Why the so many sky is falling threads?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WilmingtonHeel, Jul 30, 2006.

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    First Glenn had troubling TO. Wow he sucks yes he's lost A STEP the man is not 22. But he still can run a high 4.3. Spears gets hurt only out a couple of weeks now he's a bust. But still starts 16 games last season 3-4 ends consistently have low number of sacks compare to 4-3 ends. Some of you take a real deep breath we have a long ways to go. Stop waiting for something to complain about or bad to happen
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    Remember when we missed the boat in free agency? I love these threads.
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  4. MichaelWinicki

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    Sago1 stated the Glenn abomination thread... That explains a lot.
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    You obviously were not around for the Quincy-Hutch debates if you think there are a lot of "sky is falling threads". This is about as calm as it could be for the first day of training camp. Your right, take a deep breath, we have a long ways to go.
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    For those of you who can't read (apparently MichaelWinicki is such a person), I would point out that my starting the thread about Aaron Glenn possibly losing a step was carefully caveated that it was first day of camp & I didn't call him a bum, didn't call for him to be cut and claim skying was falling in, etc. I just mentioned there possibly a problem developing in our CB situation.

    BTW: I took Glenn info off Raphael Vela blog (not going to bother posting whole article but only below short para dealing with Glenn). I'd post the rest of the article which contains extensive details on Saturday practices and mentions many player performances but I guess some of you wouldn't be interested.

    However, here's what Vela said about Aaron Glenn--for those who capable of not overreacting and can read.

    "It’s only one practice, but Aaron Glenn looked slower then last year. He got beat by multiple people including a couple rooks. He was clearly frustrated even hitting the ground after giving up a 15 yard out."

    BTW: Yes, Glenn did get beat by TO, but he also got beat by Jamaica Rector (PS player) & (per Vela) multiple others including rooks. So according to some of you, I'm overreacting by bringing info to your attention. Sorry, thought you might be interested; guess I misjudged your level of interest. Won't make that assumption again.
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    Older veteran. first day at camp. YAWN.
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    Yep. Football season is here and All the experts are declaring disaster. New England and the Steelers had such easy roads to their recent Super Bowl victories, huh?
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    Not picking on you, so don't get upset.

    How long have you been visiting message boards? Every week the gamut of emotions will be run by fans.

    Guy makes a big play, he's got All Pro potential.

    Guy gets beaten badly, he's washed up.

    Guy gets hurt, he's a china doll.

    Team wins, Super Bowl or bust.

    Team loses, we need to draft ___________.

    Team drafts _____________, he's a star in the making.

    Another team drafts the same guy, he was a reach.

    You've got to learn to ride the waves, the crests as well as the valleys. It's just people expressing themselves. Nothing to get upset about, yet almost every week someone is upset because people are upset.

    I need to invest in Maalox.
  10. sago1

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    I've been posting on this board since March 05 and am fully aware of the range of emotions. I clearly remember when we were signing our FAs this year and the concern expressed by some over our failure to sign an OL early.

    Anyway, did you read my original posting which was entitled "Aaron Glenn Possibly Losing a Step??" You might read it cause there no way anyone should have overreacted to it. BTW: If TO was only WR to beat Glenn, I wouldn't have even posted anything but he wasn't. If you get a chance, you all might want to check out Raphael Vela's blog which is rather lengthly almost play by play of some of the goings on Saturday.
  11. Vintage

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    I know. I read your thread and understood it for what it was; just a comment on an observation. It didn't read like a "sky is falling" post to me, but more of a "well, it could be bec. of the first day of camp, but it may be something worth keeping an eye on."

    The people that replied to your thread quickly turned it into the aforementioned "sky if falling" and "No, it isn't" debate. Then of course, they blamed you.

    Because that's far more conveniant than actually reading the original post. Not too mention, it has the benefit of not admitting their wrongdoing.

    Your post was fine. You even mentioned possible reasons for it other than Glenn simply losing a step....
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    Lighten up S1. :)
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    Of course!

    Is there a better way? :D
  14. sago1

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    Thanks "Vintage" for reading my posting; your take on it was all I ever intended. Glenn played well for us last year and I hoped/assumed he could do so one more year.
  15. Vintage

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    I prefer to blame Bledsoe.

    And our OL.

    (For those who don't understand this post; I am poking fun at myself)
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    Wait until we lose a Pre-season game. The over reaction on those are pretty hillarious as well.

    Thats an every year event.

    I've seen teams go undefeated in the pre-season and end up drafting top 5.

    I also saw the Colts lose every pre-season game last year and not lose a game until like week 15 of last year.

    So you think you're seeing over reaction now? Just wait.
  17. big dog cowboy

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    We are going to rue the day we missed out on all those free agents. :lmao:
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    T O is bad to the bone. He burns everyone that way at one time or another. I hope he does burn them every chance he gets. After covering T O all summer most recievers will be a walk in the park to cover. "What Doesn't Destroy us makes us stronger!" Prossman
  19. WilmingtonHeel

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    I've been on this board for a couple of years but it seems like it's more of these threads that are starting (Time bomb waiting to explode) not THIS MUCH last year I guess the anticipation is killing everybody because of the team we POTENTIALLY have
  20. dougonthebench

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    I thought Parcells was to blame for everything?

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