Why I hate NC's sport scene

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Mountaineerfan, Mar 9, 2013.

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    I had some smart Look at my hat and ask me why I was wearing a Duke hat, for those that don't know UNC-Duke game tonight. I calmly responded to him saying,"This D stands for America's team, not New Jerseys team." Everything here is college basketball and I hate basketball. Heck they can't even get behind one college football team and support it the way they should that's why all these college coaches fail here in the tar heel state. In WV there is only one major college but even if there was two it would still be about WVU.
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    i live in charlotte but can't stand ether of those teams. Im from ct and pull for uconn
  3. Mountaineerfan

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    yep I live in Mooresville so we are not far from each other at all.
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    What part of WV are you from? (I think I may have asked you that before)

    I lived below Raleigh in Smithfield for a short time many years ago. That is NC St. country and so just to tease them a little, I cheered for UNC.

    I have always been a huge Mountaineer football fan, but couldn't stand Catlett so until Beilein (sp?) got here I sort of cheered for UNC because of my stint in NC.

    Now a full time WV basketball fan as well. (tough year)
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    College basketball is nothing like it once was, that's for sure.

    But if you already hate the sport, of course you are not going to relate to the intensity of one of the best college sports rivalries ever. This year was a bad year for Carolina/Duke because the tarheels are down. But it is really great rivalry--and most all-around sports fans at least can appreciate that.

    I think the Charlotte area follows Clemson pretty strongly in football.
    You would need to be in the Raleigh area to get a better feel for colleger sports in NC. There are 5 D-1 schools within an hour drive of there. I guess if there was one team, they could have 100+ to eavery game no problem. Instead, UNC, NCSt and ECU each draw about 50k per game.

    Anyway, I don't see how you can compare West Virginia and how it follows WVU--it's a monopoly. Marshall is the only program there.
    How on earth would WVU not have a huge following?

    North Carolina has an unmatched history in college basketball, so of course people are going to love it...though the one-and-done thing is killing the sport.
    But they have:
    UNC (5 titles)
    Duke (4 titles)
    NC State (2 titles)
    Wake Forest (great history)
    UNCC, Davidson, and about 7-8 other D-1 programs.

    There are only 14 programs in college basketball history that have won multiple titles and three of them are from the state of North Carolina.

    I guess hoops love is similar in Kentucky with two great programs there and some other good ones.

    In football, they spread their allegiances between

    UNC, NC State, East Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, App State, and more.

    It's the opposite of West Virginia--there is no monopoly.

    Just curious....did you GO to WVU?
  6. Future

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    Believe it or not, the Cowboys are not the only team that uses the letter "D" :laugh2:

    The "big D" doesn't have the brand recognition that some people might think it does.
  7. DFWJC

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    It looks almost exactly like the Duke hat that has been used for the last 40 years, for starters.
    I like it when any Duke fan catches grief though.
  8. Mountaineerfan

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    Elkins wv for the first 22 years of life. Graduated from fairmont 2001
  9. CanadianCowboysFan

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    North Carolina likes basketball more than anything else, why is that a reason to hate the sports scene there?

    I was in Florida last year and someone came up, saw my Montreal Canadiens' tshirt and said, hey Chicago. I went um no.

    No reason to hate Florida sports scene.

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