Why the sudden infancy on the board?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Bleu Star, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Why are people so overreactive to natural occurrences in the life of a star NFL player? Many players are often kept longer than their prime years dictate and teams end up squandering money away. It was time... period. Ware did not want to renegotiate one of Jerry's backload specials and he made the decision easy. I thank him for his years and wish him well.

    The sooner we jettison Miles "wow it's so coincidental that I became so hamstrung after I got paid" Austin the better for everyone involved. I am a little torqued that we didn't go hard after Sproles. He has a few good years left in him and is STILL one of the most dynamic players on the offensive side of the ball. Steve Smith is out there! Go get that man!

    I digress...

    Seriously though.. it is time to usher in some new leaders on the field and embrace our youth movement especially on D. While we may not scare anyone on the defensive side of the ball today, my hunch is that we will load up on Defense in the draft and possibly nab a FA or two as well on that side of the ball. Look for our Dline to obviously look different but to bring a new and welcomed explosiveness/attitude/moxie to the game. I don't think I have ever been more excited for a draft day than I am right now.
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    I was going to start a post about this. A lot of people here seem more bitter than the players. I understand the players bitterness. It's a nasty part of the business. I don't understand the posters here. Players fall off. They are not going to play at a high level the duration of their deals. Emmitt Smith was perfectly healthy when he was cut but he was in obvious decline. It's the shelf life of the players. I think people here are just not used to seeing Jerry and Co. make smart decisions a year early rather than when it's too late.

    All yall need to remember is at one time you were one of these player's biggest fans. You rooted for Hatcher, you rooted for Ware. They were your guys at one point. Stop acting like jilted lovers. Don't turn on Witten next year when he loses another step. It happens.

    As I type this, i'm watching Justin Tuck on the Dan Patrick show saying the offer he received from the Giants was an indication that they didn't want him to stay. It happens people. Teams have tough decisions to make. He hasn't heard from Coughlin or Eli. I am glad to get Tuck out of the division.
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    Beat me to it.
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    It's probably an indication of a growing consensus that when the FO says trust us we have a plan we know what were doing the reality is they don't have a clue what they're doing.
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    Mods need to purge the board of this junk. It's Cowboyszone biggest turnoff for me.
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    I think they realize they're pretty much before forced to rebuild. You'll never get Jerry to admit that is what's happening.
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    This is always around and it is not isolated to this board. I post on several fan-sites and the "types" are represented on each forum unless their team is just flat out winning.
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    I think the expectation for what this defense will be next year are unrealistic. This is what rebuilding looks like. There's no magic formula, and we aren't going to draft 2 Demarcus Ware's and a Jason Hatcher in one draft or find them at the bottom of the barrel in free agency.

    It needs to be a deliberate process, and a lot of people aren't even leaving room for slow to develop draft picks - it's not like we're going to draft 3 immediate Pro Bowl caliber defensive players in one draft.

    I'm looking forward to the next few years, but it's not going to be what a lot of people seem to think it's going to be.
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    as much as I hate to see ware in another uniform. I subscribe to bill walsh, billicheck method of letting players go a year too early, than a year too late. ware will probably have a good year for Denver, but not sure if he can fully over come injuries and he is getting older and more likely will become a two down player
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    The people on here are passionate about the team and are frustrated with the decades of mediocrity. I think that is all. After such a rich tradition for so long people are frustrated by the lack of competent decisions by this management and this is their arena to voice those opinions.

    I love this forum for exactly that reason - a place for the fan to give their opinion about the team.
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    It's simple, really. Ware was a fan favorite HoF class act player who's release was due to management's piss poor job.

    Giving extensions to undeserving players like Austin and Lee are some of the poor decisions that come to mind.

    Getting younger is all well in good when the young guys you bring in can play...shedding star players because you can't pay them and bringing in young scrubs because that's all you can afford is a testament towards incompetence.
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    They play defense?
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    I think it's more people don't realize that a "plan" doesn't ever mean "we are gonna get player X and Y this year then next we are going to make a run at player Z." So much is dictated by randomness and the actions and decisions of 32 other teams every offseason.

    The FO absolutely did the right thing with Ware and Hatcher. Yes, their hand was forced by past restructures, but that was all in the past under different circumstances. Injuries happen, but stuff like Spencer's knee, Ratliff falling off the face of the earth, and Brent's problems can't be planned for. It seems like the biggest gripe, which I understand, is that they aren't replacing them. Well what could they realistically be doing? They don't want to sign a huge FA, so if a A- or B range player like Melton is going to command huge money even with his issues what's to be done? Worst thing to do is overspend for the sake of action, which is something Jerry has maybe done in the past. I think it's progress, but unfortunately the market isn't falling our way. Save the big money for when it completes a unit, not places the foundations for one.
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    They're looking for another Carr deal or Byrd deal. Both probably end up being bad.
  17. BlueStar22

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    The probably with this is when players don't come out and show they belong in the first year they're quickly called busts. Give the players time.
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    Hahaha. . You know I have a little Jerry Jones in me. Can't resist that flash.
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    Saw this coming with thread title...quickdraw
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