Why would the Panthers coach apologize to team for trick play call

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Panthers | Fox apologizes to team for trick play call
    Sun, 17 Sep 2006 18:50:59 -0700

    Don Pierson, of the Chicago Tribune, reports Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox apologized to his team Sunday, Sept. 17, for calling a bizarre cross-field lateral pass on a punt return while protecting a touchdown lead with 9 minutes 50 seconds to play in the team's Week 2 game. The play backfired and the Panthers gift-wrapped a 16-13, home-opening overtime victory for Minnesota Vikings' new head coach Brad Childress, who will make no apologies for taking a 2-0 record into next week's early NFC North showdown against the 2-0 Bears at the Metrodome. After Panthers punt returner CB Chris Gamble caught a punt in great field position at his own 40-yard line, he inexplicably threw a wild pass - presumably intended for CB Richard Marshall, who was somewhere on the opposite side of the field. The ball was recovered by Minnesota LB Jason Glenn, setting up a game tying touchdown. With as many injuries as the Panthers have, it's a wonder they were beating the Vikings at all, which made the trick play all the more lamentable for Carolina fans. "In hindsight, it is a trick play that I wish I had back," Fox said. "Unfortunately, that is not the way it works."
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    To take the heat off the players involved.
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    Trick plays are part of the game and are "game changers if they work". Of course we know what happens when they don't work.
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    He should've apologized he called the play
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    Probably because AT THE TIME OF THE GAME IT WAS CALLED, which is a major point, the Panthers were in control of the game. They had a first down on at least the 45, and were up a TD with about 9 min to go. It was a horrible call at that point of the game because they were starting to really control the game. Minn offense wasn't moving the ball at all which was evident in the fact that even after that fumble Minn had top use a trick play on a fake field goal that was perfect at the time. What's more head scratching is that Fox and Henning are usually criticized for being too conservative.

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