only focused on his team and doesn't care to consider the opposition or doesn't have the capacity to consider watching what the opposition does.

    From my personal experience some fans just watch to enjoy the game and could care less about strategy and tactics that contribute to wins and losses.
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    The only great defensive play the Redskins made, that I really noticed, was the third pick. And the only reason that happened was because they KNEW what the hot read would be. You can't jump a route if you don't know it's coming, and a QB should be able to throw to a hot pretty much without having to look at it and see if the guy is open.

    Tony made a bad decision, but having a scheme that doesn't allow the defense to know what is coming prevents that from happening in the first place.
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    :hammer: It's like our deficiencies are only seen by Cowboy fans.
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    What? He was responsible for all three and I AM a Romosapien. He was 'off' for a good portion of that game. What happens when an owner and coach feed you to the lions every week.

    You said it, not me.
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    I think that's the play Aldrick Robinson scored on Thanksgiving day.:explode:

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