Why is it so hard to understand money comes first?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GloryDaysRBack, Mar 18, 2014.

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    So, who doesn't understand this exactly?
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    Because what they SHOULD be doing is getting a degree or something to fall back on after their careers end. Or INVESTING the money they earn over their careers, which is more than alot of ordinary working folk make in a LIFETIME.

    They should be promoting HONOR, LOYALTY, and SACRIFICE to the children of America.

    They talk about wanting to help their team win the Super Bowl, yet aren't willing to take paycuts to allow the team that gave them their opportunity to get under the cap.

    Its called greed, particularly when vet min puts them in the top 1% of American income.
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    It really depends on the timeframe. Pro athletes careers are fairly short so one can tolerate shenanigans around him. However, if this is a lifelong career you have to think about your surroundings very carefully. $2 million a year and happy every day with great surrounding it's probably much more preferable for me than $4m per year but miserable 300 days a year.
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    It's the offseason

    BTW, if you think players like money, talk to their agents.... they lust it.
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    I've had it. Enough is enough. It's time to take a stand. Right here. Right now. On Cowboyzone.

    Players should place loyalty for their teams above personal monetary concerns. They shouldn't give a second thought to pay cuts or contract incentives eating away at once-in-a-lifetime earnings. After all, wins are what count the most.

    That's right! W-I-N-S!

    I tell you what. Selfish players suck. They grind my gears. They're pissing me off!

    So, put me on the brand new, blank list of posters who just don't understand why money comes first for these guys! Put me right there at the top! Now who's with me??? :mad:


    dang it :(
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    i took the job i am at because they told me they would pay me less than the competitor
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    it isn't that simple.

    even at the minimum salary (http://www.steelersdepot.com/2011/07/2011-2014-nfl-minimum-base-salaries/) and even if you're out of the league in 3 years, you should never have to worry about a mortgage payment ever again.

    but that's chump change, you say. put a few million dollars on the table, and anyone would jump at it.

    or would they?

    the extra $4 million revis made last year is surely attractive, but not really in the monetary sense. i mean, sure, $4 million is mindblowing money for anyone posting here, but it is practically meaningless to a guy who already pocketed $12 million on his way to that extra $4 million. at that point, money is about status, not purchasing power or security. (hell, anyone who earned $12 million in a single year already HAD security!)

    but the raise comes with a price. for revis, like with so many other free agents who go for the biggest contract they can get, it meant an early exit. so, now, he's a guy who was told by 2 teams that he isn't worth his asking price. he's got a 3rd team on the hook now -- at a discount, by the way -- but you can bet that the tolerance for anything but elite performance is lower than ever. a long-term contract that the team feels comfortable paying will pay out more money, in the long run, than a short-term grab.

    also, you've got to look at what bouncing around the league does to a player's legacy. unless you're talking about a guy who leaves a team after a decade to hang on somewhere else for another season or two, he's going to lose a lot of the potential earnings he could make in that first city as an entrenched personality. guys who stick around in one city can continue to earn there by opening businesses after they retire, and trading on their name recognition and good will in that city. you wear 5 different uniforms and tell the world that the only thing you care about is the money, and it's harder to open your car dealership or steak joint.

    add in the monetary and emotional costs of moving, and the money becomes less attractive.

    there's also winning, which some players do value even more than money. (what do you think no-trade clauses are about?) winning has long-term ramifications that can outweigh the difference of a new free agent contract. how many players have left winning teams over a few million dollars -- some of which they never see, because they end up getting cut when it becomes clear that their success was partly due to being surrounded by other good players, or playing in a system that highlights their strengths and masks their weaknesses -- and end up as losers?

    i'm not saying that players shouldn't chase money... just that it isn't always worth it.
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    Come on!! Everybody knows Mario Williams went to Buffalo because of the climate and the chance to win!!:rolleyes:
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    And, . . . . . . . . . this is breaking news? Worthy of a thread?

    Nothing new here. Nothing to see here. Move along.
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    And on Fridays we'd proclaim that monkey Co worker is the best Co worker ever! !!!
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    The eagle lands and the monkey is A-OK!
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    How do you know they aren't you can't make a blanket statement about 15000 men.

    I think Micheal Bennett said it best"there's no such thing as a home town discount. When players go on the field they don't give a discounted effort so why should they take one"
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    Because these teams give them salaries that are WAY above the mean for American earners....and opportunities they would never have otherwise. There should be more gratitude and less greed.
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    Tell that to Melton who is playing for 3.5 mil

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    Wow, this has never been said before. I am shocked.
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    So every player should take the veterans min. And be happy in you're eyes? ?
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    While I understand where you're coming from, couldnt we say something similar about the owners? And even the league? They dont need to charge as much. Make things more affordable for the average fan. Maybe give loads of money to charity and social programs to help out lots of people? How much money do they need above the mean?
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    Sorry but I disagree. Money can't buy a ring. Money can't buy you happiness. I know people who have lots of money and their not happy. I also know some people with very few money and are quite content with their lives.

    Jared Allen's situation seems not to be money related. If thats the case why does he need to go home and talk it over with the wife? I believe he wants his next team to be more family oriented where he can raise a family and be with his wife. Otherwise, why hasn't he signed yet.

    Not saying money is not a determining factor. I'm saying thats its NOT the only factor involved. Maybe the Cowboys FO doesn't seem to realize that.
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