Why the sudden infancy on the board?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Bleu Star, Mar 14, 2014.

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    We're ALL passionate about our team and eternally frustrated.. That's no excuse for some of the interesting overreaction that permeates this board regularly. For every point there's a counter point.. hence the popularity of the message board. I get that.. I just find some of the consistent whining that goes one to be unfounded. Management isn't perfect. We all know that. However, every recent move, no matter how much it hurts to swallow, has been the right move.

    Ware - GOOD
    Hatcher - GOOD

    They are looking to build for the future and the future is now. Many on the board have ranted about there being a less than dominant leadership element on the field. Leadership is comprised of many thing. One of which is the ability to inspire those around you to overachieve. I'm very excited to see the leadership tide changing. Guys like Dez and Lee will step into those vacated roles nicely.
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