Why we have to pound the ball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ZiggyZ., Sep 12, 2005.

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    "...their running kept us on our heels enough to open up their passing game." -Charger's LB

    Even when they shut down JJ in the 2nd half, Payton kept on running the ball, and it was EXACTLY the right thing to do.

    Great play calling.
  2. TwoDeep3

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    If you notice, the Chargers abandoned the run late in the game.

    Now howmany feel if they had run a lead draw on second down from the six they would have scored on us? We were so intent on stopping the pass, that I just knew they would exploit us with LT.

    While we all cuss the running play when the run blitz stops it dead. If you notice, the run is what set up the last touchdown when the Chargers finally had to respect the pass.

    I read from posters on many boards asbout their frustration with the play calling.

    My belief is the play calling in the second half was some of the best this team has seen in a while.
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    the worst aspect of playcalling from an overall excellent game was calling more runs to the right side than the left! i know we are trying to balance our offense in more ways than one, but clearly we were not having success running right, and if anyone bothers to check the stats i think we did much better running left. the few times i cursed was when we ran right yet again, for no gain.
    thinking of it now, possibly LA and Flo were getting a breather, because that's the best explanation i can think of...
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    I wondered why we ran to our Right so many times too, but I agree, you have to continue to run & pound the ball...JJ will break one eventually and it does keep the D honest & wears them down....

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