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    I was hanging on a Jaguars board to see if they had heard any rumors, and found this:


    Posted on another message board by:

    Andy K. @ Four Seasons Resort & Club
    4150 N. Macarther Blvd. Irving, TX. 75038

    I'd like Willie to fly back over to Irving and whip this guys ***.

    Willie Blade lives like a Slob Being a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan I was thrilled two years ago when Willie Blade moved into the apartment community I manage. Also being a MSU alumni I had a some instant rapport with him. Now that Willie has moved all of his belonging to Florida with his new team I was completely shocked when we walked his apartment for damages.... Not only did Willie spend his entire summer "pimping" his 1990 something Cadillac but he also gained about 50 pounds to approach 400 pounds. After Parcells tossed his big butt from the team he quickly failed a physical for fat ***** with the New York Giants and ended up getting picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars where he is still on the roster but may end up being the last player cut.

    Since his move to Florida, Willie has made his mother come to Dallas and pack his belongings. This is where I begin to turn against the big man. His mother packed up his clothing, the living room furniture, and his TV (probably the largest big screen I have ever seen, it had to be 90" ). She also decided to leave the remainder of the apartment for my staff to clean and throw away.

    Apparently Willie had gotten so fat that he was constantly hot in the apartment. So much so that he had a custom frame built for his bed to be closer to the air vent, his bed required someone to climb 4 steps to sleep about 3 1/2 feet from the ceiling directly under the air vent. When the maintenance staff began to tear this architectural wonder down they quickly discovered that the sheets on the bed must have been there since he moved into the apartment, at least that was the impression due to he influx of roaches, spiders, and other bugs living on the sheets.

    All of the damages in Willie's apartment came to $1,936, this does not even include the fees involved to default his lease. Willie does not have to worry though I just received a check from the Jaguars for the $4,300 he owed. I guess a salary of $950K is only enough to cover his annual buffet fees.


    If that's in the least bit true, yuck. Makes a fella wonder if he changed his drawers after a certain, uh, training camp incident a couple of years ago.[​IMG]


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