Willie Young Taunts Tom Brady, Gets Flagged and Promptly Benched

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hoofbite, Aug 24, 2013.

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    I guess this was the straw that broke Schwartz's back. I think I read the Lions had almost a half-dozen (5 actually, but still ridiculous) personal foul calls in this game. This was one of them and this one pissed him off so he benched Young on the spot.

    The situation is a little ridiculous. I applaud the move to bench the guy because he's making a complete fool of himself and the team by acting like he has any sort of business treating any player like that. Willie Young has done what, exactly? I remember the name a little but haven't followed him at all. 3 Sacks is all he has in 2 years, none of which came in 2012. And he's going to taunt someone, especially a HoF player like Brady?

    That said, it doesn't change the reality of the situation. The Lions play with blatant disregard and get extra shots in on a routine basis. They had 3 personal fouls a week ago against Cincy and 5 agains New England. How do you actually get 5 personal fouls in a preseason game? This one was pretty harmless but still a complete lack of discipline and regard for the rules.

    I think the league should start fining coaches. Apparently the message isn't being sent to the players so dip into the pockets of the guys who are allowing it and see if it stops.
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    this only hurts them in the long run. they'll never get the benefit of the doubt from the refs now.
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    What do you expect with a lunatic coach like that?
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    I would have bitten the end of that guys finger off - Brady probably saw a booger on it though. Perpetuation the bad rep of Detroit.

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