Why not realign NFC east/south

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mgcowboy, Jan 5, 2013.


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    If we're trying to make it easy lets just switch with the Niners
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    I'd much rather see the Cowboys stay and the NFC East remain intact than face the Panthers twice a year. Even if the Panther matchups were 2 guaranteed wins a season.

    Keep the division and the rivalries intact and keep the competition stiff. If it means a painful loss now and then to a divisional rival it keeps the regular season more exciting.

    I hate when the Giants lose but I would much rather have meaningful games for 16 weeks than a cake walk into the playoffs only to get blown out by a battle tested team.
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    Does the OP not realize good teams come and go and the present circumstances are not everlasting, that the teams in the respective divisions will neither be good or bad indefinitely?
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    Joke thread??:confused: :confused:
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    :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
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    Good grief you dont switch divisions to try and align with softer teams.

    Our big rivals are the Giants, Redskins and Eagles and I want them twice a year forever. You dont run and hide your way into the playoffs.

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    Yea because the NFL HATES the high ratings it gets when the NFC East play each other lol. It doesn't matter what the records are. NFC EAST ALWAYS draws ratings.
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    No disrespect to the saints, falcons, and buccaneers. But they do nothing for me. I love that the Cowboys are in the east and play the giants, eagles, and skins.
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    That's the point behind my question when I started the thread....

    A team like New England brags about being in the playoffs 10 of last 11? But everybody forgets that they almost every one of those tears are guaranteed 5-6 wins out of their poor division..Same goes for Colts during Manning years...Anyone had a look at NFC west winners the last decade? tell me that was not a joke of a division....
    The hardest division to win over the years of all 8 divisions is the NFC east...
    Last year the Giants won the SB....guess who swept the season series against them? the division door mat, 5-11, last place washington redskins...

    If you ask me the WHOLE NFL division setup needs to be scrapped...it's old, it's boring..it's predictably silly...

    NFL should conduct a draw in May of every year to decide the 8 divisions...
    based on previous season, all 32 teams are divided into 4 pools based on records
    pool 1: top 8 records (not division winners..the best 8 records)
    pool 2: next best 8 records (9-16)
    pool 3: the next best 8 records (17-24)
    and pool 4: worst 8 records (25-32)

    Now you can have divisions 1 through 8...Odd division numbers are the AFC (or whatever you want to call it) and the Even division numbers are the NFC..this is to allow the NFL to continue the current setup of assigning matches vs other NFC divisions and AFC divisions...(Like us playing NFC north next year and AFC west)

    You draw the first 8 from the first pool, then the 2nd, and so forth..The draw would be televised live..that would be some show I bet... Now tell me NFL wouldn't love the TV rating coming out of the draw alone let alone the juicy matchups such draw would introduce...

    With the ease of travel and communication there shouldn't be any problem with teams traveling east coast to west coast ..They already do and I don't think there would be significantly more travel....

    It's not a final thought but imagine the excitement every off season of teams anticipating their division....the joy of having better shot to play different teams every year instead of getting stuck with 6 games against the same 3 teams every year...

    But the current setup honestly is unfair, and old and needs to be revamped...

    Don't tell me rivalries please..because I don't think there is such a thing except when the surrounding circumstances force one...Like the Colts/Pats rivalry...all coming out of Brady/Manning ... and it now moved to Pats/Broncos rivalry since Manning moved on...

    Once salary cap and free agency started rivalries were declared dead in my opinion...one player you see play for the Cowboys this year..next year you see him play for the eagles..are you kidding me? in the old days you don;t even think of saying one good thing about the eagles let alone joining them....

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    No rivalries?

    Do you know any fans of the eagles, giants or skids?

    If so ask them which team they'd like to see their team beat the most.
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    Hi I'm sorry do you know nothing of Cowboys history? Tex Schram fought to get us in the east. We would not be who we are without it. Like it or not, 50 yrs later the media resides in the EAST. NYC, Philly, DfreakingC.... We are a storied division. Why be like the Texans in their crap division. Give me a strong competitive division every year. You win the division you deserve a shot at the playoffs. I don't want to sleep my way there I want to EARN it.
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    Besides destroying the NFL I think it's a great idea.

    The league is very fair. Win your division and you are in. If your division is inferior to others and that is why you win it you will get a playoff game but the end result will be the same.
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    I have absolutely no interest in any kind of realignment that puts us in a division other than the NFC East. The rivalries between us, the gints, deadskins and eagirls run too deep from the NFL to even consider screwing with the formula. It would be like moving Green Bay out of their division so they don't get to play Chicago. I don't give crap about those teams but I tune in for those two games every chance I get.

    Someone posted earlier about Tex fighting to get us into the East. I'm glad he fought.

    The NFL has a ratings cash cow with the NFC East. They are not going to mess with that and frankly I'm glad. I'm not looking for the easy way to win a division by playing the league fodder in other divisions. That's Pittsburgh AFC North type thinking.
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    I couldn't imagine not playing Dallas, NYG, and Philly every year. Hell i found it odd when the Cards left our division years ago. So to answer a question posted eariler in this thread.. I would never want to see our division be realigned.

    Now, if the NFL wanted to freshen the playoffs a bit, I could probably try doing a test where the top 8 teams in the conference advance to the playoffs. But then we would be just like the NHL. BLAH.

    We are the division of Superbowl Champions (Philly being the exception). It's probably why I root for the NFC East team in the playoffs. You win the division in the NFC East, you belong in the playoffs. And chance are, your going to make a bit of noise.

    The NFL is set up perfectly as is. I wouldn't want it any other way.
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    We get Millions and Millions of more viewers being in the East, simply due to population differences in the viewing areas respectively.

    We are in the East due to this very fact, because it's genius marketing, rivalries and such was a byproduct of good business.

    The NFCE is good for business. Notice all 4 teams are quite a bit higher than any NFC South Team as far as worth. NFCE has #1,3,4,7. NFCS has 16,18,23,28.

    This is because more people watching equals more people buying.

    Tex and Jerry think alike when it comes to marketing. Moving to a different market other than the NFCE would be the equivalent of asking your boss for a reduction in salary.
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    I'm still saddened that they jettisoned the Arizona Cardinals from the NFC East. They might have been a lousy team, but they're the oldest franchise in the NFL, and it was cool to have that sort of history and legitimacy in the division.
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    No way.

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