Why not Dunbar on kickoff returns?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. xwalker

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    Didn't Williams take one out of the end zone against the Giants?
  2. 03EBZ06

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    Terrance Williams ready for return duty
    November, 27, 2013

    By Todd Archer | ESPNDallas.com

    IRVING, Texas -- Dwayne Harris has been one of the Dallas Cowboys' more underrated players. He is a dynamic returner and is tied for the team lead in special-teams tackles.

    A hamstring injury will keep Harris out of Thursday’s game against the Oakland Raiders and leave the Cowboys with some holes to fill.

    Terrance Williams will replace Harris as the kick returner and hopes to fill in as well as he did as a receiver after Miles Austin suffered a hamstring injury. He had one return for 21 yards against the New York Giants after Harris got hurt.

    “Dwayne is one of the best returners so I’m just trying to keep the yards up so we can start off with good drives, like he’s been giving us all year,” Williams said. “I’m just trying to keep his spot nice and hot until he gets back so he can just be ready to go.”

    Harris is second in the NFL in kickoff returns, averaging 31.3 yards. He's also second in punt-return average at 14 yards. Cole Beasley will take over the punt-return duties.

    Williams returned kickoffs his first two years at Baylor, averaging 22.3 yards a return with a long of 51. During the season he has worked as a returner in practice and in pregame warmups.

    "Growing up, it was that type of mentality, just like running away from the other people," Williams said. "But here I think Coach Bisaccia, his plan and his scheme is to where if the blockers do their job like they’re supposed to, then we can just find a hole and keep running.”

    Williams’ speed is a big reason why the Cowboys want him to return kicks.

  3. DFWJC

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    I'm pretty sure this is abig part of. Fumbling a kickoff is very devasting.
  4. Kaiser

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    I think its a size issue more than the fumbling issue. Kickoff returners take some vicious hits and Dunbar has had plenty of missed time from the normal nicks and bruises, you might lose him for the season if he took one of the big time blow up hits you see on Kickoff Returns.
  5. Zman5

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    He should do it. He used to be good at it.
  6. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Because the head coach said so yesterday in the press conference....
  7. jnday

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    That was a dead give away. You can watch him after he catches a ball and it shows up too.
  8. CowboysYanksLakers

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    He's a good young player with nice speed. I can't figure out why Dallas doesn't send him on more go routes!
  9. Fredd

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    so, dunbar fumbled once in pre-season and once in the regular season....am I missing something? That is not a fumbling problem?
  10. fifaguy

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  11. kirkjrk

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    Don't like Williams returning kicks as he has the propensity to body catch the ball and I can see the ball hitting his shoulder pads and muff right at the goal line. If he is not to injured, I would like to see Wilcox return kicks.
  12. jazzcat22

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    Give Williams a chance.
    will we see Dez on a few punts returns ?
  13. DuceizBak

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    This, we all know Miles is made of glass but i'll be damned if he isn't fast or strong
  14. birdwells1

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    Wow just wow
  15. cowboyschmps3

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    I guess we can see him more on Kickoffs but his role on offense might be the reason que no

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