Why I have no desire to attend a game ...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sportsbabe, Nov 23, 2005.

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    ... unless I'm in a luxury box:


    Up in one of the nosebleed sections at FedEx Field yesterday, a man watched the game wearing a sweat shirt reading: "[Expletive] the Refs." With him was a little boy, maybe 5.

    A few rows in front of them, two guys in Washington Redskins jerseys greeted every referee call against the team by shooting their arms into the air, middle fingers extended.

    One man was so wobbly by the second quarter that he toppled forward two rows, spilling beer on Leslie Weightman of Gaithersburg and digging his knee into the back of her husband, Jim. And leather-lung louts screamed obscenities against the Oakland Raiders until their voices were almost shot.

    A scuffle broke out a couple of sections over. Prince George's County police and yellow-jacketed stadium security personnel, a dozen or so in all, had to climb to the top rows of the stadium to separate two clashing groups of fans -- men and women, Raiders fans and Redskins fans. They ejected four.

    At least there was no knockdown, drag-out fight as there was at the game against the San Francisco 49ers a few weeks ago, when a half-dozen fans slugged it out, bodies flailing and falling like dominoes. It took police 10 minutes to come to the aid of an overwhelmed usher.

    At FedEx Field and football stadiums throughout the National Football League, some fans are disgusted with the obnoxious behavior in the stands, particularly by alcohol-fueled spectators. It has become so bad that some are turning to television as a safer, less harrowing way to watch the game.

    Beth Gourley, a 45-year-old Vienna resident, has held Redskins season tickets since 1963, but two years ago, she and her mother stopped going to games.

    "People are hammered, the language is horrible and the ushers can't seem to do anything about it," Gourley said. "We're not beer drinkers -- we come to watch the game -- but the stadium caters to beer drinkers."

    Certainly the rowdies and the boors are a fraction of the thousands of fans at FedEx Field -- a small city's worth -- and elsewhere, but they're enough to have changed the spectating culture into something resembling a World Wrestling Entertainment event. Bob Warren, a Redskins season ticket holder since the 1960s, has sold four of his six season passes. He says he has noticed a worsening in the past five years or so. "It's not the same friendly atmosphere it used to be," the 55-year-old Fairfax optometrist said. "The rowdiness and the language is definitely different."

    Many disgruntled fans blame what Laurie Lieber of the California-based Marin Institute calls "an alcohol-saturated society" that seems synonymous with big-time sports these days.

    "People have come to expect and accept the blanketing of alcohol promotion around sports," said Lieber, whose nonprofit public advocacy group considers alcohol abuse a public-health issue. She cited the increased signage at NFL stadiums, the ubiquitous TV commercials for beer and the bars and restaurants built into stadiums.

    Lieber also noted the increase in tailgating. The practice has been around for years, but its popularity has skyrocketed in the past decade or so. Although teams encourage tailgating for the camaraderie and team spirit it promotes, it also makes drinking a day-long event. As Prince George's police Lt. Terence Sheppard said, "The longer people have to drink and socialize, the more problems we anticipate."

    (More to the article but mainly about lawsuits and drinking)
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    Its not so bad if you pay for good seats. Most of that nonsense happens up in the nosebleed section.
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    I'm a DC native and I've been to about a dozen skins games, both in RFK and at FedEx and I've never really seen anything like what they are describing. Although I hate the Redskins, one thing admirable about the organization is that they have a very loyal fanbase who are generally pretty knowledgable about the game. The stadium is always packed and always loud, and I wish I could say the same about Texas Stadium.
  4. lurkercowboy

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    If I were a Redskins fan, I would turn to the bottle.
  5. Sportsbabe

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    I'm glad to here that you haven't experienced any problems. I just wouldn't want to take the chance. I know it goes on and 1 incident is one too many for my taste. Just my luck I'd be hit in the head with a bottle. I love sporting my team gear.

    I also envy teams with loyal fans who pack the house regardless of the team condition.
  6. Richmond Cowboy

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    I was at FedEx 2 yrs ago when we crushed the skins in a game where we had constant freezing rain/ice. I took my wife to the game and there was some guy a few rows back that kept yelling at the top of his lungs "change your tampons you bloody *******". Meanwhile there were fans all around with children! It's unreal how a handful of s**t-faced fools can make what should be a family event turn into a bar room brawl. Meanwhile, ice balls were being thrown at cowboys fans,etc. Neither stadium security nor the police were anywhere to be seen.
  7. stag hunter

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    I was at that game and it was one of the best days of my life. At halftime when we were up about 20-0, with the skins season already basically over and the weather being absolutely miserable, the stadium was emptied to about 15,000 people, 10,000 of whom were cowboys fans. By the 4th quarter the stadium was rocking with chants of "Lets go Cowboys" and snowballs were raining down on the Redskins sideline. I moved down to the front row and drilled Siragusa in the back with one. There are always fans that are gonna get drunk at games, and where I was sitting there was just as much antagonism coming from the dallas fans as there was from the skins fans. There are bad apples in every bunch you can't smear a whole fan base for the actions of just a few fans. On the other hand, you can make generalizations about the Philly fans based on them booing Irvin, and maybe even a lot of the Cowboys fans after they booed a middle eastern couple who won some contest and were on the field at halftime. Even through 3 straight 5-11 seasons and countless blowouts at the hands of the Eagles, I never felt more ashamed or embarassed to be acowboys fan until I heard about that. But I digress...
  8. RCowboyFan

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    Talking about Bad apples....
  9. The30YardSlant

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    That's nothing compared to the old Vet in Philly. Things went on there that would make Osama cringe
  10. Danny White

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    Don't worry... I don't think he actually did that. It was freezing rain that day, not snow. Also, the first few rows at Fed Ex field are reserved for high rollers and you can't just "walk down" to them. I was actually sitting just above the "reserved" section in the end zone and was able to see Goose for most of the game.

