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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JGleas, Apr 7, 2005.

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    it seems Detroit is saying. They already have Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia, but not they are looking at taking QB Alex Smith if he falls to No.10. Now, this is by far no definte, but they have schelded a private workout with the Ute star. And, after signing TE Marcus Pollard, they are also looking at taking Heath Miller in the 1st (most likely trading down) or Alex Smith (TE, Stanford) in the 2nd. 2nd, and espically the 1st Round seem a lil high, espically becuase I believe their top 3 needs are:
    But, Indy did take Dallas Clark in the 1st when they had Pollard, and Pollard is up in years so, a TE like Heath or Alex Smith seems more logically at least then QB Alex Smith the #10 pick.
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    Consult your local lexicon, as your reader is confused.
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    From what I heard it is Alex Smith the TE not the QB that the Lions have scheduled a work out with...I think it was reported the QB in the press by accident but was later amended to say the TE.
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    I agree with Gosselin/Patriots philosophy of drafting a QB every year with a 2nd Day draft choice, because you never know when you're going to find the next Trent Green, Matt Hasselbeck or Tom Brady.

    I wouldn't mind Dan Orlovsky, Timmy Chang, Gino Guidogli, even White with a Supplemental 6th.
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    Thats the Wolfe/Packers philosophy also. They had drafted a QB every year from 1984 to 2002 with exception 3 years (91,93,94,00,01)
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    Not to sound racist, even though I don't know anything about them, but Orlovsky, Chang and Guidogli sounds more like the beginning of a joke than a list of NFL quarterbacks.

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