Why I think we win in Oakland

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fortdick, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. fortdick

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    Everybody is questioning our secondaries' ability to cover the deep ball, and rightly so. If we had not lost the Skins game and were 3-0, we would be the favorite in this game easily.

    If you look at the first three games, the only loss came in a game Parcells thought had been put away. He closed up shop offensively and tried to sit on a 13 point lead. Turned out not to be enough. In the two wins, we were behind and could not sit fat and happy and had to open up the offense. Bledsoe found out he has four solid receivers out there he can go to when needed and we put up points. 62 points in the two wins!

    I have to believe that someone with Parcell's experience will see that you can't quit playing aggresive football with this team and will play a full 60 minutes of offense. I almost hope that Oakland takes an early lead to press the point, but I don't believe that will be necessary.

    This will be a shoot out as both teams are suspect in the secondary, but strong against the run. It will boil down the pressure on the QB and which one plays better. My money is on Bledsoe. He has shown already that there is lots left in the tank and he can make the plays when needed.

    I believe that our offense is not given the credit it deserves and will come up big this weekend. Oakland will get its points, but they won't be enough.

    We learned our lesson on Monday Night, and won't make that mistake again.

    Boys 34 Raiders 27
  2. AmericasTeam31

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    I agree with the agressive playcalling. Parcells became way too conservative against the Skins and it cost us. If we're not aggressive this week we will lose easily.
  3. Portland Fanatic

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    We need to NOT turn the ball over in enemy territory like we did with the Niners...

    Two picks
    Fake punt

    That's 4 times turning the ball over with great field position...OAK has to much fire power if we give them a short field all night. We need to pin them deep evey chance we can.
  4. kartr

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    Not to be a wet blanket, but the teams we beat are 28th and 32nd against the pass. The point is we haven't beaten a good team yet cause both the Chargers and 9'ers had major redzone screw-ups in the final minutes to lose those games. We didn't win decisively against two teams with bad defenses, in fact, we lucked out as much as anything. Parcells knows this, that's why he's so concerned about this team. That's why he says that we've got to fix some of these problems. He knows that Bledsoe played well only against weak defenses last year and played poorly against strong defenses. These are all legitmate concerns and the media sees these weaknesses too, that's why their not taking us serious yet. They understand that we squeaked by a 9'ers team that was blasted by the Eagles. Our best test so far will be how we play on the road against a desperate Oakland team that's winless, but playing everybody close.
  5. fortdick

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    I don't think we will be seeing the fake punt for a whiel, and certainly not in the third qtr on our end of the field!

    The picks were bad, yes, but it is part of what happens when you play aggressively. I was actually glad to see that Bledsoe and Parcells were playing more aggressive in the passing game. Playing not to make a mistake isn't going to win games. Everyone complained about the conservative play on offense and when it opened up, we got picked. It is going to happen. The reward is worth the risk, IMHO.
  6. Justis

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    You're a wet blanket, you think their current status against the pass might have something to do with how well we did against them. The Chargers got stopped in the endzone, and San Fran did to, at the half. You act like these guys just got on the field and beat themselves.
  7. fortdick

    fortdick Well-Known Member

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    The Raiders are #31 against the pass and Sapp has their only pick. I think that you are just irate to see Bledsoe successful. He will be very successful against the Raiders.
  8. cobra

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    Actually that is exactly what he wants to be.

    He is desperate to make it look like a fluke that our offense has been playing like it does. He has a vested interest in downplaying the positive play of Drew Bledsoe because if it becomes obvious what can be done with a real quarterback, then he will eventually have to face the reality that the worthless piece of garbage (Carter) that he is constantly propping up failed because of his abilities and not some other explanation.
  9. silverbear

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    Guess you haven't checked the Faiders' pass defense rating lately...

    They're next to last... giving up a nice even 300 yards per game...

    So, if your theory is that we can only beat teams with bad pass defenses (a theory I reject, if only because we haven't really faced anybody with a good pass defense-- including the Skins-- yet, so we don't know how we'll deal with such a defense), then it should logically follow that the Faiders would be easy pickings for us, right??

    And NOBODY screws up more than the Faiders these days, tied for the league lead in penalties, with a nice even dozen a game, and leading the league in penalty yards with 109 yards a game...

