why no Prince?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jblaze2004, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. jblaze2004

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    why is everyone down in prince. I heard he is an elite CB prospect if he came out an another year he would no doubt be a top 10 pick. Is it the love for peterson:D, I know we are not going on that one game against the osu reciever because I seen peterson get punked by fuller of Texas AM, i think, in the bowl game.

    why would you be mad if the cowboys took prince at 9?
  2. Hostile

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    I like him. A few of us do. Not sure why the Cowboys don't want him but that has been a consistent rumor lately.
  3. jblaze2004

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    I wonder why because he doesn't make too many plays on the ball but sticks to his man like glue......seems very Newman like but younger during draft time and of course doesnt have the return skills.
  4. Avery

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    I don't mind him at #9 especially since PP's floor is #6.

    I still think that Tyron Smith is our target or, as a darkhorse, Jordan or Watt.
  5. jblaze2004

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    how about
    1st- prince
    2nd- best OT or OG (which everyone almost forgot we need also)
    3rd- Kendrick Ellis

    or I would take this also

    1st- Tyrone Smith
    2nd- Ras Dowling(sp?) (Virgina corner)
    3rd- Ellis

    this way we fix the oline, dline and secondary with the first three picks.
  6. johnnyd

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    I like davon house in r2 also .

    Looks like he is being invited for a visit

    Updating a previous item, the Cowboys have scheduled a visit with Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara for next week.
    Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram got this confirmed through Amukamara's agent a day after the Star-Telegram reported he would not visit Valley Ranch. There have been whispers that the Cowboys don't love Amukamara enough to draft him with the ninth overall pick. At this point, the selection seems likely to come down to Tyron Smith and Amukamara. Related: CowboysSource: Clarence Hill on Twitter
  7. AsthmaField

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    I like Prince a lot. I think he is a very good corner who could be a great free safety.

    I just like Tyron Smith at #9 a little better.
  8. TheCount

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    Very good question.

    A lot of it is just fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    Before the combine, it was supposedly that he was slow. I'm sure many would have felt justified if he had run a 4.5. Lo and behold, he runs a 4.3 and does great in all the other drills, so now his athleticism isn't in question.

    Now all that's left is the Youtube video and the fact that he had zero picks in his senior season.

    Meanwhile Devin McCourty enters the NFL as a rookie after just 2 picks his final two years and goes on to come 2nd in the NFL with 7 his rookie year and go to the pro bowl. Whoops.

    Amukamara has everything you look for in the prototypical cover corner. Size, strength, speed, instincts, technique, not scared to tackle, hard worker, upstanding character, etc.

    If he's the pick at #9, I'd be perfectly happy with that.
  9. burntricersx

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    Wouldn't mind Prince but I'd rather address OT, OG, C, DE before I start looking at CB.
  10. tm1119

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    Really not sure what theres not to like. If you were to build a perfect CB in a factory it would come out looking pretty damn close to prince. 6' 203 with 4.38 speed and exceptional technique at the CB position. The only question about him is that he didnt get a int in his senior year, but thats a pretty dumb question to have. He was lock down in man to man and built up a reputation his Junior year. QB's looked to throw the ball everywhere but to his side of the field no doubt. Asomugha is 1 of, if not the best, CBs in the NFL and he has a grand total of 3 INTs in the past 4 years. Pretty sure no one is complaining about that in Oakland.

    To sum it up: It would be dumb for us to pass him up if hes still on the board.
  11. jblaze2004

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    exactly what I was thinking a big physical press corner with no off the field baggage and can lock down his man one on one and can tackle (something our secondary especially jenkins need to do better). I think in Rob Ryans defense Prince can come in and start and be a star. I think he covers better than peterson consistantly. Everyone brings up princes bad game but nobody say how fuller abused peterson in the bowl game.

    also give prince passrush like he had when Suh was there (prince had 5 picks that year).

    Honestly if prince was there at 9 i think we have to take him.

    If we cut newman this year would it save us money or cost us? Remember we already have a high cap number. Maybe we look to make some budget cuts.
  12. bbgun

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    Prince Amakumara to visit next week, still in play for ninth pick

    Nebraska cornerback Prince Amakumara will visit the Cowboys headquarters next week, according to his agent Todd France. Although the Cowboys appear to be leaning toward picking an offensive tackle or trading down with the ninth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Amakumara remains one of the options for the Cowboys. According to a Cowboys source, the team likes what they have seen so far from Amakumara and will consider. However there is also no question the team is intrigued with USC tackle Tyron Smith, who has the potential to be a ten-year starter at left tackle. Most mock drafts have the Cowboys picking Smith barring a trade down.

    Clarence Hill
  13. fishspill

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    Maybe I didn't see enough of this guy, but my one complaint on him from what I've seen is he seems to be poor at chucking guys at the line. In college his speed and talent can make up the ground but in the NFL, a missed chip gets you beat by a WR a lot more often.

    It could just be selective memory, I haven't watched him in quite a while. It gives me greater pause as I thought Ryan would expect our CB's to do this more. I might be wrong about that too. I'm always willing to learn from those who have more insight.
  14. Nightshade

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    From reading all the off-season scuttlebutt I think they believe Peterson is a special talent but Prince isn't. They figure Newman has enough left in the tank to make Prince a redundant acquisition at the present time.

    In the minds of management, a premier D-Lineman would make a greater overall impact than Prince defensively.

    Ryan's been there long enough to have assessed the defense so I'm totally comfortable with this direction now.
  15. AKATheRake

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    I'm one that rather steer away from him but I like your analysis of him and I do believe it holds merit.

    I just don't like how he'll match up against the WR's in NY and Philly. I think he'll do better against a Desean Jackson than Maclin and Nicks.

    He just makes those smaller, spark plug WR's disappear.

    The one's that can go up and get the ball give Prince the problems the most IMHO.
  16. AKATheRake

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    Very good post.
  17. TheFinisher

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    Great post. I don't know if it'd be dumb if we selected someone else at 9 but he should definitely be on our short list, he's the prototype press corner.
  18. EGG

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    By most accounts Prince is only in the top 10 because the corner class this year is very weak,,, and I always liked Goose Gosselin's comment that when you draft this high you should go "BIG" if you're not picking a QB.

    If Prince had shown me more when Nebraska played OU I would feel differently, but when that game was over I was unimpressed. Maybe he plays better against a non-spread offense,,,?
  19. DFWJC

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    I'd be fine with Prince....but I have a feeling it's not going to happen.
    There are some good DBs projected in the 2rnd and 3rd round though.

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