Wilcox Starting Over Allen?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MrMom, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. nake

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    "Hit me in the head with a hammer the next time I draft a dumb player."

    - Jimmy Johnson
  2. Rack Bauer

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    If we did that to Jerrah there would be nothing left by now.
  3. sadams

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    Has anyone see Steve Slaton hanging around Texas? How about Beanie Wells?
  4. rocyaice

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    But the guys behind him are playing worse than him? That goes against that whole argument that we should be starting our best players.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    Anyone who has spent time in the FO running a draft has done it. That isn't just a Cowboy thing.
  6. Spectre

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  7. zack

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    Sure, he's the pet cat because he has shown flashes of explosiveness, even last year. I think that his fumble was because of trying to do too much. T Williams was responsible for an interception in the first game of the season and his playing time wasn't impacted. He at least needs to get some more reps.
  8. zack

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    How do you know that Dunbar is worse the Demarco? Give him some carriers to find out. I'm sure that he has shown some real good things in practice. In the limited time he had in that Arizona game, he was the most explosive player on the field that day.
  9. gambit187

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    I think Wilcox has a lot of things in his corner that hopefully will push him to being a great safety. The sucker in me would love to see nothing but success and his journey into the NFL repeated constantly on ESPN.
  10. rocyaice

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    He fumbled on his first and only carry. You benched Demarco in preseason for fumbling. That's very inconsistent coaching to reward a guy more carries after fumbling.
  11. blackbull

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    Not everyone. As soon as I heard him balling in camp and saw him vs Oakland I was sold on him starting and taking his lumps early. I don't think he will be that bad mentally. That is what coaches and teammates are for. He already has the physical part down unlike someone like Escobar.
  12. nake

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    Who knows, maybe Wilcox will turn out to be a player like Darren Woodson. Woodson was a linebacker who the Cowboys converted to safety, and Wilcox played only one year at safety his senior year in college. Before that he had always played wide receiver. At the very least, we shouldn't expect to see any "hands of stone" from JJ, like we have so many Cowboys' safeties.
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  13. kirkjrk

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    That's been my question all along, can any safety cover. Broaddus and all the so called experts harp on how physical and aware a safety is but very rarely include coverage in the conversation. Many safeties can be found with the physical and awareness tools but not many that also include coverage skills. Church is limited in his coverage skills and Mo, Carr and Scandrick are not world beaters so if you don't have someone on the back in with this skill then you will be lit up quite frequently. Think Cruz,Hicks, Randle or any number of skilled TEs. So if Wilcox can't cover then he's another in a long line of safeties that turn out to be JAGs.
  14. CyberB0b

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    Hopefully this puts an end to the great white hype Matt Johnson.
  15. Zimmy Lives

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    You can be sure that the Rams will go after him if he does start or plays a significant amount of snaps. If they do make the move then its probably because he could do no worse than Allen in his coverage responsibilities.
  16. Cebrin

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    In a Tampa 2, coverage should be easier to achieve because you're limiting the offensive plays to the center or middle of the field. The problem we had against the Giants was hugely on the lack of coverage help on the short in routes by our linebackers. That issue was corrected against KC as you frequently saw the linebacker slip right into the chest of the receiver giving the corner time to close in when the receiver cuts. The safeties play over the top of the receiver and the faster the safety is the harder a deep play is. Both Church and Wilcox have great speed and are physical. I think think it's a smart move. I'm not saying Wilcox is Ed Reed by any means but, I think he has a lot more upside than Allen without question. If you want to build a football team, this is certainly a move in the right direction by this organization.
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  17. Cebrin

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    I don't know why anyone would even compare the two or why we hired the bum other than they wanted someone who knew the system so if Wilcox turned out a huge bust we'd have something in place. Wilcox is a better player, period. Allen is a backup. Unless they're over evaluating him, I think we should expect to see improvement quickly at the safety position.
  18. Bigdog24

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    It wont matter who is in there when Manning, Welker, D.Thomas and Julius Thomas visit ATT Stadium. Cowboys will need everything they have to slow down the newest greatest show on turf.....no team has done it yet and it will be a challenge for Monte Kiiffen, Big Rod and this Cowboy Defense..... Only way to slow them down is to keep them on the sideline...
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  19. Cebrin

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    Can't argue with that. Man, a little part of me marvels in the wishful thinking of us being the first to beat them.
  20. Picksix

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    And he may very well be too raw at this point, but it sounds like the coaches/FO are willing to deal with some growing pains. I like Allen, but he's had his struggles. JJ will, too, but the upside should be much higher.
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