Will '06 be any different

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sportsman, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Will the Cowboys be any better next year. My guess is no! I say this because in my opinion this team will not change with Bledsoe at QB. Although Bledsoe was not the real problem this year. He does not give us the edge at QB we need to be a difference maker. BP has got to find speed on this offense and special teams. We just got to find a real punt returner and kickoff returner. We just got to have scoring from the special teams in games on the road.

    This will be a long offseason.
  2. kingwhicker

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    Too early to tell, but 2005 sucked and keeps getting worse.
  3. Marktui

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    Ok, cancel next season for us. Jerry should fire BP, the coaching staff and return all the season ticket holders cash.

    You say we will suck because Bledsoe "doesn't give us the edge", but you say he is not the reason we lost. BP and Jerry can get all the speed he wants on offense, but without a better offensive line, it will not matter, cause Bledsoe will not be able to complete passes laying on his back. Look at what Peyton Manning did today, the pass rush made him look like a rookie playing in his first game.

    Kickoff and punt returns were not the reason we lost games. We lost games cause our offense failed to score enough points to put teams away. We lost because our place kickers missed field goals at crucial moments.
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    Bledsoe was not a liability this season. If Bledsoe would have played for the Colts today, they would have won. Bledsoe is not very mobile, but he is still a good quarterback. Without him the Cowboys would have been 5-11 this year. He never called out his Oline and he is the only quarterback that would not have been wrong doing so.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    You guys gotta be kidding me.
  6. Da Hammer

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    its way too early to determine that although i agree with you that i don't think Bledsoe is the answer for us. Not that we can't win with him but even with a good O-line he will still give up many sacks and at times make plays that make you scratch your head
  7. Calicowboy

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    I dont believe Bledsoe is the answer at QB, but with a good O-line, Bledsoe is is not a liability. Before we address any speed needs on O, let's get the O-line fixed first.
  8. DallasDomination

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    Dallas will have just about the same record.

    Hopefully Dallas fix all the problems they have and not just patch it up with half *** players.

    Bledsoe is a good QB, but without a good Oline dont think about winning hte big big games. Our Oline is terrible, maybe the worst I've seen us have in a very long time. If they dont change half that squad, dont count on next year being any better. Julius Jones, was averfage at best regardless of the injury or not. Maybe next year he gets back on track but with how he played this year, dont count on a better season....

    All in all Dallas is just a likely to fail than win next seson so my guess would be to just sit down and see what happens....The Offensive play calling last year was mediocre, especially the running plays....How can our running game be good when we're calling the same old ****y plays? It wont. We need to take out a page from the Broncos Running PLaybook and use it, because ours is terrible.
  9. Billy Bullocks

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    actually, he played quite well until Flozell Adams and our protection went down. Bledsoe became a "bad" QB once in Buffalo, where he had squat for protection. Just look at Hoclobme and Losman this year, those guys didn't do ****. Up until he was put behind a terrible O-Line in Buffaloe he was still worth a 1st rounder. The guy can play QB.

    And please, dont give me the big game crap. He's 2-0 in Conference championship games.
  10. Phoenix-Talon

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    I certainly hope so! Since the regular season has ended for everyone in the NFCE, perhaps we can navigate through some of our differences and speak football dialogue without some of the ferocity we normally have during the season -- at least tone it down a tad.

    As such ... don't quite understand how some of you, that have posted thus far, can complain about the Cowboys' season -- you owned the Eagles in 2005 and you've made great strydes ... (side bar note to "K": this ones for you Mr. Spelling Bee :confused: ), ... toward building a stronger Cowboys franchise.

    Not making the playoffs does not define a losing season. I've seen some of your rookies really showing great potential. While KeShawn didn't put up the numbers I had anticipated, Terry Glenn glistened. Wasn't too impressed with JJ and your running game (seemed injury ladened), however, Bledsoe stepped up when needed in most cases (perhaps not in timely game situations). Keeping in mind that I'm bringing all this from an Eagles perspective, I just felt your defense should have been a little more intimidating/aggressive in their rushing game (DE/DT). And, your offensive line needed to give Bledsoe a little bit more time to connect with his receivers. BUT, this is all tweakable in the 2006 off-season!

