Why was ST Coach Rich Bisaccia hired?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nirvana, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Garrett was familiar with him from when he was in Tampa. It is not unusual for coaches to hire people they have worked with in the past.
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    he turned the chargers special teams around. there was no where to go but up for them as they were the worst in the nfl. but he did a nice job with them. they had one of the top kick return units under him
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    The "last one" was not fired. He is friends with the Bears Head Coach and wanted to go there.
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    Because our old coach Joe DeCamillis was offered "Assistant Head Coach" with attendant salary increase, by the Bears. Unless I forget, he wasn't our "assistant head coach" here.

    As best as I can tell, Jerry didn't fire DeCamillis, but maybe I'm wrong. Another team can always offer a promotion, in the NFL's terms, and as such, you can't keep that coach at the same salary anyway. This rule is kinda sketchy. Either you have to raise the salary of the coach a bunch or raise his job description?

    That Bisaccia had accepted a college job this offseason (is this right) and Jerry pulled him out of that? ... That Bisaccia wasn't good enough to be hired by the number of brand new NFL coaching regimes but we hired him?
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    So wait OP..you have already determined he is a bad hire because he has only coached a bunch of rotating wannabes during preseason ? Lets allow the guy to coach some regular season games before we write him off..I assure you from personal experience and knowledge of Rich.. He is a very good hire and will prove it

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