Why is Favre getting a pass from the media?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by icyhot, Apr 4, 2006.

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    Because he is Brett Farve.
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    It shows that if you are the medias darling then they give you free passes
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    I think Favre should retire. BUT .... how is his delay in making a decision hurting the team? They can do whatever they want to do personnel-wise, whether he decides to stay or go. I don't see them aggressively going after any free agents to improve their team right now....
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    This double standard comes with the territory of epic teams
    like the Cowboys, like the Yankees & Lakers......

    love em or hate em, you can't ignore em

    not many care about the Packers or Skins so why bother writing about em????

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    They drafted a QB with their first pick in the first round last year so it is not like they need to know so they can draft a QB in the draft.

    They have walker saying he does not want to come back and play for the team so it is not a matter of keeping him or letting him go if Brett goes.

    They should be trying to do the best they can for the overall team no matter if Brett is staying or going.

    However even with that said, Brett can get away with things because he is one of the golden boys of the NFL.
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    Well, Favre didn't get a free pass from his former teammate Mark Chumra who ripped him big time. Below is an article from yesterday's Milwaukee paper.

    Chmura calls Favre 'a selfish guy'
    Posted: April 3, 2006
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Bob Wolfley

    Former Green Bay tight end Mark Chmura is critical of Packers quarterback Brett Favre for failing to make up his mind about retirement, saying Favre is selfish and hypocritical.

    Chmura also says his estranged friend did not call him once between the time Chmura was accused of sexual assault in April 2000 and his acquittal at trial 10 months later in February 2001.

    Chmura made his comments Sunday morning on WAUK-AM (1510), on the "Miller Lite Football Show," which he co-hosted with Craig Karmazin.

    "People who don't think that it's all about him are fooling themselves," said Chmura, referring to Favre not yet making known his plans to return next season or retire. "With a quote like, 'What are they going to do, cut me?' It's all about him."

    Favre made his comment about getting cut last week to reporters. It sounded like a line tossed out in jest, but some observers, including Chmura, have chosen to see an example of Favre's arrogance in it.

    "It's OK to think it, but you can't say stuff like that," Chmura said. "That's this guy's mind-set."

    Chmura, 37, said Favre was hurting the Packers organization by not letting them know what he is going to do.

    "Where it's hypocritical is, he's very critical of Javon Walker and he's not a team player, you know he (Walker) doesn't care about the team," Chmura said. "Well, what is he (Favre) doing now? I mean, does he think this is the best thing possible for the team? I mean, they have one quarterback on the roster who they like, who hasn't even started one NFL game. They have to know."

    Chmura's comments about Favre occupied about 10 minutes of air time. He said Favre was stringing the Packers along by not making up his mind.

    "These quotes are 'I am better than the game,'" Chmura said. "'I will make my decision when I want, and Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy aren't going to tell me what to do,'" Chmura said, referring to the Packers' general manager and coach.

    Chmura said if Favre returned it would be for the money.

    "He had the other quote in the newspaper saying if he comes back this is definitely his last year," Chmura said. "Well, the Packers aren't going to the Super Bowl. They aren't close to the Super Bowl. I think if they keep going in the direction they are, they can go 8-8, 9-7. Why come back? Why, if not for the money?"

    Chmura said Favre did not support him during his trial.

    "He's a selfish guy," Chmura said. "He's a very selfish guy. And what people don't know, I'm not going to say this to throw the guy under the bus, but this is a guy from my arrest to my acquittal never called me one time."

    Chmura played for the Packers from 1993-'99. Chmura, Favre and center Frank Winters were referred to as the "Three Amigos" because they spent much time off the field together. Winters attended Chmura's trial.

    When Chmura was hired by WAUK in July 2004 to provide pro football commentary on a weekly show, he said, referring to Favre: "Haven't really talked to him throughout the years."

    At that time, Chmura said he had attended the funeral of Irvin Favre, Brett's father.

    Chmura said he received more calls and letters of support from Packers old-timers, like FuzzyThurston, Jerry Kramer and Ron Kramer.

    "It was disappointing," Chmura said, referring to the lack of encouragement he received from Favre during his legal ordeal. "Obviously, (I was) disappointed. But what did the late, great Martin Luther King say? 'Measure of a man is not where he stands in the time comfort but in the time of conflict.'

    "You find out what people are made of, what they are all about. And I'll tell you what. The friends I have now I wouldn't trade them for anything."

    Apparently referring to his friendship with Favre, Chmura said it ended because of money.

    "You know what wrecked the whole thing?" Chmura asked. "It's money. You know?"

    Chmura said his familiarity with Favre gives him a particular insight into what Favre is thinking on the issue of retirement.

    "When people sit there and read these comments, I'm pretty qualified to read between the lines and tell you what this guy is about," Chmura said. "Good or bad, that's fine. I mean, a lot of athletes are like this. They are selfish. They are all about themselves. I think some of these quotes you are seeing show it."

    Chmura cited an online poll in the Journal Sentinel that showed about 33% of the more than 22,000 respondents did not want Favre to come back. The survey is unscientific.

    Chmura cited another comment Favre made last season about not wanting to mentor then-rookie quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

    "He said something to the effect, 'No. He can learn on his own.' Well, what is that? Like I said, it's OK to think it but you never say that. You don't say that.

    "There are fans out there (who) could find out that Brett Favre could run over 14 puppies and they still wouldn't care. These people would think he was still the greatest thing since sliced bread. But I think there are people out there . . . who are kind of on the fence (thinking), 'What is this guy all about?'"

