Will the 4-3 Tampa 2 take time?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Yeah, the college defensive end and the UDFA will be "given a chance" but that doesn't mean they're starting-quality linebackers in the NFL. The only guy that seems like he can actually play the role is Dan Connor and he'll likely start next year.

    Simeon Rice was 268lbs. Jason Hatcher is 305lbs. Jason Hatcher is not a DE in the tampa-2 style, he's a 3-technique.

    Jay Ratliff, with his speed, is also more of a 3-technique. I don't know what Sean Lissimore and Marcus Spears are in a 4-3, I think they're probobly players that should get traded to 3-4 teams.

    Tyrone Crawford lasted until the 3rd round in the NFL draft and then was drafted by a 3-4 team. He might be decent at strong-side DE but I'd question that considering how many 4-3 teams passed on drafting him.

    What i see is a team without a 3rd linebacker, with too many 3-techs and no 1-techs (they'll play ratliff at 1-tech because they have no choice) and with a guy in Crawford who they drafted for a completely different role being pressed into service at DE. And then literally no one on the roster behind Ware and Crawford so neither of them are allowed to get injured.

    They have players who can fill roles but they don't have the guys you'd want to be playing those positions if you had the choice.
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    I think Crawford, can lose a few pounds if he plays end or can maintain where he's at now. The players will adjust their weight to the role they will play. Now will they play well? That's a different story.
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    Simeon Rice was a Weak-Side DE (Ware's position).

    Red Bryant (6-4, 323) is the starting Strong-Side DE in Seattle's Kiffin inspired defense.

    The position that Ratliff played in Rob Ryan's defense is more similar to the 1-tech than the 3-tech in Kiffin's defense.

    In regards to backups, most teams have Rookies and low to mid level Free Agents at many backup positions.

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    Depends on how much DeMarcus Ware has left in the tank, if Sean Lee and Bruce Carter are what we think/hope they are and can they remain healthy, can Jerry find atleast two contributors up front.
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    Yes Simeon Rice was Ware's position but Greg Spires was 265lbs too, the point still stands.

    As far as Seattle goes they are not a tampa-2 team. Pete Carrol has his own way of playing defense and they play a hybrid 4-3/3-4 not too dissimilar in the defensive line personnel to what the Cowboys played under Rob Ryan. If Rob Ryan played a 3-4 with some 4-3 components then what Pete Carrol plays is a 4-3 with some 3-4 components. What makes the Seattle defense interesting is that Red Bryant plays a 3-4 5-technique role and often plays it old-school Parcelles style, 2-gapping against the run. That's not that Kiffin likes to do, Kiffin likes to have a traditional 265/275lb strong side DE like a Justin Tuck. And if he does choose to change his defense to fit the fact the Cowboys have 7 guys approaching 300lbs on the roster you should look for more of the same because it will look similar to last year's Cowboys defense.
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    Hatcher said if he ends up playing DE, he'll drop to about 285, which is more his ideal playing weight than 305. He got up to 305 to play DE in the 3-4. He was a college DE, too.

    Now, I don't know how he fare at DE in the 4-3 on this level, but he has some quickness and pass rush ability, so I wouldn't count him out.

    We've got some flexibility with a few players to fill out a line. I'd like us to add a stud FA defensive lineman to the group, but there isn't any reason we can't succeed in the defense without one (if Ratliff stays healthy), even if we don't re-sign Spencer. Ware, Ratliff, Lissemore, Brent, Crawford and Hatcher should all be able to make the transition well.

    I'd prefer we keep Spencer (with franchise tag if necessary) and have Hatcher be part of the DT rotation, and possibly play some end in certain situations. Crawford, too.
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    It doesn't really matter what Spires size was, he wasn't much of a pass rusher with 3.5 during the Super Bowl run. The backup end for Tampa was Ellis Wyms who was 6-3 279, he had more sacks (5.5) than Spires.
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    EXACTLY. it's a simple scheme and most players have ran 4/3 their whole lives. but developing that chemistry where you know what the other guy is gonna do takes some time. the biggest problem will be getting the right guys to make it a dominating defense. but to be good at it should'nt take much time at all. being great at it may take a bit longer

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