    Compared to the Eagles, your team shinned. The only shinning light for the Eagles is that for a hefty portion of the season, the Eagles played with McMahon (2nd-string QB), and Koy Detmer (3rd String QB); minus Donovan McNabb, and a running back corp (Mahe and Moats) minus Brian Westbrook. A receiver corp that primarily consisted of rookies (good rookies -- but rookies nontheless); coupled with the loss of both Terrell Owens and Todd Pinkston.

    Anyway, I just felt that during the season, we just didn't have a healthy "A" team, but looking back, there's some advantages:

    - Our "A" team comes back fresher because of their rest during the 2005

    - Our "basement" standing places us in good draft pick position

    - We're coming back In 2006 under the media radar screen

    - Getting rid of TO will give allow us to recoup some cap money and
    acquire FAs and crucial tweaks.

    - We're coming back without TO!

    So, I refer back to the original title of this thread ...sure, things will be different in 2006! For critics, I'm not talking about domination, of cake walks, or owning anyone ...I'm just talking about a more competitive Eagles in 2006.

    Side Note: Should things change for the Eagles In 2006, as I expect they will, I won't forget how certain fans here showed superior class; there's more to some Cowboy fans than many Eagles fans realize.;)

    Coming back in 2006 to get some ...friendly competition!:rolleyes:
  11. Sarge

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    Perhaps it would be prudent to see who is even on the field next year. I think it might be a good idea also to see what transpires via free agency and the draft before I go predicting one way or the other.
  12. Murph80

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    Thompson was 4th in the NFC in KO returns AVG and led the NFC in Yds. And Crayton was up there in Punt returns before his injury.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I think we will show a marked improvement if we can replace the coaches on our defense and STs. Both areas are weak and I see it mostly as a problem with coaching.
  14. burmafrd

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    Doesn't say too much for the supposed cowboy fans that the only post in this thread that went into details has a much rosier view of us comes from a EAGLE fan. Pathetic post that started this thread- and several others stank almost as bad. FIx the O line and the Offense is fine. Get a FS and the D will be a monster. Add some LB depth and we are pretty much set.
    A KICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. mwmilsted

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    I agree with what you say. I will add that the team will not improve as long as the coaching stays the same. It's simply designed to fail with BP's ultra-conservative approach to football. Their record may be about the same, give or take one one win. 8 & 8 to 10 & 6.
  16. jterrell

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    To ask the question now is rather silly.

    Unless your real goal was to cry over Bledsoe as it appears to be.

    We started this year playing fairly well then lost Flo and Henry. Those two are key guys. Next year at least we start with them back. That is different in and of itself. Do we play 3 of the 4 conference finalists next year? Do we draft any immediate help? Sign a kicker? See our rookies and 2nd year guys step up a la Bradie James this year? Lose valuable guys like Glover to FA?

    Chicago made it til yesterday with much worse QB play then we had. Washington, Carolina, Denver all have similar QB play. The best QBs: Manning, Palmer and Brady are out of the playoffs.

    OL issues destroy teams. Pitt was just bad without Marvel Smith this year and KC missed the playoffs because of how beatable they were minus Willie Roaf. Wash fell apart without Randy Thomas on offense.
  17. maxsports

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    Did you watch the Steelers Colts game? Cowher calls the same conservative approach. Run first. Run as much as you can. The difference is, they have an OLine that actually blocks. When free agency and the draft is finished I am sure we will have pieces to fit in the OLine. This team will be better next year.
  18. DallasDomination

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    yea and He fumbled half the time he was returning kicks.
  19. baj1dallas

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    Sorta like how Manning gives Indy the edge come playoff time?
  20. MinnesotaCowboy

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    Wow.....a lot of gushing and groaning going on in this thread. I happen to agree with Sarge.......lets wait for the free agent signings and the draft before we make a lot of predictions. I personally think that we will be better unless we lose both our coordinaters. Starting with new coaches will cause new problems....just ask the Patriots..

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