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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TheCowboy, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. TheCowboy

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    Has anyone downloaded it? What do you think? Will you download it if you didn't?

    I just downloaded it and I'm honestly 50/50 on it. The first thing I noticed was how much faster my computer became. Before this I was running the Windows 8 Release Preview and it seems like a whole different set up. I love the app system they added.

    For the negatives, I had to re-download all of the programs I had before the update. Talk about a pain in the behind. But overall it's the type of thing you need to get used to. At first I didn't like it but it grows on you.
  2. Joshmil53

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    Tried it for a couple hours, I couldn't get used to it. Might try it again later.
  3. Meat-O-Rama

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    I might have to download a copy and take it for a spin as a virtual machine just to get a taste of what it's like. I'm kind of an OS junky and always like to see what the newest ones are like.
  4. Sam I Am

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    I'm pretty happy with Windows 7. Not really interested in the UI change they have made.

    That is the norm with Windows though. You always have to skip at least one release. Win3.1, skip Win95, Win98, skip ME, WinXP, skip Vista, Win7, skip Win8.
  5. Shunpike

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    For me it was like this

    Skip Win 3.1
    Buy Win 95
    Buy 98
    Skip ME
    Buy XP
    Skip Vista
    Buy Win 7

    Not sure about Windows 8

    I am thinking of skipping this one and stay on 7. I don't don't want to lose the standard Windows Interface. Those tiles looks strange to me.
  6. Sam I Am

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    I guess you didn't use America Online back in the early 90s. :laugh2:

    Windows 8 is a complete throwback to AOL in the early to mid 90s.
  7. Shunpike

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    No I know but still looks strange to me :)
  8. ajk23az

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    I've got it in a virtual machine and have to decide what I want to do. I love W7 right now though.
  9. Reality

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    I said the same thing when I saw the first screenshot of Win8 a while back. The only thing missing is for each of those rectangular areas to be turned into flashing/animated ads by those companies promoting additional products and services.

    I think this was Microsoft's way of trying to jump ahead of Apple since OS/X is likely to be replaced on their laptops and desktop computers with IOS in the near future.

    I am all for innovation, but I think Microsoft made a huge mistake here. Their operating systems have been consistently the same interface wise since the Windows 2.0 release (first public release). While they have tweaked, improved, etc. the interface, for the most part it has remained the same. They should have created a hybrid interface for Win8 that would allow users to continue using what is familiar to them and then use incentives to help users transition over to their Metro interface gradually over a period of time.

    Forcing users to start over with a completely new interface makes Apple's and Linux's pre-Win8 Windows interfaces look even more attractive to users who are considering computer upgrades. This will especially be true for companies and older non tech-savvy computer owners.

    Microsoft is desperate to get into the computer app market like Apple has with OS/X on their actual computers. This was a very risky move by Microsoft and I personally think most users are going to stick with Win7 for the foreseeable future.

  10. a_minimalist

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    They actually made windows 8 look a lot like the UI of XBOX live on the 360. They updated the UI for xbox live a few weeks ago which makes it look even more like windows 8.
  11. Heisenberg

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    I tried the preview release for a little while and I didn't get used to it fast enough and just ended up going back to Windows 7.

    I'll need to try it again and give it a real shot and try to get used to it. It's got a lot of nice improvements under the hood and the UI is's just different.
  12. NorthTexan95

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    I'm the IT Director for my organization and I can't see forcing my users to get used to Windows 8 as it currently is. It's a mobile UI that doesn't work for a desktop/laptop experience. It shackles power users from being able to do their job.

    I'm thinking businesses will be like me and stay with Windows 7 for desktops/laptops. MS will then have to greatly modify W8 for business or come out with a seperate verison for desktops/laptops and keep this version for phones and tablets.
  13. Tricked

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    I haven't tried it, but from what I've read and seen the tile UI can be removed and still use the standard windows UI. I really hope that Microsoft includes an option for users to choose which UI they'd prefer, because if people have to do this that and the other then it's going to frustrate users and people will play the blame game on Microsoft.

    I think it's a great idea to consolidate their platforms, making their computer/tablet UI simliar to their smartphone UI and XBOX360 so more users will be enticed to move to a Windows phone.

    Making such a drastic change to their operating system is very risky, but I think it could change the game for Microsoft. From my experience in retail, I can just about guarantee you that people will not stop buying windows based computer platforms, simply due to how inexpensive they are, and Microsoft is banking on that with the intent to lure them to their Windows phone and if it works it will be a great move to take away some marketshare from android and iOS.

    If people yell and scream about how bad the interface is, it would be a great opportunity for Apple to gain PC marketshare but I highly doubt that will happen due to 2 reasons: First being their platforms are too expensive, and I don't see Apple succumbing to the inexpensive laptops, and secondly Apple is very picky as to whom can sell their products. Pretty much you can only get them directly through apple or Best Buy (excluding secondhand options like ebay or pawn shops, etc).

    I'm banking on success of Windows 8. I'm excited to try it, and as long as Microsoft takes advantage of this opportunity, it's going to be great for everyone.
  14. ajk23az

    ajk23az Through Pain Comes Clarity

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    I ended up buying it. I like it a lot so far.
  15. NorthTexan95

    NorthTexan95 Well-Known Member

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    That function was in the beta but removed for the final release. You can switch to a desktop but there's no start button.
  16. jobberone

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    Not that computer savvy but I thought that Win had a lot more security issues than iOS/linux. Is that true?
  17. TheCount

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    I know a few people that have upgraded to 8 - all on personal machines, not work machines. They all love it and said making the upgrade was easy. If I still had a windows machine, I'd definitely update. When I get my new mac, I'll install 8 on it as well.
  18. Kangaroo

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    They all have issues and one OS is not safer than the other it is about footprint on who the hackers decided to hack. The Iphone is one of the most hacked devices know because it has a large footprint.

    Do not buy into I am safe because I use this keep it patched and be careful.
  19. Lodeus

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  20. TheCount

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    lol, I love that people keep making this comparison like AOL wasn't an absolute smash at that time. AOL completely redefined the way people socialized on the internet. For a lot of people, that AOL screen WAS the internet.

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