    Chmura said Walker, the wide receiver whom Chmura referred to as the Packers' "best offensive player two years ago," was not going to play for Green Bay this season. Walker said recently he would rather retire than play for Green Bay.

    "I think he is going to stand pat and he is not coming in," Chmura said. "He'll really look like an idiot if he does (come in), after the fuss he made last season of not showing up. I don't think he shows up."

    Karmazin, whose company owns WAUK, said Monday afternoon that he did not think Chmura's opinions about Favre's retirement issue were caused by bitter feelings Chmura has because the quarterback did not show support for Chmura during the trial.

    Karmazin said Chmura, as someone paid to offer opinions, was expressing one about an important issue for the Packers and for the National Football League.

    Call SportsDay at (414) 223-5531 or send e-mail to bwolfley@journalsentinel.com
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    i hope he comes back and stinks again.this guy is overstaying his welcome and is turning from a "good guy" to a real jerk.either way the packers are going to be horrid.BP would cut him very swiftly.lol.
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    Whether Chewy is right or wrong...I would think he would be the last guy to talk about someone else being "selfish".
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    Media darling. Nice name. Was in "There Something About Mary." Won a Superbowl. Plus John Madden always hypes him. "Look at Brett Favre running around out there. He's not really running around blindly. What he really doing is setting up his Recievers for the big play!"

    How can a guy John Madden rides, ever be thought of negatively?
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    Newsflash, Brett, those are the types of demands you make BEFORE free agency begins, not after it's almost over when your team is virtually helpless to do anything. And there IS a difference between building a team to win around Farve and building one around a young quarterback aiming towards the future, a BIG difference. How they attack free agency, how they attack the draft. For instance, their biggest glaring hole now that Walker wants out, with Farve it would be in their best interest to bring in a vet WR to step in and beable to go stride for stride with Brett from the get-go, or if he leaves perhaps getting someone to grow along with whatshisname would be best. In one case bringing in a rookie would be useless, and in the other bringing in a vet would be useless. A vet WR gives Brett an immediate weapon to try and win with, a rookie gives him a 50/50 chance the guy will perform to any level or worthiness this year, or even before brett retires. And then bringing in a vet to go along with their young guy would be almost pointless unless they think he's going to step right in and give them something anywhere near the level of play Farve would... which he won't. One position, one example. Goes like that around the board.
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    First, I'll say that I'm not a fan of Brett Favre, but I have a theory on why he generally gets a "free pass" from the media.

    He is catching a little bit of heat for this latest comment ... "What are they gonna do ... cut me?" ... and he certainly should. It's pure arrogance. Troy Aikman was cut. Who is Favre that he can't be cut?

    My theory is Favre is a master at playing the media. He make look dumb and act dumb sometimes, but he is very effective at working key media types like John Madden and Peter King.

    He does the folksy, friendly, Southern hospitality routine very well. Some of it may be real, but I think he lays it on thick when the situation requires it.

    Wanna know why the media hates Barry Bonds (aside from his cheating)? It's because he is a horse's *** to the media.

    Favre is just the opposite.

    He has worked hard at perpetuating this good ol' boy persona. He invites Peter King out to dinner and pats him on the back. He makes King feel like an insider and the football fan in King loves it.

    His seduction of Madden is impressive and important. Madden's voice carries a lot of weight (so does his Tinactin-sprayed feet) as we've seen by Madden's worship of Larry Allen. Madden loves the "good ol' boy" enthusiasm of Favre.

    Favre simply has a way of wooing the media types. He jokes with them. He invites them to his house. He shares jokes with them. He makes them feel like they're his friend.

    It's very effective and it's paying off now.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    It is a double standard but then again, it's not like we have not enjoyed the same kinds of things over the years. Right now, Bill Parcells gets bus tokens on things that other coaches would be disected for. It's a fact of life.
  14. Avery

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    He really should make up his mind; he's had since December.
  15. tyke1doe

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  16. icyhot

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    No i'm not comparing. My thing is that certain people can do no wrong in the media. This is the same guy who threw Walker under the bus last year but now he is doing the same thing.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Chief you :hammer: 'd it!

    Favre was HORRIBLE last year and you can blame it on the lack of WRs, a running game, the O-Line, and the defense but he still threw a ton of INTs and those were HIS fault. Still, everyone gives him a pass anyway because he is BRETT FAVRE.

    The Packers are foolish to not just cut him and start rebuilding, or even better to trade him if possible (which isn't likely this late into the off-season). They can't rebuild with him on the team and need to move on without him.

    Jimmy Johnson should have traded Dan Marino when he first got to Miami. He could have gotten a lot for him at the time (another Herschel Walker deal) and then gone on to build the team the way he wanted to rather than having to build around a QB that didn't fit his system. Mike McCarthy should have looked to make a move with Favre as soon as he took over as HC.

    They could have let Favre go and signed Drew Brees or one of the other QBs who were available. Now they are stuck and the options are very few and not very good.

    Chris Berman, "The Peter King", and John Madden have their lips welded to Brett's keaster.
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    It's hard to take anything Chewy says seriously. That being said, Favre is being a bit of a clown. I used to respect him but his comments and his interference in Walker's situation last year have really diminished him.
  19. Clove

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    I should throw you under the bus...

    J/K . K-Mack, what's up kid. You are right as always.:p:
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    because most people in the media treat Brett Favre like some fans treat Chuck Norris...

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