Why is everyone so down on Jason Garrett?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by dcowboysfan76, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. dcowboysfan76

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    Here me out before you guys go ape doo doo. The coach that we all wished we had started off his first stint of being a head coach in Cleveland at 6-10, 7-9, 7-9, 11-5, and 5-11 (36-44) before he churned out the juggernaut called the Patriots. Jason Garret is at .518 (29-27) . Could we theoretically say that most of you would be calling for Belichick's head if he were our coach back then? Prior to knowing that he would end up being one of the greatest H.C.'s of all time? In my opinion I think this is what Jerry is hoping for. He wants that "I told you so moment." Now, we can all agree that Garrett is an intellectual, but at the same time most of you are wondering when will he stop studying the "Coaching For Dummies" book?
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  2. john van brocklin

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    Did Belicheck have the brain freezes with clock management that Garrett has had ?
    I did not follow his coaching career at Cleveland, so I have no idea.
  3. ScipioCowboy

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    I'm not on high on Garrett, but he's coming back next year regardless. We might as well start talking about where he can improve rather than dwelling on his past mistakes.
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  4. BoysFan4ever

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    I'd kind of like the head coach of the Cowboys to be someone that doesn't need on the job training.
  5. dcowboysfan76

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    Head Coaches without previous head coaching experience will have on the job training, just like a newly drafted QB who's thrown in as the first day starter. You can only simulate so much in practice.
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  6. kevinhickey

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    Belicheat had the cameras on the sidelines to assist in his coaching once he got to New England. Now everyone thinks he is a great coach.
  7. blindzebra

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    Not sure about Cleveland but he has had plenty in NE.
  8. TTexasTT

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    Oh boy, youre about to get slammed for all the JG haters.

    Especially when you point out his record to this point then compare it to Landry and Jimmy Johnsons record over the same time span.
    They will say that those guys got garbage to work with and JG was given a team of Greek Gods.

    Bill Walsh

    Tom Landry

    Bill Belichick

    Jimmy Johnson

    Jason Garrett

    Parcells had 4 years in Dallas

    I want to win as much as any other fan but JG while not winning has fixed problems and the players clearly respect him and play hard for him yet hes avoided atleast losing seasons while keeping the team in contention until the very end.
    That being said, if he doesnt produce next year it may be time to move on.
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  9. Don Corleone

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    This franchise and fan base deserves better. We are not the Cleveland Browns of the mid 90s.
  10. TTexasTT

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    We arent the Dallas Cowboys of the mid-90s either.
  11. Corso

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    Good post.
    Something to think about...
  12. Teren_Kanan

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    Garrets record has nothing to do with my dislike for him.

    The guy does not know how to manage a game, or scheme and offense. I can't remember an HC I've seen mismanage games as often and consistently as Garrett. I won't get into his offense scheme which has been garbage ever since he became OC.
  13. BAZ

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    My problem with Garrett is that when people ask me what hes good at I don't have an answer.
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  14. xwalker

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    I think the fact that he is the Head Coach and leader of the offensive system causes more angst among the fans than if he had never been involved in the offense. Wade didn't get as much flack despite being a complete goof as a Head Coach that had no control over the players/locker-room. Defensive coaches don't draw as much attention as offensive play-callers because many fans really don't know much about defensive schemes. Every fan can see when a play is a pass or run, but most don't know when when they play zone or man.

    Even as bad as the defense was this season, there seemed to be as much whining and moaning about the offense as there was about the defense.
  15. NJ22

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    This is not Cleveland it is Dallas. Did Belicheck take over a team coming off an 11-5 with a playoff win team? I agree Jerry wants to be right and unfortunately he is pissing away the prime of core players in the meantime. This is not the 80s or 90s a real coach turns a team around in 1,2 or 3 years we declined from the year before he took over and have been on the mediocre train since.
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  16. waving monkey

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  17. Apollo Creed

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    Why isn't everyone down on Jason Garrett?

    After looking at the film. He routinely prevents the Cowboys from stacking wins by a weak process that isn't executed, well.
  18. JoeyBoy718

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    I think we're just tired of watching other teams go to the playoffs every year. And the teams we're seeing in the playoffs every year are either teams with experienced coaches (like Bellichick, Tomlin) or young hotshot college coaches (like Carroll, Harbaugh (Jim)). We're just not getting it done and it has to be someone's fault. Some of us blame Jerry, some Garrett, some Romo, some all of the above. Somebody has to take the blame for consistent mediocrity.
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  19. Nomad

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    It's like Jerry finally got the idea that you stick it out with the same head coach and groom from within the organization, but he's done it to the completely wrong person.

    I don't like Jason Garrett because as the head coach he should know more than the players and fans but he honestly doesn't, and he makes horrible playcalling and game management decisions. It's ridiculous.
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  20. TTexasTT

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    Wrong again. JG didnt take over a playoff team. He took over a team in complete kaoss and will a losing record.
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