    I don't think he's lying about being at the game. He's right about how there were 75% Cowboys fans there by the end, and how we dominated the cheering by the end.

    Maybe wanted to throw something at Goose, but I'd be shocked if it wasn't the beer talking here.

    As for the overall atmosphere at FedEx... the fans aren't overly antagonistic. You can show up wearing whatever you want and cheering for whatever you want, and you won't get roughed up. You just have to be careful and not start anything with anyone... that's how you'd end up getting jumped. Also, just avoid those who are obviously looking for trouble. Most people who get beat up at that stadium are asking for it.

    I've always gone all-out in Cowboys attire and cheer loudly, but respectfully for my team. The most I get are dirty remarks and a bottle cap thrown at me. Not too bad.
  11. Richmond Cowboy

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    I'll never forget that weather. I'll have to say, I gained new respect for my wife sitting out there with me until the final whistle. Snow would have been a blessing, it was just relentless freezing rain with intermittent ice.
  12. hipfake08

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    This is the reason I stopped going to games - Giant fans.
    My neighbor has Giant season tickets and has taken me a few times along with selling me the tickets for the Boys game about 10 years ago.
    Most fans are fine.
    But as anyone who goes to games knows there are a lot of A holes in the crowd.
    I have always seen about 10 fights per game in the stadium.
    They are easy to spot as the security has yellow wind breakers and when they gather you notice it in the stands.
    Why get hurt for a football game.
    I'm not getting paid to play so...
    I have other more responsible things doing on Monday am. Not a bail hearing in front of a judge because some soused Giant fan did not like the score of a game.
    I like it at home or in a bar with the sunday ticket where they control what happens.
  13. Jack

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    I was at the same game. The Redskin fans that stayed (they started leaving in the first quarter) were real a-holes. It gets worse all the time at that stadium. A buddy of mine has family season tickets there. He always gets the Cowboys tickets and has turned them down recently because you can't really enjoy the game anymore unless you came to fight. He has been going for 20+ years and says he can't believe how bad it has gotten.
  14. Jack

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    Been there too. Feared for my life that day...
  15. TheSkaven

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    Games in Dallas are not like this. I know we get on the fans of Texas Stadium for not being loud, etc. but one thing that I will say is it's a great family crowd. I'd never bring my 5 year old son to a game at the Linc, or at FedEx field, but I'd bring him to Texas Stadium, and I'm definitely planning to take him to the new stadium once Jerry World is built.
  16. Sportsbabe

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    Thank you. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black...???? It had to be said. Thanks for stepping up.
  17. AtlCB

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    Games in Atlanta are very tame as well (even though it can get really loud). Some fans will give other fans a little bit of a hard time, but it's all in good fun - no threats, no profanity, nothing thrown at opposing fans. I have never been treated poorly at the Georgia Dome.
  18. SupermanXx

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    Texas Stadium isn't a football stadium... it's a freakin opera house or a McDonald's play area where kids play...

    seriously... family event... please

    this is football, a mean sport where huge jacked up men knock the hell out of each other and get pumped up about it.

    Texas Stadium needs a new crowd. Our crowd has to be the worst crowd in sports when it comes to making noise and packing the stadium and supporting your team with FOOTBALL FANS and not LITTLE KIDS
  19. Billy Bullocks

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    Go to England. Go to a "football" game there. They make this look so much more civil. And you know what, teh atmosphere over there is electric. Texas Stadium would be the toughest place to play if it got as loud as Upton Park, White Heart Lane, hell, even Highbury
  20. stag hunter

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    As a matter of fact I was there, and if you recall it had snowed a ton the previous weeks and although it wasn't snowing that day (just foggy, drizzly, etc) there were accumulations of snow at the ends of a lot of the rows from where the seats had been cleared of snow during the week. I wasn't down towards the field at the 50 yard line, obviously those areas are restricted, but towards the end of the 4th quarter I had gone down to the corner where the visiting team runs out after the game through the tunnel so I could high five Roy, Dat, etc, as I have done plenty of times at football games there. The corners of the field are where Tony Siragusa most often checks in with the Fox broadcasters (for whatever reason), and he was down by the end of the sideline when I hit him in the back, after which he hurriedly went down to the other end of the field. I think I posted about this a while ago so someone can check that one and at least verify the consistency of my story, not that I care a tremendous amount.

    And I guess you could call me a bad apple, but to me a high school kid throwing a snowball at the end of a football game doesn't really compare to drunken fans being profane, or starting fights, or a cascade of boos directed toward a player with a life threatening injury, or two people whos color of skin happens to be darker than most texans.


    edit: "Don't worry... I don't think he actually did that. It was freezing rain that day, not snow. Also, the first few rows at Fed Ex field are reserved for high rollers and you can't just "walk down" to them. I was actually sitting just above the "reserved" section in the end zone and was able to see Goose for most of the game."

    If goose was right by the endzone then I guess that puts him right about where I said he was.


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