Why Marcus Mariota is nation's top QB

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    His 16.67 yards per completion is better than Texas A&M’s Manziel, Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, Oregon State’s Sean Mannion, Clemson’s Tajh Boyd, Alabama’s AJ McCarron, Fresno State’s Derek Carr, LSU’s Zach Mettenberger and Ohio State’s Braxton Miller.
    While Petty and Winston edge out Mariota in yards per completion, he beats both of them in pass completions of 20-plus yards with 35. But what separates Mariota from those two in this category is his ability to also gash defenses with big plays on the ground.

    No other current quarterback, however, in college football is more efficient than Mariota. He’s No. 1 in QBR at 96.6 and hasn’t thrown a single interception this season. That’s worth reiterating: Mariota has zero interceptions. He holds the nation’s longest active streak of pass attempts without a pick at 265. Next closest is Nevada’s Cody Fajardo at 188

    Earlier this week, UCLA coach Jim Mora, who faces Oregon on Saturday, had this to say about Mariota: “He's 6-foot-3.5, has a rocket arm, incredible intelligence, great poise, runs a 4.4, has a fearless attitude. I had a couple NFL guys ask me if he can play at the next level and I told them, 'Have you not watched him?' He's going to rip it up at the next level

    So it’s worth nothing what Oregon SID Andy McNamara told me about Mariota’s character: “[He’s] down to earth and humble off the field, and truly does not seem to get caught up in any of the hype or attention surrounding him. He’s incredibly respectful to everyone he comes in contact with and is as quick to say hello and chat with one of our maintenance workers as he would with the AD.”

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    Winston is not only better than Mariotta but he is better than andrew luck and RG3.
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    LOL - better that Luck no way - Better than a guy in a wheel chair I agree
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    Let's include stats for Manziel, Mariotta, McCarron, and Famous Jameis:

    Passing stats:
    Johnny Manziel: 182.8 PR, 2289 Yds., 18 TD's, 7 Int., 73.3 Comp%.
    Marcus Mariota: 181.7 PR, 2051 Yds., 19 TD's, 0 Int., 62.4 Comp%.
    AJ McCarron: 164.6 PR, 1587 Yds., 14 TD's, 3 Int., 69.2 Comp%.
    Jameis Winston: 210.4 PR, 1885 Yds., 20 TD's 3 Int., 71.3 Comp%.

    Rushing Stats (throwing out McCarron because it's negligible):
    Manziel: 85 Att., 486 Yds., 5.7 Avg., 6 TD's.
    Mariota: 49 Att., 493 Yds., 10.1 Avg., 9 TD's.
    Winston: 43 Att., 137 Yds., 3.2 Avg., 3 TD's.

    Winston comes up a bit short there. Mariotta has the better rushing stats this season.

    Adding both passing & rushing for Manziel & Mariotta:
    Manziel: 182.8 PR, 2775 Yds., 24 TD's, 7 Int., 73.3 Comp%.
    Mariota: 181.7 PR, 2544 Yds., 28 TD's, 0 Int., 62.4 Comp%.

    Pretty much equal passer ratings - Manziel has a significantly better completion % and more yardage. Mariota has more TD's and 0 Int's.

    It's almost a wash, overall, if you ask me.
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    I'm reserving my judgement on Mariotta for a while. I want to see Oregon play a a top SEC defense. Maybe Bama in the National Championship. I mean Darron Thomas was pretty darn impressive at QB for the Ducks in '11 and hes playing for the Lincoln Haymakers right now. Obviously Mariota is a much better prospect, but I'm just saying its not all that difficult to put up video game type #'s in that offense.
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    He needs work
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    He has so much talent around him. Guy is a stud though.

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