Why not let all 53 suit up for Thursday night games

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ninja, Oct 16, 2013.

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    In the name of player safety, I think the league should at least let teams suit up all 53 players on the roster for the Thursday games. Or, at least more than 48. This would at least give some players a little rest during the game. And it would allow the fans to see some players who wouldn't normally get a chance. It would also allow certain players who are still hurting from the game Sunday before to at least not feel forced to play since the team has another option to use someone else. And if a player were to get nicked on a Thursday night game, he could feel a little less pressure to continue knowing the cupboard ain't bare.

    I still don't know why all 53 aren't eligible to play every game. For player safety, it is a no-brainer to let everyone suit up. If a player is definitely out for the week, maybe it would be a good idea to let the team replace him with a practice squad player for that game. For example, Vega could replace Ware in this week's game with Philly. Ware gets rest. Vega gets a chance to show the league what he's got. The Cowboys don't have to pull some guy off the street (Wynn) who knows nothing of the system and cut some other guy (Greenwood). Since teams are limited in their options when it comes to an injury, players sometimes try to come back too soon or play through an injury making it worse.

    I would be all for going to a 2-preseason game and an 18-game regular season schedule as long as all 53 can suit up every week.
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    Very good idea.
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    Reason is each team may not have 53 able bodies.
    That's why the nfl goes with a lesser number.

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