Why is everyone so down on Jason Garrett?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by dcowboysfan76, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. dcowboysfan76

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    He didn't have a choice but to be fully on board. It's a known fact that Jerry has an inner circle of people that he gets advice from when it comes to players, coaches, and schemes. Therefore, I highly doubt that Garrett has enough clout to go to Jerry and suggest Kiffin as a DC.
  2. Beast_from_East

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    When you hire a head coach from within and his best season was when he was the interim head coach and its 3 years later.......................kinda sends up red flags that you hired the wrong guy.
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  3. wileedog

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    OK, fine. I would like a coach that can hire his own staff.

    I will not be happy with a coach who is not on board with that situation, I don't care what his name is or what his experience.

    That is why I am down on Jason Garrett. That is why I will be down on the next coach who is brought in to be a puppet for Jerrah. And the one after that. And then the one brought in to be a puppet to Stephen Jones.

    That doesn't change that I think Garrett is a terrible coach anyway, just that if we are going to have a puppet maybe we can at least try to find one that knows when to call a time out, throw a challenge flag or run the ball properly.
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  4. Beast_from_East

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    Funny how Wade didnt get the "its a personnel problem" excuse..............and he won 2 division titles and a playoff game in 4 seasons...................Since the argument is you cant give up on coaches too soon, why the hell was Wade fired then?

    And dont give me this bs that the team quit on him, I saw just as much quit in Chicago, even Rowan on Talking Cowboys says guys were just jogging around the field and just wanted to go home.

    So somebody please explain to me why 4 years was enough to see Wade didnt have it, even though he won 2 division titles and a playoff game, but 4 years is not enough time to evaluate Garrett when he cant even break 500 and both coaches had games where the team was not going full out, so dont even bring up the "quit excuse"............................anybody have a logical explanation as to why 4 years is enough to evaluate one guy and not enough time to evaluate the other?
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  5. Venger

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    "Why is everyone so down on Jason Garrett?" he asked while looking in vain for the Cowboys playoff schedule...
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  6. Idgit

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    People always get down on coaches and QBs when teams don't win enough. That's just how it is. But I'd agree that most of us are frustrated about the wrong things and taking it out on the coach.
  7. dcowboysfan76

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    This is an easy answer. Garrett interviewed for several HC positions so Jerry basically made him a HC in waiting. Jerry felt that the time was now, which was then and now he's (Jerry) is stuck. I think that he still has the guilt of firing Chan Gailey on his mind. He's said it several times that he regretted firing Gailey after two years.
  8. HoustonFrog

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    Right! I'm not absolving Jerry. Overall though we have a bad GM and a bad coach and they are stuck together because one guy wants to be right and the other is in training, I'm a Romo fan. My issue is that he is a talent. We have some talent. We aren't getting a chance to exploit a weak division because the 2 above can't use what we have and add on to it. As far as Garrett getting interviews before...he was already the HC in training. Those teams got lucky. He would be a QB coach right now, OC maybe if he was on the market now. Teams making changes are in the playoffs now and making noise. We are trying to make up for sins of the past and thus .500
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  9. Beast_from_East

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    So what you are telling me is that Garrett was promised that he would be head coach at the first sign of Wade stumbling if he didnt leave to go coach elsewhere and Jerry is stuck now because he knows Garrett sucks but if he fires him then Jerry will have to admit he made a mistake with his hand picked golden boy and Jerry is not going to take that type of hit to his ego.

    That is just so messed up
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  10. HoustonFrog

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    Because it would mean the Jerry experiment failed and he would show what a bad GM he was again. I',m also tired of the Gailey excuse. Jerry should be looking at how Gailey didn't so well elsewhere and think " I made the right move" but instead he is hell bent on keeping the wrong guy so our GM can see if the training worked. It assinine considering our division.
  11. SilverStarCowboy

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    Who is down on Jason "Spit Shine" Garrett?
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  12. Wizarus

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    The last Redskins game was the moment I lost all hope for Garrett. Your franchise QB shouldn't have to tell you, the HC, how to do your job. Romo got injured saving him.
  13. Yakuza Rich

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    I could give a plethora of reasons. But it all boils down to the team failing and losing in the same fashion. We can make jokes about it and even blame Jerry (yes, he does deserve some of the blame), but good coaches learn from past mistakes. Less than good coaches keep repeating them.

    The common mistakes we've made this year is the refusal to run the ball. It's almost a disdain for doing so.

    The other mistake is that we keep over-valuing the cornerback position with 'cover corners' and undervalue the safety position.

    It just gets to the point that when a new way of losing arises, I have no confidence in Garrett snuffing out that issue. I believe we'll run into the same issue with transitioning from Romo to a new QB. I believe that both Garrett and Jerry are more than happy with Romo and Orton and think Romo has plenty of football left in him. Not to mention that his skills are already declining as he missed open receivers, particularly his #1 receiver and arguably the most gifted WR in the league...and his accuracy, velocity and mobility in the pocket has regressed.

    And we have had a massive injury issue under Garrett that leads me to believe it's not just 'bad luck.' Between the training, practices and staff, after 3 years of massive injuries it's no longer just 'bad luck.'

    He's also far to conservative. Getting him to go for it on 4th down is like pulling teeth. He learned that from Saban, a failed NFL coach who succeeds in the college game because he has far more talent on the field.

    The thing I like about Garrett is that he knows how to handle the media and he has been good at developing a lot of talent at different positions. So I think the practicing and positional coaching is good, but he still struggles to get the payoff.

    The good news is that I project only 3 of the 8 division winners should return to the playoffs in 2014 and that spells trouble for Philly. And since we didn't win the division, that means a lighter schedule and better draft pick position. But we've been able to simply string together 4 wins in a row under Garrett and I've gotten to the point that seeing is believing with Garrett.

  14. Lonestar94

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    Where have you been the last 3 years?!
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  15. theebs

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    Holy cow people.

    Stop comparing him to legends who innovated the game like Landry, Johnson and Walsh. Is this to much to ask?

    Start with similar coaches in similar situations.

    Leslie Frazier. Coordinator turned interim turned head coach. Made the playoffs with horrible qb play, fired the next season. Three years made playoffs once and gets fired.

    Want to compare him to coaches from the past? Then do it accurately.

    Mike tice hired as interim, then full time in Minnesota. Made the playoffs twice and went 32-32 I believe before getting hired.

    Wayne fonts, interim turned full timer. Five playoff appearances and a 64-64 record I think.

    All fired.

    Maybe he is Jeff fisher or in a dream world marv levy but its to soon to tell.

    Either way stop comparing him to legends who had to rebuild from the ground up, in landry's case literally.
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  16. Ratmatt

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    Garrett will never have a chance,or become anything close to Belichick coaching for the Dallas Cowboys.The reason why Jerry Jones.
  17. kevm3

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    THREE years in a row of 8 and 8 and we lose the last game to a divisional rival each time. No matter what aspect we improve, it's 8 and 8. If we just fix the secondary... 8 and 8 still... if we just fix the O line... 8 and 8 still. What do we need, pro bowl talent at every level? When you have opposing teams thanking your offense for being so predictable, it's a problem.
  18. coult44

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    Bill Belichick didn't lose games because of stupidity or because he was in training. Bill Belichick lost games because he didn't have talent... JG has had all the talent in the world and has crapped all over it!!!
  19. RS12

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    Other than that he's great.
  20. kevm3

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    If anything, Garrett is a better 'suit' than a coach. We've gotten a lot of talent and the drafts have made a lot more sense once he has had more input, so if we're keeping Garrett around, maybe make him general manager or something. He seems much more inclined towards that kind of stuff than coaching.

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