why i want braylon edwards..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Trag3344, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Trag3344

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    i dont care what people say about how good our wr's are.. keyshawn, glenn, and/or morgan wouldn't be any other teams #1 wr. keyshawn looks the part to play a slot wr, not a #1. he lacks speed. i appreciate key's hard work but he shouldnt get over 1000 yards a season. its not really a big threat when he gets the ball. he hardly ever has good YAC (yards after catch), he's to slow. face it ..key NEVER will break a long pass play.. EVER again. who wants that to be your #1 wr?

    i sense the same problem with mike williams, hes a big possession wr. he'd be better than keyshawn (who isn't).. but still not what we truely need. we need braylon edwards badly, he'd give us youth at the position at most importantly SPEED.

    i dont see us taking mike williams, hes just so slow for a team lacking speed like ours.
  2. Derinyar

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    Key isn't a horrible WR. He is slow, is almost a second TE at this point. Key is probably just about a perfect #2.
  3. jdnalls

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    Umm, since when did anyone say our WR's were good?

    And even though Mike Williams is a slower WR at least he can catch and not drop the easy pass like Edwards would do.
  4. Trag3344

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    lol braylon has good hands. every season hes started at michigain (3) hes had over 1,000 receiving yards. hes not afraid to go over the middle either, i dont care i'll take speed and a few dropped passes over a turtle-like, non game breaking college player.

    again im not trying to dog on williams (like you are on braylon for some ******* reason). he'll make a good #2 in the nfl, but braylon is a #1 wr.
  5. Peterman60

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    Look at the history of Michigan WRs 1st rounders, ALL are BUSTS....we better pass on him. Let's take Mark Clayton.
  6. Tio

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    Mike WIlliams has more talent in his achilles heel than Edwards has in his whole body...
  7. Trag3344

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    i like mike williams, hes just to slow to amount to much in the nfl. speed isnt as important in college..
  8. Boy's fan in Giant land

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    How can you say Key isn't a posession receiver? He's too slow?? He's fast enough to break 1000 yds. (which will happen Sunday night). I'll take that each and every year. Terry Glenn is our burner. I'm not saying we couldn't use an infusion of young talent to our WR corps, but I'll take hands over speed EVERY time. Joey Galloway taught us that.
  9. jdnalls

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    Couldn't say it better myself.

    Let's also keep in mind that Boldin didn't exactly light it up 40 time wise and he seemed to do pretty good for being "too slow to amount to much in the NFL."
  10. dragon_mikal

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    40 times are extremely overrated.
  11. Chuck 54

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    I'd be thrilled if we had the opportunity...and took it...to draft either of these WR's...they both would bring a great deal to any offense.

    It's silly to downgrade one in favor of the other...I like Williams because he's a freak and won't be covered in the NFL on most Sundays...but I'd jump all over Braylon Edwards as well.

    They are both going to be stars on Sundays.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Slow as in Jerry Rice slow?
  13. Tio

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    I don't recall jerry rice or mike irvin being fast...
  14. jamez25

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    I want Mike Williams or no WR in the 1st round....
  15. jdnalls

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    My point exactly.
  16. junk

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    Michigan WRs are like Penn State RBs. They scare me. Larry Johnson looks like he might be all right though.
  17. Kevlee06

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    Its weird the way some people want to bypass Mike Williams because he had a slow forty time (4.57 w/wind, and 4.62 without wind). Boldin ran a freakin 4.7. Michael Clayton ran a 4.65 and someone tell me who leads ALL NFL rookies in receiving yards.

    Point is Mike Williams was one of the top 3 WR's in college football each of his first two years. He is a legit playmaker and thats what this team needs. You can have all the speed in the world and still not utilize correctly. And you can also run a slow 40 time and consistently destroy every CB you face. Hell, Michael Irvin did it for years. But you ask yourself now. Would you rather have Michael Irvin or Alvin Harper.

    I thought so.
  18. Eskimo

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    Braylon Edwards definitely has a shot at being a very good WR.

    Mike Williams has a shot at being an elite WR.

    When you've got a shot at acquiring an elite player at any posiiton, you have to take it. That's what the Henson trade was about. That's why so many of us are excited about a "slow WR" who hasn't played in a year.
  19. Trag3344

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    i'm just sick and tired of watching highlight films of teams with speed and breaking plays on sundays while we get a 12 yard pass to keyshawn as our main highlight. i want a young guy who can go the distance, we've already got our slow possession wr.
  20. Trag3344

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    excuse me for liking professional wr's with speed and the ability to catch the ball at the same time lmao.. look at Mushin Muhammad, Terrel Owens, Joe Horn, every single probowl wr has speed and possession skills they are not one dimensional like MW.. see braylon is the full package unlike williams.

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