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Why Florida Matters to Dems by uh me

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by jterrell, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

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    I read a lot of political commentaries and have seen a few fly back and forth over the value of the Florida win for Hillary.

    Let me very clear here.

    It matters.
    It matters big.

    And here is why.

    Obama is the more likable candidate. He is the one masses would rather drink a beer with or watch football with or talk to. He is the better orator. He is the more handsome of the two. He is the more humble and approachable candidate.

    He is all those things yet trails Hillary in 75 overall delegates leading into Super Tuesday and that is with Hillary winning two huge states: Michigan and Florida who did not have their delegates counted.

    What Florida details is many-fold.

    1. Hillary and her campaign are far wiser than Obama and his. His total neglect of Florida was a huge mistake. He bought the Clinton charade hook, line and sinker. He stayed in South Carolina longer than he should have. What he should have done was have a press conference and a fund raiser in Florida. It wasn't against any agreements or against party rules to do so. Obama followed the spirit of the agreement to distance from Florida while Hillary followed the letter of the law. She wins again. And in doing so exposed his junior status as a politician. She had planned his downfall all the while he is celebrating in South Carolina. I expect he realizes this now and that was a large part of the iciness between the two at the State of the Union. He must now realize he was duped.

    2. The other issue that was detailed is brought up by a Florida voter---excerpted from Miami Herald---
    Davie resident Mark Flynt, 52, waited until right before the election to make his decision, joking, ``I almost made up my mind on the way over here.''

    But in the end, Flynt picked Clinton. And it all came down to the 2008 campaign buzzword: Change.

    ''I think both want change,'' said Flynt, who owns a landscaping company. ``But to use a football analogy, we would get more attempts with Obama, but we'd get more completions with Clinton. Obama gets my heart, but she's got my head and I had to use my head to vote.''

    Mark is arriving at the same conclusion I did, the same many others will if they pay attention. George W. Bush has demonstrated you can not run our country on high hopes and good intentions. It takes a firm grasp of the issues, unmatched preparation and a willingness to outflank opponents who may now be other Presidential hopefuls but will soon be Iran and various militants. It is time to rely on actual experience and no longer try to live on a wing and a prayer.

    3. The third issue is the overall importance of Florida. Hillary has talked it up and that helps Democrats in an effort to win a solid majority there in the general election. She won by a solid margin over Obama and did nothing more than spent a few days there with fund raisers and tossed some words their way in interviews. She did not have to spend any money there to win easy.

    Obama is an interesting guy but if it takes him hardcore campaigning to get within 20 points of Hillary then how does he get that message to the entire country, much less the entire world. If he has to go back to Florida in a few months how does he now convince him he is this guy who cared so much about them? He doesn't. But he wasn't thinking about that, he was thinking about beating Hillary in South Carolina. He was thinking about Bill saying he could only win black votes. And Hillary was thinking about beating John McCain when it all matters. She told Florida they were important because they are. Just ask John Kerry.

    4. This result is plenty of ammo to toss in the face of the South Carolina results. Delegates now are great but you can't ignore delegates later. It is the later that gets one candidate to the necessary 2,025. Hillary actually gained a few super-delegates and now leads Obama overall by 75, 256 total delegates to 181. Obama would be behind even if he gained all of John Edwards delegates. Obviously being so far away from the needed delegates to win a nomination nothing is completely settled but polls indicate huge leads for Hillary in large, delegate rich states and time to campaign in those states are minimal. With the Florida and Michigan delegates probably getting seated by the convention you can expect Hillary to take credit for that happening and Obama will not have much to offer as a counter.
  2. iceberg

    iceberg nothing is nothing Zone Supporter

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    and if hillary didn't win, it wouldn't matter.

    got it.
  3. sacase

    sacase Well-Known Member

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    So baiscally what you are saying is that Hillary is desperate and will do anything to win.
  4. iceberg

    iceberg nothing is nothing Zone Supporter

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    to be fair, he's already said she'd do anything to win. i would suspect he's say she's not desperate at all.
  5. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

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    I am saying she has done what needed to be done to win and Obama hasn't.

    Karl Rove pushed the right button for Bush in the past two elections and Hillary pushes most of her own.

    After Iowa she held a meeting with her top aides and at the end of the meeting she reportedly said... "this has been really helpful talking to myself!" she took ownership of her campaign and won NH after trailing big in that independent laden state.

    She understands politics in all its intricacies and is playing a winning campaign. In short she is due the same type of begrudging respect Dick Morris and Karl Rove get for her ability to play politics.

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