Why is Lendale White being a fat body concern NFL teams?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 1Ware1, Apr 18, 2006.

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    All I can say is,wow.I can't beleive he is falling so fast in the draft do to the fat that he has a little fat on him.I don't think he warrants a to 20 pick though.He is the all time touchdown leader at USC.He runs hard and nobody has questioned his durability on the football feild.

    I know that beleive it or not The Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steeler's are seeing the Bus all over again.You have to think that in Cowher's tenure he feasted on having large over-weight running backs.Barry Foster,Bam Morris,Chris Ma'afautu(sp),and of course the legendary Bus.
    I mean ,yes it looks like another lineman in the backfeild ,but it has been proven to be effective in the run game.

    These heavier type running backs have proven to be effective and durable in the Nfl.That with the exception of "Ron Dayne"who never really seemed to live up to his college statis.

    The list goes on and on,Craid"Ironhead" Heyward,Christian Okeya (sp),TJ Duckett,and Natron Means.
    I think sometimes people worry about how a person grades out in physical condition and strength and speed,but we know that yes,even the Bus could have used a man bra and nobody talked about how string he was or how fast his forty time was.

    One thing is for sure,Allthough his counter part Reggie Bush has all the attributes to be the best the draft has ever seen,Its not always the glamour guys who make it big in the NFL.
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    I believe it is his motivation to keep his body in condition is the teams main concern due to the amount of $$ given to the early picks.
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    I was surprised to see White in the condition that has been reported however his play for USC has been very good especially in short yardage and red zone situations I think White could be a steal if he does drop in this draft.
  4. JackMagist

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    I don't beleive that any of the backs you mentioned came into the league fat. They were big powerful guys and some of them got a little fat later in their careers but by then they had proven themselves. And they were packing professional athlete muscle underneath that fat.

    White is coming out of college being fat and showing a lack of motivation; not a good way to get the big bucks. And he has never been in Pro condition...very few college players (even the elite ones) come out in Pro condition. That is a whole nother level.

    BTW being fat and unmotivated was the reason Natron Means got bounced from San Diego and his career was shorter than it might have been.
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    This is that time of year where "draft experts", general managers, and scouts get very fickle and nit-picky when it comes to these players and begin to make alot out of very little. It probably has alot to do with scouts studying these players so much they begin to criticize things that aren't really that big a deal. I don't think White's conditioning is that much of a concern. How can scouts even tell when he hasn't been running much since he has a torn hamstring?

    If he falls, whoever picks him up will get an excellent short yardage back and possible legit starter. In a way, it's a lesser example of what happened to Randy Moss and his attitude problems, as well as other players who fell in the draft for reasons that were blown out of proportion.
  6. JackMagist

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    Moss's attitude problems were not blown out of proportion. They were very real and it was only because of Chris Carter that he made it as long as he did before they blew up in his face. If not for his attitude problems both he and Culpepper would still be Vikings.
  7. InmanRoshi

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    I think he's falling to where his stock should have been in the first place. He's not in Bush's or Williams' league. He's a notch below Mulroney. He's about the same as Addai. He's never been a special runner. You can find decent 4.0 ypc/1200 yard backs in the 2nd or 3rd rounds, and that's where Lendale should go.

    He doesn't have a monitored 40 time in his entire career. Even in college he always found a nagging injury to avoid running the 40 time. I don't buy that he tore his hamstring bench pressing at the Combine either.
  8. DanTanna

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    So who was the first big fat RB?

    ........ Pete Johnson .......... "He's fat ........ he's fast ........ he's in the ENDZONE!!!!!!"
  9. Alexander

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    Bettis is the exception. Not the norm. All of the other backs you mentioned had a shelf life of what, three years or so?
  10. Alexander

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    That would be a neat trick. I don't think I have ever heard of that.
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    This is an awful assesment in my opinion. The red flag with him being out of shape is this is the most important time of his life and instead of preparing for it, he's a fat slob. Kind of like someone Cowboys fans wanted last year and is now out of football. You are talking about him being a great short yardage back. So is Zach Crockett. Do you want to invest first round money in him? You can say it's being fickle but when a team is about to give a guy millions of dollars, I think they have a right to be a little skeptical if that player is fat and out of shape. I'm sorry, college is college. A lot of people put up big numbers in college. If you can't take the time to be in shape during the most crucial time in your life, that says something about your character and work ethic in my opinion. Sorry but he won't be playing Arizona in the NFL so maybe being fat and out of shape works when you have by far the best team in the country at the college level but it equates to a short career in the NFL.

    By the way, The Bus is fat now but go look at him five years ago. He wasn't a fat, out of shape back, he was a wrecking ball. That's why he's going to the Hall of Fame. Not everyone has to look like Vernon Davis but a player that publically admits that he gained 15 pounds before the National Championship game against Texas is someone I have a concern with. Perhaps if he didn't weigh 254 pounds, he would have been a little quicker and gotten that extra yard his team needed to win the National Title. Maybe he wouldn't have but I don't want a player on my team who can gain 15 pounds in a month and laugh it off.

    Also, his work ethic came into question earlier in his career when he was almost suspended for academics so maybe GM's should be fickle about this cat because he has Curtis Enis written all over him. Believe that.
  12. cobra

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    Christian Okoye is fat?


    I'm pretty sure he had about 0.1% body fat. He was just huge and muscular.

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