Will the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys never be as tight as the Tom Landry Cowboys?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I was reading the Cowboys website and the charity basketball game played by Pearson, Hill, Renfro, Too Tall, and others. I'm not sure if it's Jimmy Johnson's fault because it seems like somewhere in the 1980's, the closeness between teammates in pro football started to fall apart, but after reading about the charity, I realize how often I read about ex-Landry Cowboys getting together for something but I seldom hear about the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys getting together again. I think the closest I ever saw was Emmitt's record breaking days and the Triplets Ring of Honor induction. It always seems to be about winning and accolades, which ain't bad, but I never hear much about big charity functions, team reunions, or even that many business partnerships between the Johnson Cowboys. Roger Staubach and other Cowboys legends seem closer to the Triplets than some of the other teammates. Is this just a consequence of the way pro football is run now? Will we never again see a Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters situation where they are best friends on the field and in business after football, or funerals like Tom Landry's ceremony where the attendance looked like an all-time Cowboys roster? Do you think the Parcells Cowboys will be any better? It's sad how players move from one team to the next every few years now and never form the same bonds they did in the glory days.
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    It is harder in this era to do that. Players move on much more freely. Landry's teams were not near as static as the teams today and of the last 15 years or so. The chance to develop unbreakable bonds was much greater then.

    I'm sure all teams have a core group of guys who are tight. I doubt many of this era could match the core groups of the bygone era, and not just for the Boys. I bet it is that way on any team.
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    I think Today's players (most) are about ME, Myself and I. They don't really care to develop close relationships. Then free agency doesn't help.
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    Great observation!

    When you look at the Boys of the 90s you'll see that guys like Casillas, Haley, Vinson Smith, Everett, Washington, Donaldson, Newton, Deon, etc. were not original Cowboys. Likewise, Maryland, Harper, J. Jones, Norton, Brown, etc. moved on to greener pastures before their careers were over.

    I'm sure the ties are there but they would not be as strong as the ties created by lifelong Cowboys like Newhouse, Pearson (Drew), Staubach, Lilly, Jones, Jordan, White (Randy), etc....
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    Of course Jimmy's Cowboys aren't as close. They didn't have to carpool, like the 'boys did when Tex Schramm was paying them with free admittance to Cowboys games.

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    instead of its being categorized as the landry vs johnson cowboys it should be the schramm/j.jones cowboys

    i know that emmitt, troy, irvin, deion are all still friends and Roy Williams and Darren Woodson's kids call Roy Williams Uncle Roy, i think that shows how close they are.

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