Why we need to lite up the 49ers.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolverine, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Wolverine

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    There are alota reasons we need to lite this team up and run up the score.

    1. Bledsoe and the offense need to be shown that BP believes in them by letting them open it up. Down the road this will help them pick apart the best of defenses

    2. We just can not allow the 49ers to stay in this game.

    3. If we win by 4 or more TDs then I think the game against the Skins will easily be forgotten and the team can move on and get back to normal.

    4. We have to humiliate them after what Julian Peterson said.

    5. After the 9ers we play Oakland. Randy Moss is there. So we need to get this offense ready to go into a shoot out with the Raiders. Look at the 49ers as a practice game to score lotsa points in Oakland.

    6. We need to gain back some respect. Geez there are so called experts picking the 49ers to beat us. That hurts.

    7. Send a message to the NFL that we will no longer be playing not to lose but playing to win. Then other teams wont be so confident playing us. They will be worried about when we put them outta the game for good.

    We gotta run it up. No doubt.
  2. Bryan8284

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    I think we also need to get a lead so Romo/Henson can see the field. We know Bledsoe isn't the future, so why not see if Romo can handle a series or if Henson's off season has helped him in a game situation.

    Of course, only if we are up in the 4th by a bunch.
  3. Asklesko

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    We need to win period.
  4. JDSmith

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    I think all the talk of us playing not to lose rather than playing to win is overblown. Yes, we were conservative in that game, but it's not as if we haven't won big under Parcells. In 2003 we beat Detroit 38 - 7 and we beat the Skins 27 - 0. Last year we simply weren't good enough to separate ourselves from anyone unless they were blowing us out. But when we've had a big edge in talent we've won convincingly. I expect that trend to continue tomorrow.
  5. Qwickdraw

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    Well said.
    I agree.
    But it will be hard to do according to Eli The Idiot.
  6. Reality

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    It wasn't that we played the Redskins too conversatively, it's that we were too conservative at the wrong times. In a lot of those games in the past where we won by large margins, it was because the "call low risk offensive plays, hope the defense causes the other team's offense to make mistakes" game plan worked better on those days.

    I don't mind dink and dunk plays as long as we don't completely ignore throwing the ball deep every so often if nothing else to keep the defense honest.

  7. followthestar

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    i do think we will open the offense up early, and if we have success we will ease back into a ball control offense. if we are only leading by 14 going into the 4th qtr i think we will continue to see us mixing it up. we need to see what Price can do, so i think we'll see a few balls thrown his way, and several 3 and 4 WR sets. but make no mistake Bill will continue to hold true to a conservative game plan. we have a good defense, a good RB, a veteran QB, and good receivers. the odds of a team coming back to win in the 4th qtr against us is slim to none...

    p.s. bill would never "run up the score" on anyone - too much class...
  8. Justis

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    I would be satisfied with 28-3, just something to show this team is below our interest.
  9. Richmond Cowboy

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    I would be satisfied with a win, 3-0 or 28-3

  10. JDSmith

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    If we have a close game with the Niners, and barely eek out a win, then we'd might as well start figuring out what we're going to do with the second pick in the draft next year. Because the Niners are terrible and they're a virtual lock for the first overall pick.

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