Will Goodell possibly Dismiss our Cap penalty for next year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by kirkjrk, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. kirkjrk

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    Is it time for Jerry and Snyder to revisit Goodell about dismissing the Cap penalty? After all he dismissed the penalties for bounty gate, he reversed the penalty on Seahawks DB, he allowed Sean Paytoni to come back and probably others that i didn't mention. Why not dismiss the Cap penalty? He made Mara happy last year now make Jerry and Dan happy.
  2. CanadianCowboysFan

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    He should, but he won't.
  3. DFWJC

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    At least Washington got hit much worse. Add that to them not having a #1 pick until 2015, and it was damaging.
  4. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    :laugh2: :laugh2: Because then it would make a happy Mara unhappy again.
  5. SkinsHokieFan

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    Huge major blow.

    Eric Winston and Courtland Finnegan would be Redskins now, addressing 2 major areas of need at RT and CB.

    Rumors have been floating that there are several people in the Redskins organization very confident they will get a significant part, if not all, of the 18 million that is slated to be cut from the cap this year.

    We'll see as I am skeptical. But Mike Shanahan at his last PC of the season said he "still can't talk about it" and will when its all settled. Which to me means something is still up
  6. the_h0wey

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    No he won't
  7. Hostile

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    If there is anything up it is being led by the NFLPA, because Dan and Jerry both agreed to adhere to the arbitrator's ruling.

    I hope the NFLPA hangs them to be truthful. "Spirit of the cap" my collusion hating .

    Tacky sig pic BTW. You should know where you are and be respectful.
  8. xwalker

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    I'm not certain that I want it reversed. It's not that big of a deal to the Cowboys but it has to be killing the Foreskins.
  9. burmafrd

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    Does the term pigs will fly first mean anything?
  10. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

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    Goodell didn't impose the punishment, therefore he won't be recinding it...the other owners imposed it
  11. Pokefan1

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  12. Beast_from_East

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    Goodell overturning his previous ruling has about as much chance of happenning as Garrett winning coach of the year.:D
  13. Erik_H

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    Oh look! yet another thread infected by the NoJo's. A what point if this considered trolling?
  14. Blitzen32

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    Goodell is way too stubborn. Look at the whole situation involving Bountygate.

    Dallas and Wash don't have many avenues left here. The damage has already been done so severely. It's ridiculous.
  15. ragintd

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    Courts already ruled against the NFLPA. The NFL was smart, as part of the new CBA, the union signed away any claims of collusion in regards to that year. Just shows how terrible of a union boss De Smith is. Additionally by approving the penalty against the Cowboys and the Skins, they accepted both the penalty and the actions of that year. All for not letting a reduction of the cap happen to save face prior to a NFLPA vote on his leadership and contract.

    Washington's only avenue now is to go through Federal Courts and Snyder is not going to blow up the NFL for that.

    So I personally have no faith that any of the penalty will be reduced or removed. As YR said, both Jerry and Dan agreed to adhere to the last ruling and suffer the penalty.
  16. burmafrd

    burmafrd Benched

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    I always thought Collusion was illegal no matter what

    I guess not
  17. cml750

    cml750 Well-Known Member

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    This!! Both have a 0% chance of happening!!!
  18. SilverStarCowboy

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    Obviously some hirer ups think everyone else is just stupid.

    Jerry and Daniel could have fought this, looks like some kind of under the table deal was made.
  19. Redball Express

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    ..then he needs to vacate the Redskins and Cowboys issues, too.

    For the good of the league, they need both teams back in the hunt for ratings on TV if not for dramatic games fans want to see.

    Crippling both teams for trying to do what they did in an unstable and whollly deplorable situation duo to unsettled labor contracts is wrong.

    Fans of both teams should start an email campaign to the NFL office voicing their unhappiness with the NFL's decisions. Worked for the New Orleans Saints, didn't it..?

    :bow: RedBaLL ExPreSS:bow:
  20. Beast_from_East

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    First, it was a freaking joke.

    Second, with almost 11,000 posts I hardly think I am a troll on this board.

    Third, I am not aware of any rules governing avatar selection as long as said avatar is not obscene or vulgar since this is a family site.

    Fourth, I am not aware of any other rules that limit the number of threads a member can post in.

    Fifth, if you think I am in violation of any rules, feel free to report it.

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