Why no Boo's for Mo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kirkjrk, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I've been gone most of the week so I haven't kept up with CZ as much as normal. I was anxious to see how Mo was going to be blasted for one of the worst overall games by a Dallas CB in recent history. Well to my surprise I couldn't find much, if any, flame throwing in Mo's direction. Why??? If this had been MJ,Dez,Felix they would have been raked over the coals and righfully so. Just because Mo was a 1st round pick doesn't make him immune to accountability. Is he the Dez of the defense? Remember his Wonderlic score.

    I've listened to many sing his praises over the season but I just don't see the overall talent that others do. He always seems to be running at 3/4 speed and then tries to close the 2 to 3 step separation when the ball is thrown in his area. Unfortunately in the NFL very rarely can you loaf for most of the play then expect to make up for it in a few strides. The crossing patterns are a great example of him being left in the dust.

    I do hope this is just a rookie problem. Broaddus has stated several times that he just needs to see more of these routes in order to know how to defend them. When he says something like that or a Olineman needs to work on his technique you can bet there is a bigger problem there than he is willing to state on record.
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    Boo! :rolleyes:

    All this board does is boo.
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    Why would I rip a rookie cornerback going through the natural maturation process?

    The fact that the Cowboys invested so much in him doesn't make him immune to this. He's still a young pup getting his first taste of pro football.
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    Im sure there was plenty of hate threads. If anyone has a bad game you better believe there are some hate threads. I even saw some "Witten is washed up" threads after week 2. lol
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    With fresh memories of Newmans last year I dont think Mo's performance is really even in the running as "worst overall games by a Dallas CB in recent history". There is also the fact that he a rookie. And frankly I'm beyond tired of listening to booing.
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