Will players underperform at combine on purpose

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rbr651, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. rbr651

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    With the new rookie salary cap will we start seeing players under perform at the combine on purpose to be drafted by a better team?
  2. joseephuss

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    No. You can never predict how far you might start dropping if you don't have a good showing at some point, whether that is at the combine or at a pro-day.
    And I am considering both because some guys do skip the combine and wait to shine at their pro-day. Skipping the combine is different than tanking the combine.
  3. lostar2009

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    Actually a good combine can only help your stock not kill it because you stink it up. With that it mind you can damage your stock if you come to the combine out of shape or over weight.. Doing poor during the drills maybe but it depends how good your game taps is. It seems that the NFL expect you to have a solid pro day or combine either or. A poor combine and poor day can really kill someone stock because it is look as if you didn't prepare properly...
  4. Questfor6

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    No way take Vontez Burfict for example, he had a awful combine & went from projected as a first round pick to undrafted. There is no way he tanked a workout just so he could go undrafted & get signed by the Bengals.
  5. IAmLegend

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  6. chuch

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    FWIW he also had a pretty bad pro day.
  7. Questfor6

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    Yea I know but the combine was just the start of a cataclysmic fail for him, but you have to agree with the point that no player is going to tank on purpose just to lose money but maybe play for a better team?
  8. chuch

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    I can agree, tanking doesn't make any since from any standpoint.
  9. Future

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    And a bad senior season and an attitude problem. The combine was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why he fell.
  10. jterrell

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    Burfict is an interesting example. He will likely make a lot of money soon.

    Iloka was a 5th round Bengals pick and he got 160k in signing bonus. But same yearlies as Burfict. Might be better to be Burfict and hit FA a year early. Only RFA but still.

    All that said I think guys know they need to show a desire to compete at all times and do well.

    What we may see are less guys bother at all with the combine. Round 1 is less valuable than in the past for sure.

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