Why no CB talk?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. ghst187

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    There are some good ones in this draft and I personally think we need one. I'm sure Haden will be gone by the mid first but I think Trevard Lindley and Donovan Warren will be exceptional also. I also think that both CBs from Alabama might be value after the late second.
    The reasoning is that Newman is getting old and his contract will be coming due soon I believe. He hasn't been playing great and while I'm not expecting to replace him immediately, we should be looking to finding someone. I don't think Scandrick will be good outside the slot. I know a lot of people here hink we need a S but outside of Berry or Thomas who would have a shot at playing? Also, which team beat us deep? (hint: noone) Ken Hamlin hasn't been geting the picks but he hasn't gotten us beaten either. Sensabaugh has been a dramatic improvement and I think (and hope) we resign him longterm after the season. We also have Alan Ball, who played well while Ken was out, and Mike Hamlin, who has been injured most of the year. I think Mike Hamlin may turn out to be a player. We obviously have more pressing needs like OL, ILB, and I'd argue a WR and 2-down NT but I wouldn't overlook CB if one is the best available when we choose.
  2. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I made the point earlier that were not getting beat deep b/c we lead the league in overall pressure. Making a 7 step drop very difficult.

    I dont see how Haden falls but hed be a great fit.

    Id hope if we take a DB he has versatility
  3. Biggems

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    i brought up a CB today during the Auburn/NW game..........McFadden

    he had 2 INTs, 1 pick 6 like 103 yds, and could have had 2-3 more picks, but dropped em.
  4. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

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    I like

    Parrish Cox - Okie St
    Thompson - Cal
    McFadden - Auburn
    Arenas - Alabama
  5. Silverstar

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    He also missed a sure tackle that went for a score.
  6. ninja

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    I'm all for trading up to get Joe Haden if the price isn't too much.

    And that would mean no more watching the pathetic Newman.
  7. ghst187

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    hey i'm a huge OK St fan but I don't think Cox is a fit here. He is projected to get drafted by a team that plays more zone. We play man almost exlusively. I don't know a whole lot about McFadden or Thompson. I like Arenas because he'd be a star at PR while working at #4 CB. Don't get me wrong, I'm not down on Newman, its just that I think his play is slipping a bit and he's getting older. He's definitely a quality starter but second to Jenkins and I'm not sure how many more good years Newman has, not to mention his contract situation.
    CB is not a position you want to be thin on, esp in our division with the style of defense we play, which is why I think many on this board are underestimating our need for another.
  8. neosapien23

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    I really don't think Dallas is in need of another CB right now. Newman is a descent 2 CB although he is being paid to be an elite shutdown CB. I really think that Scandrick and Ball could take over the 2 and 3 spot without much dropoff. Dallas needs anther OT and OG in this draft and I think probably a FS as well. Now if there is a good prospect in the 4th, I say pull the trigger.
  9. UnoDallas

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    CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State Height: 5-10. Weight: 187
  10. CATCH17

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    If Haden somehow falls to where we are picking than the card better get turned in quick with his name on it.
  11. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I know right? Perfect b/c he can play CB or FS.

    Another guy to look is the guy ChrisinSoCal mentioned. Akwake-Mawase Shakur or w/e in the mid-rounds. 6'1" or 6'2" w/ decent speed. He wouldnt be asked to play much right away so the transition from IUP wouldnt be so hard.

    Pattick Robinson gets a 2nd-3rd round grade from me
  12. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    I honestly believe this will be the direction we go unless a speedy flashy WR drops. Dont think for a moment Jerry does not see the excitement and hype the young duo in Philadelphia is causing and if he can get one he is going to find another player to try and stop one.
  13. stokee

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    I think we need to get the Ol square away first. Then ILB and the third round a WR.
  14. Biggems

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    players miss tackles. especially in today's game. CBs are notoriously poor tacklers.

    McFadden will most likely be a UDFA....of so signing him is definitely worth the risk...since the cost will be quite minimal....

    I have also warmed up to Priest and Stoudamire. Both of those are projected from the 5-7 rounds....possibly even UDFA.

    Devin Ross is late round corner who could be a steal for some NFL team.

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