Why have we not signed Richard Incognito?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by OhSnap, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. OhSnap

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    As desperate as this team has been to put together a decent O-line the last 3 years it makes no sense that this guy isn't a Dallas Cowboy yet.
    You know your getting a dedicated football player that isn't just looking for a check and one that has something to prove.
    Are the Cowboys so good that they don't need to sign a starting NFL lineman even if for no other reason than depth?
    How after Pac man Jones can we sit back and pass on a guy who's only knock is that he might be TOO MEAN on the field and in the locker room?

    Incognito supports Operation Homefront, an organization that provides assistance to families of service members and wounded soldiers; during the 2012 season, he hosted a private screening and book reading of the animated film Rise of the Guardians for Operation Homefront, where he led a book reading to over 100 children before the screening of the film.

    In the 2012 off-season, Incognito was one of sixty-six players who took part in the NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program held at Harvard Business School and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He said about it that it was "a good experience just learning from those guys because they bring a ton of experience to the table" and "just a good all-around experience and it really opened up my eyes to a lot of opportunities outside of the game of football and gave me confidence moving forward with my business."

    It's crazy that this guy is not a Cowboy when we were so desperate that we had Alex Barron not that long ago and were "hoping" Leary might be able to learn the position when he was signed in 2012 and needed surgery already in 2013 before the season started.
  2. noshame

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    Is he stable? Seriously, I'll pass and draft a G. We aren't that bad on OL, if he was a DL, I might take a shot.
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  3. UDcowboysfan

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    No thanks.
  4. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Our oline was good last year for the first time since 2007. Just draft a guard but were stable at oline
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  5. noshame

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    For the record, I thought about Richie a while back also, until he took a baseball bat to his sports caro_O
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  6. BoysFan4ever

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    Because the lockers at JerryWorld aren't big enough to hold his straitjacket.

    That guy is a mental case.
  7. Nirvana

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    Not a RKG for Garrett.
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  8. WPBCowboysFan

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    Yep, and then checked himself into the nut house.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. DallasEast

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    Needless to say, I am very concerned. On the one hand, Incognito would help solidify the offensive line even more. He's not a great guard but he's solid. On the other hand, we have a medical and training staff that cannot figure out how to treat and train against players getting so many hamstrings.

    We sign the guy, then wait for Jones to inevitably say, "We had the proper guys monitoring Richie but his troubles <SMACK!> were too much for us."

    I just don't know...
  10. joseephuss

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    He isn't that good. If he were then some team would have signed him despite his issues. He is an average player with above average problems. No team will rush to sign that type of player. Even if a team, including Dallas does want him, they can wait until training camp is closer or at least until after the draft plays out before bringing him into the fold.
  11. visionary

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    On the bright side, I can hear Jerry say

    "Richie may not make us a better football team and may have more red flags than the red square but he is a TMZ magnet and makes us more relevant"
  12. Floaty

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    Got to catch up on "Hardknocks" W/ the 2008 Cowboys during Dallas Week on the NFL Network. And the one thing I noticed was all the knuckleheads that team had....And since Garrett has become head coach we don't have nearly the same amount of "cancer" players.

    So glad to see the immature players like Owens, Martellus Bennett, Pacman, Tank Johnson, Barber, Crayton...all gone.

    Garrett may not be able to coach....but @ least he has cleaned up the culture to some extent.

    We don't need to regress back to that type of player....or controversy
  13. big dog cowboy

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    I found one of his t-shirts:

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  14. BrAinPaiNt

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  15. thunderpimp91

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    Is there any advantage to bringing this guy in other than the fact that hes the biggest name left? People don't realize that he isn't a pro bowl caliber player. Hes an average guard who played for a bad o-line. Yes he has experience as a starter, but so did Nate Livings. You can find similar talent without the baggage pretty easily.
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  16. theranchsucks

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    Because we already are the highest rated show on tv
  17. tyke1doe

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    You know what they say: Can't rest on your laurels. ;)
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  18. Sydla

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    I don't know? Maybe because he's a massive ****** who clearly has a screw loose upstairs?
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  19. birdwells1

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    Just like with Josh Brent, the potential trouble and bad publicity outweighs the on field productivity. Just take T.O. for example, when he was a 85 rcpt. 1500 yards and 13 td producing wr, teams were more apt to overlook his off field issues. When his productivity fell off the number of teams that were interested in him did to.
  20. landroverking

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    Don't we have enough head cases ?
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