    Once again, your argument actually seems to be an argument in favor of the Cowboys winning... besides, you don't reckon that maybe, just maybe, the Cowboys had something to do with those "red zone screw-ups", do you?? Is it your argument that we only won those games because the Niners and Chargers GAVE them to us??

    Actually, from everything I've read, Parcells really likes his team... thinks they have character...

    Now that's just a completely bogus argument, inasmuch as he was playing with a totally different team LAST YEAR... THIS year, he's already had one pretty fair ballgame against what is generally regarded as a strong defense (they're currently ranked 3rd in the NFL)... even if his team lost the game, he played rather well... or don't you consider a quarterback rating over 90, with no turnovers and a YPA average of 7.3, to be a pretty solid game??

    I hope you'll excuse me when I say I think you ARE trying to be a wet blanket... or more accurately, you're being quite the little defeatist these days...

    Courage, Camille...
  10. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    Great, now he has more excuses for why his assessment of the QB situation is wrong.
  11. Manster68

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    History has also shown that Dallas has fared pretty well in Oakland (if that means anything).
  12. DipChit

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    Well theres prolly more than a few independent observers that think theres a lot in common about our teams. I suppose the betting line itself shows that. And just the mere records of the teams arent what establishes the line.

    If you go back to last year, we both started 2-1 then pretty much collapsed. Both had to go with older QB's in their first year with the team. Our defense gave up 26 or more points like 9 times. Thiers gave up 30+ 9 times.

    Now one could say.. but that was LAST year. And this is so true. But even at that, I dont know that the difference in records so far this year proves much yet either. It's not exactly like we've both played the same 3 teams.

    I'm sure they like to think their D has improved a lil because Philly and KC for example didnt exactly light up the scoreboard on them. But theres no question our offense is better than it's been.

    Then their offense is supposed to be better because of Moss but it hasnt exactly been proven out. Our defense is supposed to be better because of an influx of new talent.. but that hasnt been proven out yet either.

    Us fans are hanging our hats on the fact that it looks like so far this year we can score 34 points in a game like this if need be. Their fans are hanging their hats on the fact that it looks like so far they can keep a team like us from scoring 34 if need be.

    The OP's prediction is fair. Fans of either team shouldnt be "prediciting" a blow out either way. Certainly it could happen but it wouldnt seem likely.
  13. Everlastingxxx

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    Collins and Jordan don’t scare me. And the Raiders D-line is slow and fat. I think we not only will we beat the Raiders, but will kick the Eagles teeth in next week.

    Go Cowboys.
  14. fortdick

    fortdick Well-Known Member

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    I really like this prediction! And, I agree with the evaluation of the Raider D! :laugh2:
  15. Hoov

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    The raiders defense is not playing good right now, but they are going to be desparate and playing at home. If a few things go their way early on that could be the momentum they need to pull off a win.

    I dont know that we need to be really agressive, but we do need to be consistent, that is something the raiders are not, every time they start moving the ball, theres a penalty or a turnover. They have the players to be better than they have been thus far. They are once again the most penalized team in NFL.

    If we can keep penalties down and move the ball the way we did against SD we have a good shot. In the 49er game it seemed like we got into a hole and then tried to do to much to fast and ended up in a deeper hole cause of mistakes. The cowboys need to play smart football, let the raiders blow it and capitalize off of their mistakes.

    I do think we can move the ball easily on their defense if we just take what they give us. But i am worried about the fact that we havent really been presuring the qb too much without blitzing, and the eagles didnt get much pressure on collins, so either the raiders o line can pass protect, or the eagles pass rush has really fallen off.
  16. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    We won't score 30+ points. But it will be a close shoot out.

    27-24 Cowboys.

    Not sure we can beat Philly though.
  17. Hostile

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    The timing to do it is good. McNabb dinged up, Akers dinged up, and at home.

    If we can't beat them it means we still go a long way to go.
  18. DBoys

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    Totally agree
  19. Justis

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    Little o' both, Remember, they cut Corey Simon. But I expect us to have better penetration with our front-3/4 late in the game, as we rotate our D-line.
  20. WV Cowboy

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    The Raiders have played both Super Bowl teams so far, .. on the road.

    And they played KC in between, which is another good playoff caliber team.

    That is a tough way to start off the season.

    You all know the saying about a cornered animal.

    Don't take the Raiders lightly.

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